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Manifest -- Save the Passengers

Updated on January 13, 2020

There's a whole lot of shaking going on....

When we last checked in with Manifest the survivors learned they had a use by date. Grace revealed she’s pregnant by Danny Boy. Jared went psycho and went after Zeke just as Mick came on the scene making for a who was shot cliff hanger. Saanvi was suffering from post traumatic stress and ended up going to The Major as her therapist, possibly putting all the remaining survivors lives in danger.

Everyone back on the plane. Mick suddenly asks why they’re back on the flight. She keeps saying this didn’t happen, this way. My wish didn’t come true and it wasn’t Jared that go shot. Mick communicates with Zeke to leave. She’s rushed to the hospital while she keeps having visions of being back on the plane. Jared gives the family a sanitized version of what happened and why. Mick survives surgery but doesn’t want to see Jared, and only Ben.

She tells Ben she was back on the plane and the plane was crashing. Ben reveals that they all have a use by date. Cal says he had a calling about being on the plane with Mick. Mick asks Cal what he was going to tell her. On the crashing plane he tells Mick to save the passengers.

Ben goes to a rundown neighborhood. He finds a red X painted on the door of a house like was written on his house. It’s the home of a fellow passenger named Randall. He asks if he’s been hearing things, and Randall admits he’s getting them, too. Ben is trying to track down all the passengers to see if they know something. Grace suggests they pause on all the death talk and think about the baby. Grace reveals she had a miscarriage while he was gone. Ben says maybe they’re wrong to not find out if it’s Danny’s baby. She says she just wants it to be them for now.

Mick out of the hospital doing physical therapy. Ben and Grace reveal she’s pregnant to the kids.

Saanvi talking to the Major. The Major suggests Saanvi has feelings for Ben. The Major perks up when Saanvi reveals that Ben and Grace having a baby.

Mick says they have to help Zeke because he doesn’t know about his death date. She wants to find a way to clear Zeke so he can come home, when she gets a postcard from Zeke from Canada. The new woman in charge won’t listen to Mick when she says Zeke is innocent, because Jared already gave his biased point of view on what really happened. When she runs into Jared she says she wouldn’t have gotten shot if he hadn’t been obsessing over Zeke. Then she sees a police call board and the name Vasik and has the feeling of being back on the plane with Cal saying, “Save the passengers.” Okay, is anyone having flashbacks from Heroes with “Save the cheerleader, save the world”?

Mick tells Ben what happened at the police station. She says they need to get out in the world. Ben says he hasn’t been able to contact the Vasiks. Ben recalls talking to their son on the plane. Mick says it’s just the two of them. Jared is the one who got her shot. They need to track down Cherise who was looking after the Vasiks kids.

Grace and Olive are out shopping when who pops up but Danny Boy. Olive wants to know why Grace didn’t tell Danny she’s pregnant. Grace says she doesn’t know. Olive says she thought the baby would be something to bring their family together. Now it’s not.

Mick and Ben come to see Cherise. Their parents still haven’t come to see them, even though the Vasiks said they’d never leave their kids. Cherise says the Vasiks put their kids to be Saturday night and then disappeared. She says that Trina and Anson have also been hearing things. They were getting the callings. They wrote down, Revelations 20:14. Ben sees a white van outside the Vasiks house and he saw the same van outside of Randall’s house. He’s wondering if The Major is collecting new lab rats.

Cal arrives on Zeke’s mother’s doorstep asking to see Zeke. She claims she hasn’t seen him, but Cal shows her a drawing saying he knows he’s there and could be please see him.

Zeke asks how Mick is. Cal says Mick and Zeke are supposed to be together. Cal says he knows when it’s going to happen. He says Mick and Zeke need to be together because neither have much time left.

Jared sees Mick at one of the police computers. She tried to tell him the Vasiks are in trouble. She tells Jared that she told Zeke to run. Mick tells Ben the Vasiks left a suicide note and left their kids their life savings. Ben says they have to find them before they kill themselves. Mick sees Zeke. He turned himself into the police and wanted to see her one last time. Ferret [rhymes with Jared] will love that. When Mick touches him before he’s taken away she gets a vision while she feels the shaking sensation again. It seems to be of a bridge and a Pontiac car.

She and Ben go to where Trina and Anson are about to kill themselves. Anson says they’re not supposed to be back, but die a second death. The Vasiks tell them about the visions of dying in a lake of fire. Then Mick sees a car over the bridge on fire. It stops the Vasiks from killing themselves and saves the family whose life was in danger.

Grace decides they should get a DNA test. Saanvi tells The Major she’s going to move out of her parents apartment. The Major tries to manipulate Saanvi into revealing to her what she wants to know. Threatens to stop being her doctor unless she opens up to her completely. Just as she hoped, Saanvi cracks to her manipulations.

Ben sees the white van outside his house as he’s putting out the garbage. Of course, Ben being Ben decides to confront whomever is in there. A sack is put over his head and he’s kidnapped. Cal asks Mick why Zeke doesn’t believe he matters. Cal says Zeke and Mick have to do this together and he doesn’t want to do this anymore; he just wants to be a kid. Mick touches Cal and sees Zeke on the plane with them when it crashed.

Ben is confronted by his kidnapper and it’s none other than our old government man, Vance, who didn’t die in the explosion, after all.


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