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Making Your Equipment Checklist for Gigs

Updated on June 5, 2013

You have your equipment for your studio and things are great there. The music is completed and now it's on to the next step - gigging.

You've booked the gig and now you need to figure out exactly what it is that you'll need to pull off your show. The question of what equipment you will need for your show can be simplified with a few steps and making a simple checklist beforehand.

Try breaking up your checklist into categories so you don't miss any important components to what you need for your gig. Decide what each individual who is performing with you will need and then what the entire band will be using.

Singer 1
Singer 2
Wireless Microphone
Mic Stand
Mic Stand
Mic Cord
Power Strip
Power strip

Construct a similar type of table for each individual performing with you. Add what they are doing at the top and below type in all of the items they will need. Group similar instruments or performance jobs together on your list since there will be some overlap in what they need. It makes it easier to grab the same thing from your studio for 3 or 4 different individuals when you see them at the same time versus going back and forth 4 times. Don't forget to add yourself to the list either. Your setup will go by with even more ease once you have...

Found Out What The Venue Already Has?

Once you know what type of setup you need to pull off your show, find out what equipment you don't have to bring. If the venue you are gigging in already has an integrated PA system, unless for some reason they say it's broken, you don't need to lug yours around. That's already one less thing for you to remember and have to take care of during setup and your show. Life will be simpler already! The same thing goes for microphones, drum kits, amps and pianos as some venues require musicians to use what they have. They may say this for several reasons including they have a number of artists the day your performing and will not have time to set every individual groups or musician up.


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