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Manga And Anime Where Girl Is To Marry For Money

Updated on February 20, 2015

What Is Included

Most of the time, the girl is about 16 years old. I am not including any mangas where the girl starts to look like some elementary school kid.

Here is the list in this article:

Hapi Mari has to do with two people that are already grown.

Yawareta princess has the female being a stone worker.

Forbidden Wedding has a girl that is 16 but she does not put on little girl's clothes or start to look younger.

Hanayomesama Wa 16-Sai main character is the same age as the male character.They both do look young, though.

Anesan Countdown! This one has to do with them getting married in the future: not right now.

Hapi Mari


They Are Not In Love

Enjouji Maki wrote Hapi Mari.

Chiwa must work very hard to pay off her father's debts. So, she takes on a part-time job even after having a full time job. This leave her with no time to date.

Her mother ran away because of her father's debt long ago.

Mamiya Hokuto-is the president of the company that she work at in the daytime. He also has a grandfather that use to work for her grandmother as a servant. His grandfather was able to save enough funds to start up his own company.

He wants to marry her to his grandson and pay off her debts. Mamiya Hokoto as a thank you gift.

Hokoto says that they will get married to protect there common interests.

She finds out that she has to live with him. And, he does not like to clean. She can't stand to see the apartment dirty so she cleans it when he is gone. He does try to hit on her saying that they are the only ones for each other. He expresses his concern that she will cheat on him.

She finds out that she can not tell anyone about the marriage because he wants to appear single to his fans. He does not want anyone to find out about the marriage. This woman is hired to keep an eye on her.



She Shows Her Emotions

Marion Lennox wrote Yawareta Princess. This story is only one volume long.

Penny Rose is a stone worker who is employed at the palace. One day the queen asks her to be the bride of the prince for one year. She agrees only if she can continue to be a stone worker.

She agrees so that the country will not be split up. He does a fiancé but she has had lovers before. He needs to marry someone who does not have a lover before. His fiancé does not show her emotions but Penny Rose, too.

Hanayome-sama wa 16-sai


A Will Wrote About Them Being Married

Yuuhi Ryuu wrotes Hanayomesama Wa 16-Sai.

After, Tamaki's mother passed away her mother's Will lead her to go to the home of Shina. Shinga tells her that he is her fiancé. Tamaki's mother wished for them to marry.

They marry but she does not know what he is planning to do with her. Why does he agree to marry her. Quickly, she finds out that his uncle always loved Tamaki's mother. They didn't marry but they wanted their families to somehow intermarry.

At a young age, Shina is told that she is to be his bride. Shina wants to tease her about being married to him. However, when other men show interest in her, he becomes jealous.

Anesan Countdown!


He Is Scary

Koda Momoko wrote Anesan Countdown! Only one volume to this one.

Saruwada is very scary. Everyone does not want to talk to him.

He asks Riko Umekita to marry him right after his father has cleared her families debts.

Her friends find out about the marriage. He tries to be nice to her friends. He accidentally scared them off because he looks so scary.

She tried to make friends with him before be he did not want to make friends. So, she tells him that she does want to eat lunch with him but it is a lie. They eat lunch.

She tries to make him dump her by putting chopsticks in her nose. that fails he only makes a face at her. Then, she drags him to a tea shop. He does not like it but he wants to adapt to her world.

What will become of them both?

Her Prince Is That Guy

Kurumatani Haruko wrote Forbidden Wedding.

Her mother was from a rich family. However, her mother ran away to marry a guy not picked by the family.

She dreams of falling in love with a prince on day. Her friends don't seem to care about her endless fantasies of meeting her prince.

She falls down and a nice guy helps her out and gives her his number. However, he already knew about her. What is he up to?

So, the grandmother kidnaps her mother and her to tell her that she has to marry. He tries to make out with her and she passes out after hearing that he had already investigated her.

He does not want her to leave his side. He even has her transfer schools to be with him. He does everything in his power to keep her with him.

When her grandmother just wants to see the wedding and not a real wedding he breaks off the wedding and she runs away.


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