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Manifest -- Ben Learns What the Experiments Are For

Updated on November 25, 2018

While Michaela worries The Calling is going to get you if you don't watch out!

Last time, Ben found the info he was looking for, but Vance confiscated it from him Danny Boy was still hanging around Grace and Olive. And Michaela met the boy who got Evie's heart making her feel better about her friend's death.

Flight 828 landing. Cal says he didn't want to be in New York because this is where he has cancer and he doesn't want to die. Ben sitting by Cal's bedside then goes to see Michaela. Ben tells her Cal wants to go back to school and be like a normal kid. Ben worried about Cal getting sick again when they start experimenting on Marco, again. Michaela tells him he needs to focus on the new normal. She also says they need to assume they're being watched so they have to get back to their normal lives so when they find the passengers they won't see it coming.

The torturers say they're going to start up again in 18 hours. One of the men in charge is worried Vance could find out and shut them down.

Ben brings Grace coffee in bed. Ben agrees to Cal going back to school. Ben wants them to try and get back to normal. He suggests they have a date night. Olive suggests letting Cal walk to school on his own.

Michaela hears a voice saying “Don't lose him.” When she looks at Jared. Then she's asked to talk a jumper down.

Ben goes to work. His boss shows Ben a site dedicated to 828 with lots of pics of Ben. The fire alarm suddenly goes off and they all have to evacuate. Vance, in disguise, walks by Ben. Ben follows him. Vance tells Ben they need each other.

A man standing on the roof of a building. Michaela identifies him as Harvey Stone. He's a Flight 828-er.

Vance tells Ben he went to the farm and the passengers were moved. Vance says the info on the flash drive is raw data and maybe Ben can figure it out. He suggests they need to work together. Ben wants the flash drive. Vance gives him a laptop with the numbers on it. Ben says he'll think about working with him.

Harvey tells her to stay away. He tells her she doesn't get it when she says feels him, she knows he can't fit back in because the world has moved on without him.

Ben going through the numbers. He calls Fiona instead of Vance when he comes across some of the experiments their conducting. May be a bad mistake. I'm still not sure she's Team Good Guys. She tells him they're trying to find a way to replicate the callings and when she tried it the lab rats all died.

Ben offers to work on some records for Ronnie. The records are way behind and if Ben can update them he may be able to locate where they took the passengers to. Ronnie takes off and Ben lifts something from his desk.

Harvey says people are dying and it has to stop. He says he's going to be next. It's the only way. She tries to grab him when he jumps when she says as a passenger she can understand, and he says she can't understand this.

Michaela tells Ben what Harvey said. She's worried what's going to happen to her because she failed The Calling.

Grace out shopping for date night as Olive fills her in on Cal's first day at school. Grace runs into Lourdes and sees she's got a pregnancy test in her basket. She says Jared and she agreed to start trying to have a baby when her career got to a certain point and it's gotten to that point.

Jared and Michaela go into Harvey's apartment. She finds written on his bedroom, “I am the Angel of Death.” She realizes he blamed himself for people dying. They find newspaper articles of people who died in the last few days. They finds pics of people who died a few days after being at a pub with Harvey.

Cal sits at lunch with Olive and his old friends.

Ben tells Vance he wants to get Fiona to plant a bug in the Singularity office. Fiona meets with the man in charge. Vance texts Ben to tell him when the bug has been planted. While Ben tries to hack into their computer. The man, Lawrence, says he has to reschedule. He calls someone saying they have a problem. He says they moved them to Brooklyn. Vance says he'll do a cell phone search, while Ben has dinner with Grace.

Michaela and Jared question the bartender. Harvey said he knew the plane was going to explode before it did. Michaela believes Harvey told those two people about The Calling and they died. Now she worries cause she told Jared, too.

Jared tries to prove to Michaela that Harvey had nothing to do with those people who died. Michaela says if something happened to him because of her she couldn't live with that.

Grace tells Michaela that she saw Lourdes with home pregnancy tests. That she and Jared are trying to have a baby.

Ben makes it to dinner with Grace. They toast to a new beginning and to the future.

Vance asks a fellow agent named Tabitha to run a check on cell phones that pinged in the three known locations connected to the missing passengers.

Michaela tells Ben that Harvey told people about the callings and they died. Jared and Michaela are called because the bartender they talked to is dead, too. Harvey had also told her about the calling. Ben and Michaela are worried Grace and Jared could be in danger.

Jared tells Michaela they're not going to worry about this. Michaela says Jared has to stop taking care of her. She says she won't get in the way of him and Lourdes starting a family. As she walks away the voice says don't lose him. So it's definitely about Jared

Ben sneaks out of bed with Grace and peeks in on Cal whose awake. Cal says he's afraid if he closes his eyes it'll all be gone. Ben vows to not let anyone hurt Cal.

Ben meets with Vance. The trace got 19 cell phones. Vance says they can't pinpoint where they are. They're all pinging in Red Hook. Ben thinks the info is on the desk in the UDS because they're slow at transcribing their paperwork. Ben uses Ronnie's badge to get in.

He sneaks into the record department. He finds the property he thinks they have the passengers at, then gets out of there.

At home Cal and Olive watching TV. Grace finds a note Ben left her. All seems right with the family.

Vance, Ben and Michaela head to the building as they prepare to start torturing Marco and Cal starts to feel it.

So to sum it up, these people are trying to find a way to create The Calling to manipulate people into doing what they want. But would that really work? Wouldn't most people just think they're losing their mind hearing voices in their head and not do what the voices are saying? I mean, not everyone is as Kukla, Fran and Ollie as Miss Michaela is. She thinks The Calling is going to get her for failing it and thinks its killing people because they learned about it, and yet she thinks it's a good thing. That's a little nuts.


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