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Manifest -- Rock The Boat

Updated on March 16, 2020

The Xers are everywhere...

Last time -- TJ survived the fire. Saanvi had a blackout. Mick was on to Jared. And Ben’s boss photographed Ben’s crime board…

The plane. Everyone is asleep. Cal see a light shining outside the plane. He says it’s all connected. Cal wakes up. He goes to the nursery.

TJ in the kitchen and thanks Ben for letting him stay. TJ wondering why the calling saved him and let so many others die. Olive wants to get down to figuring out the journal. Grace and Ben watching Cal in the nursery. He’s trying to make something work. He’s in a frenzy. He says it’s all connected. Cal says he thinks he was there when the plane disappeared.

Internal Affairs arrives at the police department to interview Mick.

Zeke comes to Saanvi’s lab hoping to get the cure. She says since she took the cure she’s had problems with her impulse control. Zeke asked if she was on something. She’s in a frenzy, herself.

Jared confronts the Captain about Internal Affairs coming in. She says she can handle it no matter what Mick says. IA question Mick about her relationship with Jared and suggest she’s lying about Jared to rehabilitate her own rep after throwing Jared under the bus for her new boyfriend. They question her about how she’s solved all the cases she has that was because of the calling.

Ben asks Cal what he saw as he tries to build something. Cal says he’s trying to build a spider’s web with the plane trapped in it.

Olive tells TJ they’re all in this together. They try translating the journal. The other group felt that with the calling came something bad. They tried to get rid of the callings to get rid of their death date. Same thing Saanvi is doing.

Seeing how Saanvi is acting, Zeke thinks they should put a halt on using her cure. He tells Saanvi they had the same conversation 3 times. Zeke offers to get Alex to try and help her.

Internal Affairs suspicious of how Mick solved all the cases she did. They even accuse her of manufacturing crimes to make herself look good. They’re suggesting she set the fire. She asks to see her union rep.

Grace tells Ben to take it easy on Cal as he wonders about the captain’s dark lightning. If this has anything to do with it. Olive is shocked when Ben mentions the storm that’s going on. She tells him there isn’t a storm. She makes Cal, Grace and Ben realize the lightning storm they think is going on isn’t happening and it’s a sunny day. It’s another calling. Ben thinks it means something is coming.

The Captain says Simon gave IA all of Mick’s case files. Jared says this could hurt a lot more people than just the two of them. He goes to talk to Simon.

Grace tries to help Cal build his creation and he snaps at her that she ruined everything. Ben tells him to take it easy.

Mick’s union rep accuses IA of trying to get rid of Mick.

Grace sees the house rocking like she’s on a boat. She’s getting seasick.

The book says when some of the people tried to get rid of the calling they went mad.

Ben sees a fountain pen going back and forth like they’re rocking on a boat. Grace is seasick. Ben thinks they’re all going mad like the men in the past on the boat.

Jared confronts Simon about what he did. Simon reveals there’s plenty of their people on the police department. Simon thinks the 828ers are controlling what’s happening through mental telepathy and that Mick is a threat and they’ll do what needs to be done to remove that threat.

Zeke tells Alex that Saanvi is in trouble and needs her help.

Mick’s union rep tries to get her to think smart. The IA start trying to suggest Olive and Ben are in on it with her.

Zeke doesn’t want Saanvi to tell Alex anything about what’s really going on. Saanvi thinks the universe wants her to be with Alex. Alex gives her something to fix her. But will it really? Or will it just be a short term fix.

Union rep wants to move the meeting off police headquarters because he thinks the wall has ears.

TJ wants to leave thinking he’s making the storm happen. Ben stops him from leaving and opens the door and sees lightning in the sky. It’s the same lightning as in the book. Both TJ and Ben see a spiderweb on the mass of the boat in the book. Ben says he thinks he knows what Cal is trying to build.

The Captain learns the meeting is being moved down town. Jared realizes Mick’s union rep is in with Simon and is an Xer who plans to kill her once he gets her out of the police department. He arrests her for arson so she can’t leave with him.

Saanvi comes out of her spell normal. Saanvi sends Alex back to her family and won’t tell her anything of what’s going on. Alex asks Saanvi to be safe. That may not be possible.

The family builds Cal’s spiderweb and they’re transported to the ship and see Flight 828 in the sky. It’s the silver dragon in the sky. That the plane was there, too, at the same time. The book says you have to accept the callings to survive. Ben realizes that the paths to disaster is the ones trying to stop the callings. Translation: Saanvi. In the sketch in the book a figure looks like Saanvi, as Ben realizes what she’s doing will lead to disaster.

Jared locks Mick in a cell and tells her to keep quiet and that he just saved her life. Still not sure if the Captain is one of the good guys or the bad guys. I’ve suspected from the start Jared was going undercover to protect the Mickster even though she did him wrong.


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