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Manifest -- Ben And Olive Team Up For A Calling

Updated on March 9, 2020

Mick is on to Jared...

Last time – Believer Isiah thought if he murdered all the 828 passengers they’d be resurrected again. Saanvi found a way to get rid of the callings, but is that a good thing? And Zeke felt his time was near when instead of getting burned in the fire, he got frost bite.

Ben in the fire trying to find TJ but he can’t get to him. He’s just having a dream. Olive and Grace sleeping in the same bed and don’t awake.

Mick at the scene of the fire as another body is found. Six people were killed in the fire. Mick’s partner thinks the Xers are behind the fire, but Jared said they aren’t involved.

Xer Simon White comes to visit Ben and Olive. Olive rails at him for his words of sympathy for TJ. He secretly takes pictures of Ben’s murder board. Mick arrives and Olive wants to know if they found TJ. She gives Olive the bracelet she gave TJ proving that he’s dead.

Jared at an Xer meeting and they call themselves Humanity Earth. I guess they think the 828 are space aliens. The meeting is being lead by Simon White. He’s revving them up about the 828 passengers being time bombs. White says he’s on the verge of exposing the 828ers. He thanks Jared for being so valuable to him. He tells Jared to keep an eye on Billy cause he’s too impulsive.

Zeke comes up to Saanvi. He tells her his frost bite isn’t getting any better and he may be freezing to death.

Mick’s partner tells Mick about Jared sympathizing with the Xers and Mick says he copied all her investigation info. Mick’s partner wants to tail Jared.

Ben worried because he’s pushed Olive away from him because what he said about the Believers. Grace suggests giving Olive time and maybe taking that time to process how he feels about his mother’s death. Ben thinks the sketch of a man carrying a girl through the fire like he did with Olive means something. He touches the picture and asks what it wants from him.

Ben calls Mick saying he got a calling about chanting, but she says she didn’t get it.

Saanvi tells Zeke her serum got rid of her callings, but she doesn’t know if it’ll have side effects. Zeke wants her to give him the serum, too.

Olive feels it’s all her fault TJ is dead. Ben tells Olive he thinks she’s part of the Calling and she yells at him about the calling and how come he didn’t save TJ.

Jared arrives at the bar to see Billy. Jared says Simon doesn’t want Billy to go off the rails. Billy doesn’t like that he’s getting close to Simon. Billy’s sister warns Jared to be careful of Billy. Mick sees Jared kissing the bartender and doesn’t seem to like it. She says the bar isn’t Jared’s style. Mick’s partner decides to go into the bar and check things out.

Ben visits the memorial outside of the club. He hears the chanting again. He tries following it. He goes inside the door it leads him to.

Mick’s partner enters the bar and gets into a talk with Jared’s bartender girlfriend. She challenges Billy to a pool game.

Ben hears chanting but no one else can. He enters a temple.

Mick takes pictures of Billy as her partner returns. She says the people in the bar are Xers.

Ben tells Olive the chanting lead him to a Zen center. Olive says TJ’s mother was a Buddhist. Ben says maybe they should do a Buddhist ceremony for TJ. Olive says she could care less about what the Callings want, but she’ll do it for TJ.

Saanvi sees Alex and starts kissing her.

Ben doesn’t hear the chanting when he takes Olive to the temple.

Mick and her partner identify Billy and realize Jared is an Xer. Mick feels she did this to Jared. He’s not the guy she was going to marry. She doesn’t feel there’s something right about this. Mick calls the judge that released Zeke and asks for a favor.

Ben and Olive share each memory of TJ they have.

Mick goes into the Xer bar and sits at the bar. Mick says to the bartender she’s there to help her and Jared. She urges the bartender to get Jared out of this mess. She leaves when the bartender says Mick doesn’t know Jared. She doesn’t notice Mick planted a bug under the bar.

The memorial service for TJ helps Olive and Ben make up. Then Ben hears the chanting again and Olive suggests he follow it. Ben takes her with him. The chanting leads them to a basement. They find a door and open it together. Ben wants him and Olive to go through the door and go where it leads them.

They go down a corridor that may be an old coal transport.

Mick plays the tape she made for the captain. She says she’ll take it from there.

Ben thinks the path is leading them to the nightclub. Olive and Ben suddenly hear TJ. They get him to the hospital. TJ says he pulled away from Isiah. He says he heard voices, chanting, that lead him to safety.

Mick shows up at the hospital. Ben feels following the callings are teaching them something.

The captain plays the tape for Jared and says they have a problem. Don’t tell me. The captain is an Xer, too.

Simon looks at all the stuff he photographed of Ben’s investigations.

Alex says she and Saanvi can’t do what they did at the park and Saanvi says she doesn’t remember doing that.

Mick goes home to Zeke and tells him that Jared betrayed her and she feels like she deserves it. She says she’s glad she has Zeke and she can trust him. He shows her his frost bite is getting worst and he says Saanvi has a cure and he’s not giving up without a fight.


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