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Manifest -- A Wolf at the Door

Updated on February 5, 2019

One passenger starts a bogus church to con people out of their money...

Last time, Zeke and Mick seemed to be connected every time they touch. Ben learned a radical group was targeting survivors from Flight 828.

Mick brings Zeke home to her apartment. Zeke says he can find his own place. Mick says he has to start trusting her. The Calling wants them to accomplish something together. He agrees to stay with her. He looks at a pic of Cal and Olive and remembers him and his sister, Chloe. She cautions him to keep a low profile and be careful because Major Dingbat is out there somewhere watching and waiting.

One of the passengers from 828, Adrian, is preaching to a group of people. He says they're miracles unto them and is running the Church of the Returned. He says the plane was the vessel of the miracle. It's the 700 Club without being televised.

Lourdes trying to get Jared to rise to the occasion and he's just not into it. He says he needs some time. He needs to tell her the truth. She asks if Mick is back, yet, and he says he doesn't know. If he's so convinced he and Mick are love's destiny than why doesn't he tell Lourdes the truth that he can't get it up for her cause he cheated on her with her BFF.

Zeke hears something at the door and it's a vicious dog. Ben and Grace hear Cal having a nightmare and he says, “It's coming.” What is IT? I doubt it's a sewer dwelling clown that is actually a giant spider. Although after the way this episode ends that may not be a s farfetched as it sounds.

Saanvi at the hospital. She's late for work. A woman comes to see Saanvi named Alice. She asks her to take a look at her husband. I wonder if she's a Trumper. Alice says her husband's name is Jacob. She says she doesn't know what she's going to do if Saanvi can't help her. There's something off about this woman, but she doesn't seem to be like the radical nutjobs Ben met last week.

Zeke tells Ben about the wolf that lunged at him and then disappeared. They're trying to figure out what IT is.

Jared asks where Mick's been and says she didn't return his phone calls. She says what they did wasn't right. She says she won't take him away from Lourdes. When a new assignment comes in she suggests Jared take the day shift so he can be home with his wife at night and she'll take the nights. At least she feels guilty, I haven't seen any guilt coming from the cheating husband. All he does is say they're love's destiny.

Ben, Grace and Zeke trying to get Cal to tell them what he knows, but he won't say anything. Grace thinks Cal is afraid of something and Ben thinks something is escalating. Ben takes off to see why Saanvi hasn't returned his calls. She's seeing Jacob at his house.

Saanvi says she can't help Jacob. She tells Alice there's no hope. Alice demands she make him better. She says Saanvi is a returned and she can make him better. Oh, she's one of the Church of the Returned nutjobs. She hits Saanvi and attacks her and won't let her go. Then she points a gun at her. Yep, another whack job.

Ben goes to the hospital looking for Saanvi. He can't find her. Psycho Alice dropped a pamphlet from the Church of the Returned. Meanwhile Grace tries to get to know Zeke. She tries to get him to contact his family. She shows him the sketch Cal drew of Zeke. She tells him Cal risked his life to save him.

Ben goes to check out the Church of the Returned. When Ben enters a couple of disciples start praying to him like he's a deity. He meets Adrian. Adrian says this is his calling. That wasn't what Ben was talking about when he told him about the callings. Ben asks if any of his parishioners took an interest in Saanvi. Adrian declares they're saints who have returned from the dead. Ben notices something on the billboard. He sees a note Crazy Alice wrote.

Saanvi begs Jacob to help her. He suggests she lie to Crazy Alice. She says someone lied to her once and said he loved her but he lied. She says the guy was supposed to meet her on the flight but never showed up, so she took the trip, any way. Saanvi says Alice needs to accept the truth or she's going to spend the rest of her life regretting it. He asks what it was like on the other side.

Lourdes comes to see Mick. She asks if there's something going on between her and Jared. Mick's face reveals the truth that she and Jared hooked up. Lourdes says she feels Mick took advantage of Jared. Honey, it was your husband that came scratching at her door, not the other way around. And one could say the same about your marrying your BFF's boyfriend. Mick says Lourdes didn't show up at the hangar when she returned and she's supposed to be her BFF. Lourdes says she didn't want to know if Jared loved Mick more than her and now she does. Honey, being the rebound chick never works out well for the rebound chick[you]. Why do women always blame the woman. He's your husband, sister, he should have told you the truth. He's no innocent in this mess. Yeah, but put all the blame on your supposed BFF and give the cheating louse a free pass.

Divers at the waterfront trying to bring up a van that went into the water some time ago. Jared gets a text from Mick informing him his wife knows he's a cheater.

Grace and Zeke watching Cal playing a game. He won't talk and tries ignoring them. Zeke asks for help with his wolf drawing. Zeke tells him his sister Chloe is gone. Cal says he can't because if he draws it it'll happen. He admits he saw the wolf, too. Cal thinks he brought Zeke back from the dead, but Zeke disagrees. Zeke tries to prove everything Cal draws doesn't come true.

Mick meets Ben as they try to track down Alice. Ben says the wolf means Adrian is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Nutty Alice comes in with a gun as her husband tries to get through to her. Ben doesn't want to wait until the police gets there and tricks Crazy Alice into thinking Adrian sent him there.

Crazy Alice lets him in. Ben says he's here to help. Ben leaves the door ajar so Mick can come in. Ben tries to get Crazy Pants to put the gun down. She demands he heal her husband, first. Ben lays hands on Jacob pretending to heal him. Jacob gets her to hold his hand so Mick can disarm her. Crazy Pants gets taken away in cuffs, so she won't be there when her husband dies. Hope she's happy. Can't say I feel sorry for the deluded ding-dong.

Ben confronts Adrian for what he's done. He won't believe that the malarkey he's shooting out of his mouth is false. Then he lets his wolf face show through his religious bleating. He says he doesn't have to believe, as long as they do, it's enough. Typical televangelist. Don't know how Ben can stop this nonsense. He watches the group of people there. One of the Major's men is in the audience. The Major Dingbat thinks Ben was at the church because he's trying to understand Cal. Major Dingbat says until they're sure that Cal is the holy grail they sit tight, when he wants to to do a snatch and grab on Ben.

Olive figures out the cave drawing is actually the constellation Gemini. That maybe this is about her and Cal being twins. She thinks maybe the peacock Ben saw may fit into this.

Mick goes to see Lourdes to talk. Jared opens the door, instead. Lourdes is gone. He says he came home and Lourdes was waiting with her bags packed. He asks why she told Lourdes. She should have fired back at him why he didn't tell her, himself. Jared says maybe this is meant to happen so they can finally be together. Mick gets a call about the divers finding the van. Mick admits she loves Jared, but Lourdes just walked out. It's too soon.

Zeke and Grace help Cal see he's predicting the future, not making it happen. Cal agrees to draw what he saw for Zeke. He says it wasn't just a wolf.

Mick arrives at the waterfront as they're pulling out a van, while Adrian continues to fleece his sheep by passing the collection plate. Next up, getting his own TV show where he tells people if they send him move and touch their TV set he'll heal them.

Grace is shocked by what Cal draws. She calls Ben in. It's a wolf attacking Mick. Meanwhile she opens the van door and the driver lunges at like an animal, even though he should be dead after being under the water that long. Another wolf in sheep's clothing?

Okay, was I the only dingbat that thought because Cal drew money that van was going to be a Brink's car full of money making his drawing come true?


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