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Manifest -- Networked Brains

Updated on November 16, 2018

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Last time, a shadow organization was revealed to be using some of the passengers of Flight 828 as human guinea pigs and Cal was linked to one and experiencing what he was experiencing. Ben and Michaela told Grace and Jared what's been going on since they returned. And Vance realized he was being kept out of the loop...

A woman on the plane says to a fellow passenger struggling with her luggage and not happy she got bumped from her other flight that the flight isn't happening to her it's happening for her. Suspicious much?

Cal says he can still feel Marco and feels something bad is going to happen to him and me. Ben tells him not to worry because he has a plan. Cal says he wants to go home.

Grace, Ben and Michaela take Cal home. Ben tells Michaela and Saanvi Cal is still connected to Marco and what happens to Marco will happen to Cal. Ben has applied for a job at a company that handles ADS' financial records so he can find where they've stashed the missing passengers.

Ben is welcomed to JP Williamson, even though it's pointed out he's way over-qualified. Ben has a PHD in mathematics.

Olive asks Ben if it's okay to go rock climbing but doesn't mention that she's going with Danny.

Ronnie Wilco welcomes Ben to the company and makes a big deal of Ben being an 828 passenger.

Ben shown to his cubicle. He tries to access ADS's account but it's restricted.

Michaela goes to see Evie's mother whose not in a good place. She asks Michaela where Evie is. She asks her to sit with her while she waits for Evie to come home.

Ben calls Saanvi to fill her in. Ben gets his boss let him use his ID and Ben is able to get in the restricted files he wasn't able to get into before. He finds something called SP. He also figured out a key player in the passengers disappearance. It's the lady from the plane that made the strange remark to the lady struggling with her luggage.

Fiona Clark is the name of the woman and it's assumed she's working for whomever took the missing passengers.

Saanvi gives Ben the 411 on Fiona. She believes brains can hook up to each other. She calls it networked brains. She tells Ben he can as her tonight. They're going to an event where she's the guest spreaker.

Cal lays frightened in his bed remembered what happened to Marco.

Olive tells Danny she doesn't want to rock climb with him, anymore. Maybe she's feeling a little guilty about lying to Ben by omission.

Vance wonders why Ben has taken a low level job and thinks he may be up to something. Vance thinks there's a secret covert operation controlling everything and he's being left out of the loop.

Jared invites Michaela to dinner with him and Lourdes. He asks if she's still hearing the voices. He tells her the NSA is watching her and vows not to tell them anything. They get a call about a shooting. Michaela tries to save the victim and can hear a heartbeat and hears in her head, “Save him,” but the man dies.

Michaela talks to the man's nephew, Carlos. He doesn't understand why he had to die. He gave him everything. Carlos has to look at the line-up to identify the man that killed his uncle. Carlos won't identify the man. Michaela feels there's something about Carlos and she needs to help him.

Fiona takes the stage with Ben and Saanvi in the audience. She claims they're all one.

Jared takes Michaela home for dinner with him and Lourdes. Talk about awkward. The threesome seem to have a good time. Michaela doesn't want to drink. Then she says she's got to go when she starts hearing the heartbeat in her head, again. She goes to Carlos' home. Michaela accuses Carlos of taking the killer's gun and thinks he's going to kill the man who killed their uncle. She tells him accidentally taking a life haunts her. The message being it'll be worse for him if he does it on purpose.

Fiona goes into the audience and sees Ben and says, “Finally, I've been waiting for you.” Fiona says it's only normal for survivors to seek each other out. Ben confronts her about the missing passengers. Saanvi asks what the mirror factor has to do with it. That's apparently her named for the shared brain theory, much like what's happening to the survivors of 828. She claims a company underwrote her appearance. She says it was the Singularity Project. The SP Ben found in the companies records.

Ben decides to join the company poker game to try and find out more about SP. A man at the poker game says he'll hook Ben up to the data dump.

Olive tells Ben she's quit rock climbing. Cal says he feels Marco even more and things are getting worse for him. Ben promises Cal they're so close.

Michaela tells Jared why she left the dinner. That she went to see Carlos. Jared says it's the voices in her head messing things up. But Carlos shows up to identify the perp, proving him wrong. Only the man has already been released on the streets and he's already hunting a new victim.

After Ben's encouragement, Olive goes back to rock climbing with Danny Boy.

Ben dumps coffee on the guy offering to show him the data dump so he can hack his computer for info on SP, which he copies while the man goes to change clothes. He sends the info to Saanvi and saves it to his flash drive and Vance is aware of it.

Ben sees a line of people he has to get through to get out of the building. He slips his flash drive into his thermos then he's texted by someone unknown that tells him to walk left, where he runs into Vance. Vance demands he hand over his flash drive or go to jail. Ben hands it over to him. Ben tries to tell him that's how to find the missing passengers and begs Vance to find them as he walks off with the evidence.

The perp walking down the street. He looks like he's suffering withdrawal. He picks up a broken bottle as he prepares to attack an old man that just went to the ATM. The heartbeats lead Michaela and Jared to the perp as he's making ready to attack the man. She jumps out of the car and follows the heartbeat in time to save the old man's life and arrest the perp.

Danny boy brings Olive home and Grace greets them. Ben comes home in time to see the three of them. He's giving Grace the eye as Ben drives up. Ben asks him how much longer and he says he's training her for a climb in summer. He also says he won't stand in Ben's way. Oh, really, then what do you call what you're doing, dude?

Michaela goes to see Carlos and hears the heartbeat again. It leads her to a picture of Evie. She learns that Carlos has Evie's heart. That's why she was hearing the heartbeats.

Michaela goes back to see Evie's mother and tells her she saw Evie and she's okay.

Ben checks to see how Cal is. Ben promises not to give up and he assures Ben that Vance is not a bad guy, anymore.

Vance lies he didn't get anything off of Ben as he fingers the flash drive.

Ben says he wants to believe there's a reason to believe there's a reason to believe in this leap of faith. Michaela says she took the leap and followed the calling and she feels better than she has before. So, finding out her dead friend's heart is beating in a teenager was all it took. Hate to break it to her but Carlos is not Evie reincarnated. Ben says he needs to understand what's happening. Ben says she got a sign, where's his. Michaela says the drawing Cal did was of Carlos with Evie's heart. She says that's his sign.

Excuse me for saying this, but Chicken Little wants to believe [and has from the start] that “The Calling” is a gift from God she'll see anything as a sign. Look at how she told Evie's mother she'd just seen her when she just saw the person that got Evie's heart but an organ doesn't make you you.

So the big question is did Fiona shine Ben on and is she more involved in this thing than she claims. At the end of last week's show the people experimenting on the passengers called a woman. If you were involved and confronted wouldn't you pretend to be innocent, too?


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