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Manifest -- Olive Confesses

Updated on February 10, 2020

Mick hit the sheets with Zeke. A compass might hold the key to saving the passengers. Olive got TJ involved with the Believers. And Saanvi underestimated The Major and ended up with egg all over his face.

This week – Olive and Grace are at an amusement park. Olive tells Grace she could hear Cal talking to her and she knows they’re not dead. It’s been two years since the plane crash. Olive gets her fortune told. The woman tells Olive to look to the future in the hopes that everything might turn out well.

Olive becoming a major part of the Believers. While she’s there the Xerd start attacking the Believers. She pulls down the fire alarm and escapes.

Zeke in the bedroom eying some pills. He says he didn’t take any; he wouldn’t. They go back to the sack and have more sex. Yuck!

TJ with Ben and he’s doubting the compass. Dr. White comes in to let Ben know about the attack at the Believers church. While watching the newscast Ben gets a calling to save her. Does it mean Olive?

Olive asks Adrian how she can help the Believers while making sure Ben and Grace don’t know about her involvement in the church.

The bartender Jared slept with asks Jared about his mother. One of the X’s come in. He’s the bartender’s brother. I’m liking Jared better now he’s away from Mick.

Mick and her partner investigating the Believers attack.

Ben trying to figure out who her is in the “Save her.” Grace calls just as a car starts following her and attacks her car.

Grace and Cal drove into a tree and Ben arrives on the scene. The cop doesn’t take it seriously. Grace says she thinks there’s something wrong with the baby.

Mick questions Isiah about what happened at the Believer church. He won’t tell her anything, so Mick confronts Adrian. Adrian thinks arresting the Xers by her could make things worse. She accuses him of only being about the money.

An ultrasound shows the baby is fine and a girl. But then the doctor sees something and says she wants to run more tests to make sure everything is okay. Grace thinks Save Her is about her baby. I’m wondering if the doctor is working for the Major B.

Zeke at a meeting. Don’t know why he’s suddenly bugging me. He says he feels like a fraud cause he’s still tempted by drugs. A fellow group member says he can’t be comfortable with someone else then to be comfortable with themselves. He suggests Zeke needs to make amends.

Mick shows up at the hospital. Ben believes Grace, Cal and the baby were targeted because of 828. Ben wants her to get him all the reports on violence against the 828ers.

Mick returns to the station and her partner found footage of the people who attacked the church.

Olive and TJ rushes in to see how Grace is. Ben tells Olive he’s going to prove the attacks were related to the Xers.

Mick asks Jared how his cases are, and he says he’s not getting much since she threw him under the bus. Mick tells Jared about all the attacks that Xers are doing on the 828 passengers. She says she or someone he knows might be killed if something isn’t done. Great, she’s screwing another guy, threw him under the bus and expects him to help her. She’s such a prize.

Mick questions an Xer about the attack. The new captain tells her to prove the witness in involved or let him go.

Zeke meets a woman at a bar. She seems to be his ex-girlfriend. He’s trying to make amends to her. Courtney says they had fun. All he remembers is them chasing the next high. He offers to help her and she downs drugs in front of him. She walks away wishing him good luck sticking with it, this time.

Grace tells Olive she doesn’t think she can go through losing another child. Olive says she has to look at the future with hope. Ben comes in and proves the Xers are timing the attacks to overwhelm the police. Olive goes to Mick and tells her she can’t tell her parents but that she’s a Believer and saw what happened.

The doctor says the baby is fine and Grace needs to take it easy. I’m still not convinced this doctor can be trusted.

Mick says Olive has to tell Ben and Grace about her being a Believer. Olive doesn’t want to tell. Olive looks at a line-up and identifies the guy Mick was questioning. Mick arrests him. She tries to get him to rat out his friends. He reveals where the X club is located.

The Captain asks Jared if Mick is right. The Captain and the rest of the cops don’t like Mick cause she threw Jared under the bus for her new sex toy.

Olive confesses to Ben and Grace she’s a member of the Believers. Ben blows his top when he learns. Olive keeps defending the Believers. Ben feels the Believers are causing the Xers to attack passengers. Olive stomps out saying people are too narrow-minded and need to have their eyes opened.

Mick and the cops raid the Xers club. Mick worries about the other cops having her back because they don’t like what she did to Jared. The Captain won’t believe there’s a leak, when they show up at the club and it’s been all cleaned out. She finds a truck left behind she thinks was used to run Grace off the road.

It was Jared who tipped off the Xers. He said he did it for the bartender. I think he’s going undercover to help the Mickster after what she did to him. The bartenders brother invites Jared to a meeting.

Courtney shows up on Mick’s doorstep and reveals she’s Zeke’s wife.

Ben can’t believe he didn’t know about Olive. Grace says she’s seen the engraving on the compass before. She says the symbol is on the card that the fortune teller gave Olive. Ben says maybe there’s hope, but it’s doesn’t matter with the Believers turning everyone against them.

Ben goes into Olive’s room and finds the Believers pamphlet. As he scrunches it up he hears Save Her again. Meanwhile Jared is taken to Simon White, Ben’s boss, who may be the head of the Xers. Meanwhile Ben attacks Adrian wearing a hoodie telling him to stay away from Olive. Don’t think Olive will be impressed when she finds out.


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