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Manifest -- Death Trap

Updated on March 2, 2020

Last time – Adrian told Olive she can’t come to anymore Believers meetings, while he believed a bigger miracle would happen. Ben and Saanvi helped Finn, an 828er connect with his son and save his life. Mick and Zeke tried to help his wife. And Ben, Mick, Saanvi and Adrian found themselves standing in the burned out remained of a plane as they realized the snow they kept seeing fall down was actually ash from the plane crash.

TJ and his mom getting ready for his trip to Jamaica. His mom assures him she’ll be okay. It’ll only be a week.

Olive invites TJ to a club. Olive says Adrian is the only one who makes sense to her.

Grace assures Ben he will figure out what the latest calling means. He feels that whatever is coming will be violent.

Mick confronts Zeke about the drugs in his razor and he suggests the drugs she found in his razor were Courtney’s. He storms out.

Cal says he’s going to Coney Island. Ben and Grace say no. Cal says what’s the use of having five years to live if he can’t do anything. They also tell Olive she can’t go out and she speaks up for Adrian and declares she’s quitting school. She even threatens to get emancipated.

Saanvi’s father comes to visit her. He suggests she talk to the person that helped her with her cancer research.

Adrian plays dumb when Ben talks to him about the Calling. Ben says if Olive gets hurt it’s on Adrian.

Mick and Jared share a coffee. Mick tells him she had a very bleak calling. Says she thinks it’s an Xer. Jared tells the Xers he’ll get the info they want. Meanwhile someone is injecting something into champagne bottles like Ben saw on the burned-out plane.

Olive spends time with TJ. Olive says Adrian isn’t afraid of the death date. TJ says he thinks Adrian is full of it. He asks how is it a miracle he came home and lost his mom and friends.

Isiah, from Adrian’s church calls up Mick saying he remembers more of his attack. I wonder if he could be an Xer. Jared tries to hack Mick’s computer.

Saanvi calls Dr. Bates, Dr. ALEX Bates. Apparently, Alex is a woman. She wants to talk about them. She says she was afraid if she met Saanvi she’d be destroying her marriage for a fling since Saanvi is all about work. Saanvi wants to keep it to business. Alex gets down to helping Saanvi find the key to the virus.

Mick suggests Ben get close to Adrian. Ben says Mick has a pattern of pulling away when she gets close to someone.

Apparently the drugs in the razor were Zeke’s. Grace and Zeke have a calling with Cal telling them to save the passengers NOW!

Olive and TJ approach a club that is standing room only. Someone sneaks them in. Mick is there to. She’s meeting Isiah there. TJ says he believes in miracles. He says meeting Ben and Olive makes him happy and makes him feel he has something to live for, but he doesn’t believe in it the way Adrian does. He gives Olive his mother’s bracelet. She gives him a bracelet in return. Ben also shows up at the club to meet Adrian, who says he never texted Ben. He says he didn’t even know he’d be there until an hour ago.

Jared blackmails a tech to get him into Micks password protected files.

Ben runs into Finn who says an investor called him to come there. He’s furious when he realizes Adrian had a calling, too, and pretended not to have one.

Ben realizes this is the event, all the passengers have been lured there.

Grace calls Jared for help wanting to know if he knows where Mick is. He says he’ll go find her. Everyone starts dropping from the drugged champagne. A metal door closes trapping them all inside.

Saanvi falls on the ground trying to call to Ben after trying her latest serum. So she won’t be going to the rescue.

Isiah sets the club on fire. Adrian tells Ben he saw Olive, as Ben notices flames outside the windows as they’re all trapped inside.

Saanvi having flashbacks as she lies on the floor.

Isiah traps Olive and the Believers into another room. Mick finds a way out and tries to get the passengers out.

Olive realizes she and the others are trapped. Ben and TJ break down the door and let Olive and the others out.

Zeke, Grace and Cal arrive on the scene. Zeke runs in and helps Mick save a trapped passenger.

Debris falls as Olive, Ben and TJ are trying to get out. Jared arrives and leads Mick out.

Isiah grabs Olive so they can’t get out. TJ grabs Isiah as Ben carries Olive out. The building blows up before TJ can get out. Adrian walks away in shock.

Saanvi comes to on the floor of her lab. She swabs her cheek to test the results. She thinks she did it. She got rid of the anomaly. She got rid of the callings.

Mick says she appreciates Jared leading her to safety. He says he’s glad she’s okay and walks away.

Saanvi notices Zeke didn’t burn his hand in the fire, he got frost bite. Zeke thinks it means the death date is upon him.

Olive tells Ben TJ found a journal about the death dates and sent it to his office.

Mick learns Jared was printing out all her files.

Saanvi tells Alex the modification was successful and it was thanks to her. They hug each other. Then she walks away.

Zeke asks Mick what it’s going to take. He loves her and she says she loves him.

Ben goes to his office to look at the package TJ sent him. A glow emits from the book as he looks at a picture of a man carrying someone out of the flames. When he was doing the same with Olive he say a glowing light for a moment.

Turns out Isiah wasn't an Xer, just an extreme nutjob who thought if he murdered all the 828ers they'd be resurrected. And will getting rid of the Callings really save passengers from the death date?


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