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Manifest -- Grace Has A Calling...

Updated on January 20, 2020

While Olive becomes drawn to the 828 cult...

Last time, Mick was the one who was shot, and Jared used the incident to get rid of Zeke. Mick, however, had enough of her ex and tried to help Zeke out of this mess, blaming Jared’s out of control jealousy for what happened. Ben and Grace debated telling Danny Boy he may be a daddy. And while the Major continued to play Saanvi like a fiddle, Vance revealed to Ben he wasn’t dead, after all…

Show opens on Mick after the explosion and Jared being loaded into an ambulance. Obviously, flashback to how Vance survived. Vance says the government tried to kill him, so he decided to fake his death. Mick brought to Vance, too. Vance says the Major’s budget has increased and wants to know if anything significant happened to the passengers.

Ben meets with a man named, TJ, who was also a passenger. TJ says the crash changed everything for him, but now it’s all different. TJ admits to having the Callings. He says he had a vision of being inside his own grave.

Cal wonders if they’re going to die in a plane crash. Cal says they need to talk to Zeke. He was on the plane with them.

Ben and Grace going to find out the paternity to the baby. Grace starts having a Calling as a voice in her head keeps telling her to stop. She runs out of the doctor’s office and Ben tells her she’s having a Calling. They think it’s a sign the baby is Ben’s. Ben sees some medical staff watching him and Grace.

Mick is told Zeke is refusing visitors when she tries to go see him. She goes to a cop meeting where Ferret gets upset because Mick has a new partner named Macombe. He yips how he’s the only one who has her back. Since when?

Ben goes off to find TJ. TJ shows Ben a grave he found. He says it wasn’t himself he saw in the grave. But whose in the grave?

Grace worries that the death date will be transferred to the baby if it’s Ben.

Ferret called in on TJ’s case and immediately suggests that TJ didn’t have a Calling but killed the girl in the grave. Mick says she won’t tell that her partner has a rich background.

Olive approached by one of the members of the believers. Grace says she had a Calling and Olive feels left out because she’s the only one who doesn’t have them. Leaving her open to becoming one of the believers.

Zeke pleads guilty and throws himxelf on the mercy of the court. Ferret’s cup of joy will be over-flowing as Mick is dragged from the courtroom as she begs him not to do it. He’s obviously on some guilt trip over what happened. Too bad Ferret doesn’t feel any guilt for his part in it.

Ben introduces TJ to Mick. He tells Mick Ferret brought them into the police station and has kept them waiting. TJ reveals his mom overdosed while he was missing. Ben reveals his mom died while he was gone, too. TJ says all his mom’s belongings got trashed and he doesn’t even have a picture of her.

The Major’s toady learns Saanvi is running the paternity test.

Zeke in prison. The Captain calls Mick in for going to Zeke’s hearing. She orders Mick to drop trying to defend Zeke. Mick confronts Ferret for keeping Ben and TJ waiting. Then Ferret arrests TJ. When TJ is arrested Mick, Cal and Zeke experience shaking. Tell us again how you got Mick’s back, Ferret. He hates anyone whose a passenger of the plane and tries to get some dirt on them and this time he can’t cry jealousy as the reason.

Mick tells Ben the shaking felt like airplane turbulence. Ben thinks it means they need to help TJ, but she thinks TJ is guilty because Ferret found his fingerprints at the murdered girl’s apartment. The Mickster is now all convinced TJ is guilty.

Olive feels cut out when Cal won’t tell her about his calling and says she wouldn’t understand. She’s definitely going to join the Calling Cult. She picks up the flyer about the believers and reads it.

The Major’s lab rat tries to see what Saanvi is doing with her lab tests, but she won’t let him see it.

The roommate of the girl TJ accused of killing says she never saw him before. Mick realizes all the stuff of TJ’s Ferret found is stuff Frannie dug out of the trash, so he’s telling her the truth. He didn’t know her. She has a calling about someone burying Frannie when she touches something of hers.

Saanvi tells the Major she discovered The Callings can be transferred through genetics. Now Major B will really be after Ben and Grace’s unborn child.

Olive tells Grace she doesn’t want to do SATs and doesn’t want a lecture. Grace says she knows how it felt not having a Calling. She says they’ll always be a family. Nothing will come between them, not even the Calling. Olive says she’s not resentful she doesn’t have the Callings; she’s afraid they’re all going to die and she’ll be left all alone.

Mick trying to find out when Frannie got a replacement keycard. The security guard, at first, claims Frannie didn’t come into get a new keycard, but when Mick says the computer would have recorded her getting a new keycard, he suddenly changes his tune. Mick notices the guard’s shoes which are the same as the man who buried the victim and realizes the guard murdered Frannie and TJ is released.

The new captain wants to know how Mick solved the case and doesn’t want Ferret and Mick on the same cases. Ben takes TJ to Frannie’s art show where he discovers Frannie used pics of him and his mom in her art.

Ben meets his ex-girlfriend there who is dean of the college. She suggests he apply for a job there.

Olive goes to meet Maxine Taylor who takes her to the 828 cult meeting.

Vance asks Ben about a DNA sequence. Vance reveals the Major knows about Saanvi’s discovery and Ben wonders how she could have found out.

Mick returns to her apartment and has flashbacks of Zeke. When she starts writing a letter to Zeke she has a Calling of being on the plane with Cal and Zeke is there and she’s trying to get him to hear her when the plane catches on fire. Meanwhile, Zeke starts having the Calling and the prison doctors sedate him.


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