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'Manifest': Intense Finale and What to Expect in Season 2

Updated on January 5, 2022
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Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She writes about various topics, including celebrities and entertainment.

The first season of Manifest came to an end on Monday, February 18, 2019. The entire first season was filled with all kinds of mysteries, government interference, twists in romantic relationships, and callings that only a few people could hear.

It was not uncommon to be left with unanswered questions from the finale because that's how it had been the entire first season. Instead of waiting until the following week to find answers, fans will have to wait a lot longer to find out answers to the mysteries of the finale.

Manifest has been renewed for a second season but viewers have to wait until next fall to find out the answers to some of the cliffhangers they saw on the finale of Season 1.

Grace's Pregnancy

Ben and Grace have been getting along well in the last few episodes. They have been working together to keep their family together after Ben promised that he would not keep secrets from Grace while he is trying hard to get to the bottom of being missing for five and a half years.

Ben was so happy when Grace told him she was pregnant. His happiness was short lived because seconds later, they did the math and concluded that Ben had not returned six weeks ago when Grace became pregnant. Grace and Danny had been intimate during that time.

In an interview, the writers were surprised that so many people on social media were against Grace initially and had no sympathy for her. That was not the writers' intent. That's why they revised the script for Grace so she could be more likable in the additional episodes. So, expect to see Ben and Grace's relationship continue to be a strong one in unexpected ways.

The Spewing Water Scene

Griffin has been underwater for 82 hours and 8 minutes. However, he was alive when he was pulled from the car. He was a criminal but was released from police custody in exchange for giving information on a talk show. Michaela and Ben tried to stop him but to no avail.

Griffin was just minutes away from appearing on the talk show when something unexpected happened. Griffin spewed a very large amount of water on the sidewalk as people watched in disbelief and took pictures of the strange occurrence.

Viewers wondered how the producers made that happen to look so real. It happened through special effects. Actor Marc Menchaca, who played Griffin, had a device attached to the side of his face that viewers couldn't see. The visual effects made it seem like water was coming from his mouth. It was a very powerful scene that gave the allusion of dry drowning. Michaela had warned him not to abuse the calling because there could be consequences for it. She was right because Griffin died.

Sister and brother Michaela and Ben Stone
Sister and brother Michaela and Ben Stone | Source

June 2, 2024

Ben noticed that Griffin was in the water for eighty-two hours and eight minutes and he died exactly eighty-two hours and eight minutes after he was pulled from the water. Another revelation is that Griffin's death was parallelled to how he should have died the first time.

With the help of Olive, Ben calculated that the passengers on Flight 828 will die on June 2, 2024. They said they would not tell Cal, but Cal already knew. He had drawn pictures of three tombstones with his name, Ben's name and Michaela's name on them along with June 2, 2024.

If Ben's theory and Cal's drawings are correct, then they have five and a half more years to live and they will die the way they were meant to die the first time. In Season 2, Ben will struggle with the dilemma of telling the other passengers about his calculation so they can get ready to die. In Season 2, there will be more interactions with the other passengers who had been on the flight.

"Manifest" cast
"Manifest" cast | Source

Who Got Shot?

Jared was suspicious of Zeke and was jealous because he was staying at Michaela's apartment. When Jared confronted Zeke in Michaela's apartment, he found out that Zeke had bought a gun instead of drugs. The two men fought and viewers heard the gun going off just as Michaela arrived at the door. The season ended without viewers knowing who got shot and if one of them died. Fans of the show will have to wait until the fall to find out for sure.

However, they are thinking that it was not Michaela since she has a starring role in the series. Where would the show be without her? Besides, it has been foretold that Ben, Cal, and Michaele will die at the same time on June 2, 2024.

Viewers are also thinking that Jared might live since his relationship with Michaela is an integral part of the series. Therefore, if anyone died, it must be Zeke who came back like Griffin and died later. There is a hole in that theory because if Zeke is going to die like Griffin he has a year to live because he was missing for a year.

The Therapist

Saanvi has been traumatized after being held at gunpoint prior to being on Flight 828. It is obvious to those around her that she is suffering from PTSD. She was at her wits' end when Dr. Matthews recommends a therapist.

At the end of the finale, viewers saw that the therapist is the Major, the woman who is collecting data about the passengers on the airplane; especially about Cal Stone who Saanvi is treating.

'Manifest' Rating

The finale of Manifest had only 5.4 million viewers. That number was a very big drop from 10.40 million viewers who watched the first episode of the season.

TVLine gave the series an average grade of “B+.”


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