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Marge Follows Bart Everywhere He Goes

Updated on April 24, 2015

Main Plot

Marge is furious with Bart because he won't admit he was part of a bulldozer crash.
Marge is furious with Bart because he won't admit he was part of a bulldozer crash. | Source

Plot of the Episode

"The Simpsons" episode, "Peeping Mom" aired at 8 p.m. on Fox on April 19, 2015. "Peeping Mom" is the 18th episode of the 26th season and the 570th episode of the series overall.

The episode title is a reference to the 1960 British thriller/horror film, "Peeping Tom" and the band of the same name. This is the second time that at least one member of the Simpsons family knows where Bart is going since Season 20's "Lost Verizon."


The episode begins at the Springfield Mall. The last "l" in "mall" fell off the building.

Marge brought Maggie to the mall because she was having problems with her cell phone. At the store, Marge was asking one of the people who works there for help with her cell phone, but she found him useless. As a result, Marge and Maggie went home, and she wasn't able to get her cell phone fixed.

When Marge and Maggie get back to downtown Springfield, they see that a majority of the town has been destroyed. The police tell Marge that the destruction of the town was a result of a bulldozer incident. Clancy Wiggum, the chief of police in Springfield brings Bart, who is in handcuffs to Marge because they think that he did the damage.

Marge is furious at Bart, who lies about being a part of the incident. As a result, Marge decides to follow Bart everywhere he goes until he confesses.

The next day, Lisa sees that Ned Flanders got a puppy named Baz. Flanders taught the dog to do religious-based tricks. Baz and Homer seem to love one another.

Marge rides the bus with Bart to school because she was really serious about going everywhere he goes. In the classroom, Marge sits behind Bart. Marge is angry when she learns about all of the things that Bart does and says in school, especially when Nelson tells her that Bart told him she was dead.

At lunch, Bart was taking unhealthy foods to eat, and Marge, who following him, takes them off his plate and replaces them with healthier foods. Bart is angry that he didn't get to eat the lunch that he usually has at school.

At dinner that night, everybody enjoyed their dinner except for Bart because he is still lying about the bulldozer crash. Marge keeps asking them over and over again.

At dinner, Homer talks about Baz and how much he loves him. Santa's Little Helper is sad because Homer ignores him. Lisa told Santa's Little Helper that she knew exactly how he felt.

The next day, Bart finds Milhouse in his hang-out place in the forest. Bart is happy that he was able to get away from Marge. However, an angry finds Bart, who is very angry at her, in the forest and brings him home.

That night, Bart sneaks out of the house and rides his skateboard to a spot where Marge can't find him. Marge, knowing that Bart has snuck out, follows him. Marge has to ride Lisa's bike because Bart took the battery out of her car.

Bart passes by the same people that he does in the opening sequence. After Bart passes them, they go into Moe's Tavern for drinks.

Bart takes a little boat to a nearby island, but Marge was able to follow him to the island. Marge tells Bart that she decides to stop parenting him because she can't handle his misdeeds anymore before leaving the island. Bart has to find another way to get off the island because a hobo takes the boat that he took.

The next day, Bart shows Milhouse his upcoming plan that will have a negative effect on Springfield. Bart's plan is when Joe Quimby, the mayor of Springfield is speaking, Bart will use the bulldozer to pull down all of the letters, except for the "F" and "E." When Marge passes the bedroom, Bart puts the cover over the model, but she tells him he can do what he wants because she's no longer parenting him.

Meanwhile, Flanders decides to give Baz to Homer because Baz seems to love Homer more than he loves Flanders. Seeing the sad look on Flanders's face, Homer decides to give Baz back to Flanders because they seem to make one another happy. Plus, Homer realized that he had Santa's Little Helper and showed more love to him than he did before.

On the day of Quimby's speech, Bart is getting ready to pull his latest prank. However, when Bart thinks about Marge's love for him, he decides to only leave the "F" and "D" standing to honor the Springfield Fire Department.

Bart tells Marge that he was a part of the bulldozer incident. Bart gives Marge a hug, and she accepted it, even though she was about to strangle him. Wiggum puts handcuffs onto Bart for the crime he committed.

Later, Santa's Little Helper and Baz have a face off with one another and the theme to "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly" plays. It turned out that they love another and begin to sleep with one another.

Wiggum tells Marge about the possible trouble that Bart caused.
Wiggum tells Marge about the possible trouble that Bart caused. | Source

Opening Sequence and Couch Gag

On the title screen, not only does the show's title appear, but the top of the Empire State Building appears in the bottom right corner as well. King Homer (a spoof of King Kong) climbs to the top of the Empire State Building, reaches his arm inside the building, only to pull Marge out.

Right after the title screen, the Simpsons are seen entering their house the same way that they always do. In this episode's couch gag, five ears of popcorn jump onto the couch, which burns up and the Simpsons pop out of them. Homer is the last family member to pop out and he is burnt.

Sneak Peek of the Episode


This episode received a 1.4 rating and a total of 3.23 million people watched it.

"It shows what happened when the show dips back into the well without adequate reason," said Dennis Perkins, a member of the A.V. Club.

Bart and Marge are very furious with one another.
Bart and Marge are very furious with one another. | Source

Dogs on "The Simpsons"

Which dog do you like more?

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Flanders give his dog, Baz to Homer.
Flanders give his dog, Baz to Homer. | Source

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Peeping Mom
Marge knows Bart has snuck out of the house.
Marge knows Bart has snuck out of the house. | Source


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