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Manifest --- The Stranger

Updated on January 25, 2019

Was Cal really kidnapped or did he leave on his own?

Last time, did The Captain and Fiona do the time warp again? And who took Cal?

Ben rushing home to find the place surrounded by police, which he told Grace not to do, but when does she ever listen to him? Ben won't tell the police what he suspects. They wouldn't believe him anyway. The cops suspects Ben of taking Cal...typical cops.

Mick breaks into Autumn's and demands to know what she knows. Autumn tries to play innocent. Won't admit anything. Olive calls Mick to say the cops think Ben took Cal. Gee, I'm sorry she showed that much caring and loyalty for her father. She should have called New Daddy and I'm surprised she didn't.

A man goes into the secret headquarters. It's Autumn's master. He says they need to keep HER apprised on what's going on with Ben and family.

Ben tells Grace she shouldn't have called the police. Ben tells Grace Cal feels things stronger than most, and she wants to know why he didn't tell her. Um, he tried to tell her when Cal was in the hospital but she didn't want to hear it. She tells Ben he has to tell her everything, unless she tells him to tell her nothing. He tells her sometimes Cal draws things that haven't happened yet. Ben looks through Cal's drawing pad and sees a picture of them standing there looking at his drawing pad.

They figure out from his drawings where he might be. Mick calls in Jared to get the cops out of there. Jared comes in and claims Cal is with his grandfather. The cops pull up stakes. Grace calls Danny so she and Ben can use his truck. I'm sure the putz will want to go with them. Apparently, not. Boy Cal's drawing was right on the money when he drew a dark shadow hovering around his family. The dark shadow was the ever looming Danny Boy.

Mick hauls Autumn the rat into police headquarters to grill her about what she knows. But the rat won't squeak. Says SHE'LL know if she does. So she thinks this major chick is omnipotent.

The secret operation can't find Ben and Grace and they learn the rat is in custody. They call the Major.

Mick learns that Autumn has a kid. The woman she wanted Mick to find was the one who took care of her daughter, not some baddie who framed her for crimes she didn't commit like she originally claimed. They find out THE MAJOR has voided the warrants so they'll have to let the rat go. Mick says they have to find her daughter. The rat says she told THE MAJOR Cal is special but didn't hand over the drawing. Mick tries to make a trade with Autumn; her daughter for Cal. She tries one more time to get through to her.

Olive Oyl claims she can feel Cal. She thinks Cal may have left a message for her. She finds something that shows Cal has taken off on his own.

Disgrace is blaming Ben for what happened and for not refusing to leave. Seriously, I didn't find this chick so bad in this episode, but come on. If Ben had refused to leave her little mutt of a daughter would have called Danny Boy to come and make Ben leave. In short Ben is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

The secret group learns Cal took a bus to the Catskills. They've located Cal.

Ben and Grace realize they're being followed. Ben tries to lose them.

Cal in a cabin in the woods and he's getting cold. He keeps looking at the door like he's waiting for someone to come.

They had to let Autumn go and she calls her masters. She says she knows where Cal is as she retrieves the sketch.

When the secret cops stop following them, Ben thinks that means they found Cal. As the men surround a building and break in to where they think Cal is, but no one is there. Autumn apparently fed them fake info. Autumn is heading off to find her daughter. Mick gives her the info of where her daughter is. In exchange she gives Mick the sketch. She saw Cal drew her daughter and her together and that's why she took it. She didn't notice that on the back of that drawing he drew the place he's at waiting for who knows what.

Mick says she's coming up, after texting the photo to Grace and Ben. She asks Jared to stay at the precinct. She suddenly sees snow all around her. She's also been feeling cold. She says she needs to go up there on her own. He walks away. Maybe he'll go home to his wife and be honest that he cheated on her.

Ben figures out Cal's note, “I Left” is him telling them how to find them. They find the cabin. Grace says they're not waiting for Mick to go in and check it out. Listening to what others say seems to be a problem for her. They find him in the cabin. Cal tells Grace how he got there. She wants to know why he came there and he says he's supposed to be here. He's waiting for HIM. Suddenly a man comes pounding on the door, he breaks in and promptly passes out on the floor.

They try and help the man. Cal doesn't know who the man is, just that he had to help him. In short, he and Mick were sharing the same Calling. Seems when she wasn't getting it, then they gave it to Cal to take over and draw Ben and Mick to this man.

The Major is told they lost Ben and Grace. We get to see the Major. She says they just need to bide their time and Ben and Grace will come home. She's on a terrace of a New York penthouse.

Ben doesn't know who the man is, but he wasn't on the plane. He tells her the Callings are vague. Ben doesn't know if they should help the man or stop him. She suddenly realizes Ben has been trying to protect them. Duh! She says from now on he has to tell her everything. Mick arrives. She recognizes the jacket the man was wearing and says he's the one whose been saying, “Find her.”

Mick tells Ben the Major knows about Cal. The man wakes up and recognizes Mick. He calls her Michaela. He tells how he was hiking and was burning whatever he could find and he saw her picture in a magazine and he felt she was willing him to live. His name is Zeke. She says she had a vision of him saying “Find her” and he admits he's been repeating that over and over again as he was trying to find her. He says he's been out there for two weeks, but they tell him he's been out there for a year. He thinks it's 2017. The magazine clipping of Mick says 2017.

So it seems Zeke has also traveled through time, but only a year.

One thing that doesn't jive and Cal has mentioned is when we saw The Captain flying through the dark lightning everyone on the plane is awake, but the scene with Cal looking out the plane window at something everyone else seems to be passed out. So just what did Cal see out that window? Cue Twilight Zone theme. A monster on the wings? If going through this dark lightning knocked everyone else out, why not Cal?

Even though it's up to viewers to decipher Cal's drawings the one he drew of his family and this dark shadow hovering over them is obviously Danny Boy. At the time I thought maybe it was some supernatural entity that was going to start killing the passengers off if they told what was going on because a shadow was seen before one of the passengers was killed. Clever red herring that.

And in the relationship department I'm guessing Zeke will make the Mick/Jared/Lourdes triangle and square. He'll share the same experience with Jared can't relate to and if he also gets the Callings he'll relate to her on that level, as well.


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