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Manifest -- Ben Opens Saanvi's Eyes...

Updated on January 27, 2020

...While Grace fails to open a woman's eyes as the Calling urged

Last time, Zeke got sent to prison. Jared almost sent another 828-er there but Mick proved him innocent. Grace had a Calling which seemed to prove her baby is Ben’s, and Saanvi spilled all she knew to the Major. Meanwhile Vance was keeping a close eye on what the Major was up to.

Passengers on a plane. Saanvi wondering where her boyfriend is. He texted he can’t, he wasn’t coming. Her boyfriend’s name was Alex and she said she thought he’d be there when she came back, but he wasn’t. Major tells Saanvi to email Alex and tell him how she feels. Saanvi tells Major they were all genetically changed on the plane.

Ben notices Olive has changed her hairdo. Ben and Mick realize Saanvi is the leak and Vance is watching her around the clock. Cal gives Mick a drawing to give to Zeke when she sees him.

Olive goes to a believer meeting. Maxine comes on stage to say she was broken until she found Adrian and the Believers.

Mick trying to get a lawyer to represent Zeke.

Vance says Saanvi’s server is clean. Vance says the Major wants to control the Callings and choose what their Callings are. Vance wants Ben to lie to Saanvi so the Major is fed fake info.

Grace says she’s bigger and sicker with this pregnancy than when she was pregnant with the twins. Then she hears a Calling telling her to open a woman’s eyes and when she looks at her car there’s a monster straight out of Godzilla on top of the car.

Mick tries to see Zeke and finds out he’s been transferred. But they can’t tell her where he was transferred to.

Zeke wants to know what he was given, as orderlies inject him with something. He says he’s an addict and can’t have that junk. Mick is worried that the Major took Zeke.

Ferret wants to know why a public defender is looking into Zeke’s case. He refuses to refute his statement and say it was an accident which it was. He whines that he blew up his life for her. He refuses to help her save Zeke. They both aim threats at each other about what they’ll do if the other doesn’t back down.

Grace comes home and tells Ben about her Calling. Cal looks up information on the woman Grace met, while Olive feels even more left out.

Ben lies to Saanvi he’s found the new holy grail. That his Callings are stronger than everyone else’s. Saanvi gets a bit suspicious that Ben doesn’t want to go over to see the man. He’s not a good liar.

Mick is calling everywhere to find out where Zeke is. So far, she can’t find him. She finally finds out where he is. She has a Calling while on the phone trying to talk to him. He’s on a plane with her, and there’s a hole in the side of the plane. She tries to get him to take her hand, but he passes out in his hospital bed and he’s sucked out of the plane.

Ben goes to his job interview. He sees TJ in the hall. Ben was supposed to lecture to a small class but the class is filled. The kids keep asking about the plane crash. TJ helps him out when the lecture gets out of hand.

Cal and Grace go to see the woman to give her the Calling. The woman wants nothing to do with Grace [as Grace gets the Calling again to open her eyes. Grace asks Cal what she can do when the person you’re supposed to help doesn’t want to be helped.

The guard calls someone to let them know Mick is trying to see Zeke.

Ben tells Saanvi the Major has a mole accessing all her data. Ben admits he lied to Saanvi about the Holy Grail. She guesses he’s working with someone and he reveals Vance is alive. Saanvi feels betrayed because she was cut out of the loop. And a good thing she was since loose lips was telling the enemy everything.

Mick finds Zeke and he tells her he had the same calling of being on a plane with here and she’s right, he’s not supposed to be in there. That he was shaking so they gave him drugs. He screwed up. The guard drags Mick away as she’s telling him the name of the lawyer to call to try and get him out of there.

Vance gives it to Ben for blowing his cover. Ben swears Saanvi won’t tell. Oh, really? She’s pretty much told everything else up until now to a woman she barely knew.

Saanvi suspicious of everyone at the hospital. Saanvi tells her lab assistant, Troy, there was no break though and she doesn’t need his help. Then she calls the Major for another appointment.

The woman Grace is supposed to help calls Cal an abomination and says she hopes Grace loses her baby. Good luck trying to open her eyes.

Zeke’s hearing takes place and Mick testifies for him. Mick says Jared used his role as a cop to run Zeke’s prints illegally and broke into her apartment. That what happened was an accident and she’s sick of everyone telling her to let it go. Needless to say that Ferret is not pleased by her outing his misdeeds on the stand. She may just have cost him his job if the new captain believes what she said in court. The question is what will he do in retaliation?

Saanvi claims she has a major discovery in her fridge in the lab [hopefully she’s setting Major B up] and says Ben betrayed her. We didn’t see if she outted Vance being alive to the wicked witch or not. Meanwhile Vance warns Ben Saanvi better be careful cause her life could be on the line.

The charges against Zeke are reduced. Zeke is set free. Zeke says no one has ever done what Mick’s done for him.

Jared at a bar as the TV talks about Zeke being set free. He makes friends with 828 haters.

Grace worries because she wasn’t able to open the woman’s eyes.

Olive goes on stage at the Believers meeting. She says being at the meeting that she realizes they all belong and she believes.

The gargoyle Grace saw is at the college Ben got hired at and the man who hired Ben is husband to the women Grace was told to open her eyes. He asked Ben to lecture at some retreat which may be some place he’s going to lure Ben to to do something bad to him.

Saanvi tells Vance and Ben she set a trap. Her lab assistant, Troy is working for the Major and she realizes her shrink is the Major. Vance has her look at pictures and she identifies the Major. Now Vance says they’re going to turn the tables on her.

The off-shot is Saanvi still didn’t email Alex, and why do I have a feeling Zeke is somehow going to turn out to be Alex.


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