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Manga And Anime Where The Girl Must Live With Or Be Near Boys

Updated on May 17, 2014

BXB Brothers

I don't know if I can us this photo. I think it is alright. This is no my photo. It belongs to the URL address.
I don't know if I can us this photo. I think it is alright. This is no my photo. It belongs to the URL address. | Source

B X B Brothers

The author, Ukyou Ayane presents the world of B X B Brothers. The manga is complete with only ten volumes. From, 2001 to 2004, the shojo manga was written.

This is an manga where Iizuka Sono gets into the guys club right away. They think she wants to be a member of their cos-play group. The only thing is that all the other girls have tried to get near those guys. No one has succeeded.

The guys, Kuremura, Satsuki and Yoshinaga, are considered idiots but good looking guys. They have many fans.

Iizuka Sono did not want to be part of the group but went to school in the wrong uniform. Still, the guys except her.

Contrary to most anime and manga, this boys do not have enough money to play cos-play. They take what they need to play the game. Only the best will do for this boys.

Two of the boys start to fight over Iizuka Sono. She is not sure if it is a game they are playing or they really do like her. However, she has fallen in love with one of the boys.

Crimson Hero


Crimson Hero

Crimson Hero author is Takanashi Mitsuba, this shojo manga has 10 chapters. It was made from years 2003 to 2011.

The girl in this one lives with boys and looks like a boy. She wants nothing more than to be the best in volleyball. So, she gets into the best school to play the game she loves. However, he mother has made it impossible for her to play basketball at that school.

Her mother has paid off the school, so that there is no more volleyball. She does not let this bother her. So, she asks her aunt if she can help out at the school.

The aunt helps her but only if she plays house mother to the boys volleyball team. When she gets girls to join the girls team, she can live there for free. But, because of her mother that is not going to happen.

Host Club

There is more to the manga. The ending is much better than the anime.
There is more to the manga. The ending is much better than the anime. | Source

Tamaki is a Cowboy Casanova by PurpleRosary

Ouran High School Host Club

The manga and anime ran from September 2002 to November 2010, by Bisco Hatori. It has 18 volumes. There are 26 episodes of this anime. There is also a live action series and movie.

I thought the movie was very funny. I will not give away the movie but one of the characters acts like Team Rocket from Pokeman.

In the anime and manga, the girl does not pose as a boy, she only looks like a boy. It is others that think she looks like a boy. This happens because a boy in her neighborhood put gum in her hair. As a result of the incident, she cut her hair.

On the very first day, she knocks over a very expensive vase. To pay for her mistake, she must work for the club full of boys. Basically, she must do what they tell her to do. This is a clean anime and manga. The guys think she is boy. They are only interested in using her as their club dog, they are rich after all. They could have any girl they want in school. They do not need someone as plan looking as her.

The host club shocks her to no end. They try to get money from girls by being a host club. All of them make lots of money for their club. They are shameless.

The guys of the club make every girl that enters the club seem important.

I have watched this anime so many times. The author comments in the manga that she would have liked to continue on with the manga until after everyone was married. However, she does give an epilogue of sorts.

The video included in this article is not mine but it describes the character a little.

Hani Kami



Hisaya Nakajo wrote Hana-Kimi from September 20, 1996 to August 20, 2004. The manga has 23 chapters. This is a shojo manga.There was four different television dramas of this story.

The Osaka High School is an all boys school. Ashiya Mizuki is a girl prtending to be a boy to see a boy high jump. His name is San Izui and he is the best.

She soon finds out that he does not want to high jump any more. He is feeling guilty about something that happened about a year ago. Now, he does not want to high jump.
Ashiya lived in America but she had to see him. She even got a part-time job to pay for her obsession with Sano Izui.

Sano Izui does not want to be her friend right away. However, a guy named Nakatsu Shuuichi does want to be her friend. He only finds out about her after a dog that only likes woman sloppers all over her. Then, he jokes aobut her not having breasts until he realises that she has breasts. Then, he is shocked. Ashiya Mizuki does not think he noticed at all.

The doctor finds out right away after seeing her just once. She thinks he is the only one that knows about her.

Now, that she is closer to Sano Izui, Ashiya Mizuki blushes a lot. And, the school papers think she is a guy that makes other men turn guy then dumps them.

Fruits Basket

The picture is of Tohru and the spirits of the zodiac.
The picture is of Tohru and the spirits of the zodiac. | Source

Fruits Basket

Natsuki Takaya wrote the anime from July 1998 to November 2006, it has 23 volumes. Higuchi Tachibana wrote the manga in July 5, 2001 to December 27, 2001, that one has 26 episodes. This one is considered shojo.

Tohru plans to still go to school and work. She has nowhere to stay until Tohru stays on the guy land. They think that she is strange to live in tent in the middle of the forest.

They let her live in their home only if she cleans up for them. Also, they are concerned for her. She is way too trusting.

They have some secrets that if she tell anyone her memories will be erased. She has no intention of telling anyone about they guys.

They guys turn into animals when females hug them. This happens a lot when Tohru is around.


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