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'Man of Steel': Superman at His Best?

Updated on July 6, 2020

'Man of Steel' (2013)

I remember when I watched Zack Snyder's take on the man of steel himself. I was 16 at the time and remember loving the action. Even today, I believe this is some of the best action Snyder has ever created.

However, as I get older the story of this incarnation of Superman is more and more relatable. The central idea is deciding for yourself who you will be in this world. I think that is a struggle for a lot of people in the world. We see someone like Superman struggle with this internal theme of changing the world.

Obviously, I love this film. It gets better with every watch. So, with that being said, let's get talking about 'Man of Steel'.

There is a lot to love with this film. From the first scene, it is obvious that Snyder has a vision and is going all-in on this story. That is something that I respect the hell out of. Snyder has a unique vision with all his films, which is why I find his films underrated. I don't care who the director is- I would rather have somebody with a unique vision than nothing at all.

Everything about the way Snyder frames every shot is pure art. There are so many moments that take my breath away at how amazing it looks. Every single shot is supposed to be there and that gives so much more weight to the film as a whole.

I also really love the heavy God-like resemblance that Snyder gives the heroes through his DC run. Superman has powers that can take out the world and he really emphasizes that by making him a God to the people. We don't see this a lot in the MCU. Everything is from the hero's perspectives, whereas this is from the people's and how they view these heroes.

And now I will give, what might be, an unpopular opinion... Henry Cavill is the best Superman yet.

There is just something about him that screams Superman to me. He looks just like how I would imagine him- from his stature to his voice to the way he moves. He is the human embodiment of the man of steel.

Like I said before, Snyder has a vision. So, for anybody who gripes that Cavill is a Debbie-downer of a Superman, Snyder had the vision to create the Superman we know from this. This Superman struggles to find himself in a world among humans.

Superman is an alien in this film. From my point of view, this film feels like an alien invasion one. For the most part, it is very inspiring and motivating to find your place in the world.

However, when Zod comes to Earth, it is haunting. It feels as if aliens are invading, coming to destroy the Earth. And that's exactly what they're doing. The atmosphere that Snyder creates though is unreal.

Speaking of Zod, Michael Shannon is the best in this film. Maybe his best role?

He is so over the top and high octane that he creates an incredible villain. If it was anyone but Shannon, it might not have worked. But he rides a fine line to make us believe that he is a crazed General who believes what he does needs to be done.

He also just gives the counter-opposite of what Superman believes to create some really good conflict.

This film is amazing. I can't find one thing bad about it. Even the action is incredible. Even if they destroy Smallville and it is over the top destruction. It works for me because we see in the sequel the consequences of his actions.

This take on Superman is one of the most inspiring films ever. Snyder uses certain shots with the right lighting and the rising score that create this certain shot that just makes you feel like Superman. As hard as this is to explain, if you've seen the film then you know what I mean.

How long has it been since you've seen it and does it hold up?

This by far one of the most underrated Superhero movies. I do not think it deserves as much hate as it receives. This is a movie about rising up and not letting society tell you who you get to be. Rather, go out and chose who you want to be.

That is powerful stuff. Maybe this is the movie more people need to watch with all that is going on in the world.


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