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Man falls into garbage truck, gets creative and makes trash coffin to survive

Updated on January 21, 2015
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Man Falls Into Garbage Truck

Imagine falling into the back of a garbage truck, and imagine just how scary it would be if you couldn't get out of it right away?! The chances are that you will never have to experience it, but it can happened and has happened! In matter of fact, it has happened recently over in the state of California.

That's right, a guy in Cali ended up in the back of a garbage truck, and he couldn't get out right away!

How Did The Man Fall Into The Garbage Truck

So, how does one find themselves inside a garbage truck, and we mean literally inside the part where the garbage goes when it is collected? Well, in the man's case, he actually has a legit reason. The reason was because he went into a dumpster because he was searching for his wallet, and then before he knew it, the trash inside the dumpster ended up in back of the garbage truck, and so did he.

Poor guy must have been scared when that happened. We imagine most people would be quite shocked if all of a sudden they found themselves inside a dump truck.

Would you be scared if you ended up in the back of a dump truck?

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He Was Stuck For 3 Hours

3-hours is how long the guy was stuck in the dump truck! So, he didn't simply just fall in the dumpster, dumped in the truck with it and then escaped right away. That would have been much better than being inside for 3-hours. It would have been better if the guy didn't lose his wallet in the first place because then he would have probably never had ended up in the dumpster! We think he would agree with us on that one.

3-hours is a long time to be inside a dump truck, and a fire department official even said that it was a miracle that the guy didn't end up dying.

How Did He Survive: He Built A Coffin

Well, he didn't sit there and create a solid coffin in the traditional sense. He made a makeshift coffin from some of the contents that was inside the dump truck. He pretty much took pieces of lumber and put it around himself, and apparently that worked because he did survive, as we previously stated.

You have to admit that this was a smart thing to do, and he must have thought of the idea very quickly, or almost as soon as he spotted the lumber! Imagine if he didn't come across the pieces of wood or he didn't do what he did? Things could have ended up very bad for this guy.

How Did He Get Out: He Was Dumped

The driver of the dump truck made it to the dump, and then dumped the trash out and the man ended up going right out with it! The driver took notice, and he was able to stop a bulldozer, which was approaching the trash to flattened it out. So, we think it is a really good thing the driver spotted him because his life could have been in eve more danger if the driver didn't spot him and the bulldozer just kept on going.

Perhaps the best news is that not only did he survive, but he managed to escape with only minor injuries. And that makes us happy!


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