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Manifest -- This Is A Stick-Up!

Updated on February 3, 2020

Does a compass hold the key?

Last time Grace was told to open the eyes of a woman whose husband may have something bad planned for Ben. Mick threw Jared under the bus to set Zeke free; afterwards he started cozying up to the 828 hater group. And Olive testified at a believers meeting. Meanwhile, Ben told Saanvi she’s got a spy close to her and she figured out her shrink is the Major…

TJ met Young Olive before flight 828. Olive wanted to go on 828 when she saw TJ boarding it.

In the present Olive listening to Adrian preach. Olive not buying what he’s saying because he claims the passengers will walk on earth for decades to come.

Saanvi doing secret experiments on lab rats. She’s trying to find a way to beat the death date.

Ben recording a video for Olive on her wedding day because he thinks he’ll be dead by then. Grace catches him and tells him to delete it. Grace says she believes in Ben and she knows he’ll find a way to beat the death date.

Mick visiting her dead friend, Evie’s, family. She talks about Zeke and how she feels drawn to him.

Olive talks to Adrian about the death date. Adrian refuses to believe it. He says if they believe they’ll be saved, again.

TJ says he had a calling about a bug, bird, fish and a tiger. He goes to Ben about it.

Jared back in the hater bar where the bartender flirts with him. Mick gets a calling saying, “Bring Him Back.” It leads her to a bank where Zeke is. A bank robbery suddenly happens. At first, I thought she was going to see Jared in the bar and the Calling was about him. Mick thinks the robber is a total amateur and that he’s unpredictable and dangerous. Mick gets on her feet to talk him down. The robber wants to get in the vault. Zeke tackles him and the man’s mask comes off. Mick recognizes the man from 828.

Vance trying to coach Saanvi on how to handle the Major. Saanvi still pouting that Ben lied to her. But she’s lying to Vance about shutting down her research. She doesn’t see what a hypocrite she’s being.

Olive drops by Ben’s office and meets TJ. Olive pretends she never met TJ. Olive figures out TJ’s Calling is about the Gramercy Club.

Mick trying to talk down Logan. He tells them he keeps seeing his tombstone and if he doesn’t get what he needs from a box in the vault he’s going to die. I’m guessing it isn’t his box or he wouldn’t need to rob the bank to try and get access to it.

Mick wants to help him get into the vault thinking he can save them all. Logan won’t trust Mick, but Zeke tries to get him to trust her. He puts a gun to Zeke’s head while Mick answers the phone when the police call to talk terms.

Saanvi having another session with the Major. She throws out the bait about a Swedish geneticist.

The vault opens in the bank. Jared shows up at the scene of the bank robbery because he learns Mick is there. Jared calls Ben about Mick being in the bank.

Ben and TJ go to the Gramercy Club. TJ and Ben follow TJ’s clue and it leads them to a picture of Logan and Frank Strickland. Ben and TJ track down Frank.

Logan wants to open Frank’s safe deposit box. Frank thinks everyone who returned on 828 aren’t really who they say they are. They can’t open the safe deposit box because they need Frank’s key. Logan starts shooting at the safe deposit box and accidentally shoots the bank manager.

Ben tries to talk to Frank and reveals the death date. TJ hears and takes off, feeling betrayed by Ben because he kept it from him. Since the passengers haven’t aged Frank doesn’t believe they’re who they say there are, but when Ben reveals the death date Frank says his safe deposit box number is the same number as the death date. Ben and Frank arrive at the scene of the bank. Frank goes in to talks down Logan. He gets him to give him the gun. Frank gives Logan the key and he opens the box.

Logan opens the box. He asks Frank to pass a compass on to him that their father gave to him. Logan asks Mick to hold on to it. He believes it’ll save him from dying. It has the peacock symbol on it. Ben recalls seeing a peacock before the explosion that nearly killed Vance and Jared. Ben tells Mick Jared brought him here. Ben says he thinks he and Mick are going to crack this thing together.

Jared comes up to Mick. She thanks Jared for calling Ben and vouching for her. She says he had her back. Before she walks off with Zeke. Real tacky, Mickster. Apparently, after throwing Jared under the bus for her new boy, Jared gets no kudos for still having her back.

Olive finds TJ in Ben’s office. He asks Olive if she knows how to beat the death date. Olive says Ben gets obsessed about things. She says it comes from a place of fear. She says you have to approach it from a place of hope. She asks to let her show him.

Troy, the lab tech that has a crush on Saanvi is killed when he catches a Major troll cleaning out Saanvi’s lab, while Saanvi comes home and finds her secret lab has been cleaned out. She should have listened to Vance.

Jared goes back to the hater bar and the bartender that flirted with him. I’m feeling sorry for Jared now and Zeke is kind of getting on my nerves. Not sure I’m really buying this Mick/Zeke love connection. Of course, she’s going to hit the sheets with Zeke just like she did with Jared.

Olive brings TJ to a believer’s meeting.

The Major clears out. Saanvi reveals the Major took all her work and she’d figured out how to replicate the anomaly and now the Major has it. She’s really been a bonehead, this year.


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