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Marilyn Monroe, an icon. But the truth was she was a size "12" and a brunette.

Updated on May 14, 2014

A famous Blonde was really a famous Brunette.

An icon we all know that is beloved by a lot of people.

I do not think people do realize that she was really a brunette and also was

a size "12".

So what happened over time, when a normal size 12, seemed to be outside

the norm in today's society?

I think in magazines in supermarkets it is pushed among alot of us Americans,

who are indeed not inside the box of the size that is suppose to be really

beautiful on those magazines, which is a size "0".

But if you really think about it, size 0, what does that really mean.

I can't understand or wrap my head around a size that has no equation

really to it, but I guess it must be considered a number.

In the media, really truthfully, those magazines in the check out line,

most women are just everyday women, who either love the magazines

or hate them.

But in jobs I have had in the past, at the checkout line, the items

are kind of last minute and it is almost an impulse to buy them

Working in sales myself, I do know what they compare "selling" to,

and even those magazines at the check out counter.

Ever hear McDonalds state the phrase "Would you like fries with

that?" which is really a gimmick to implant into society's mind

to sell more.

So even though there is an aisle dedicated to magazines

in supermarkets, it is pushed upon us at check out lines,

where you see Cosmo and other magazines that I personally

am not interested in buying.

I hardly ever see any fitness magazines at the check out lines

and see more "cooking" magazines, and reality, where you

see recipes with ingredients that are so outdated in cooking

recipes that lead to bad healthy problems, yet are still placed

at check out lines, where you have the "impulse" to buy.

It's programming the public and society, with those magazines,

and once again, do you ever see the magazines with the people

and tattoo's or Arnold's or any other man's fitness magazines

in the check out line.

Please don't tell me men do not shop, I mean how many women

send their boyfriends or husbands to the supermarket to pick

things up on their way home from work.

Yeah that's nice to stick the magazines, to help "program" men

to, with the size 0 in magazines, where I am told that men like

something else.

How do I know what I am talking about?

Well I have many more friends that are male. I belong to the

martial arts and stunt community. I am not expert, but I know

many masters and many different stunt men.

In fact, one of the articles that I recently wrote about Michael Jai White,

who is an experienced Black Belt and action film star, recently got engaged

and his soon to be wife is not a size zero, but indeed has a 6 pack and

is gorgeous.

So if someone who has the fit body of a body builder is in love

with a woman that is not a size "0" but is just as fit as himself,

what does that tell us?

I basically think that not everyone really wants those magazines

at the check out line.

I think after the magazines are read, they are probably discarded

anyway, and more than likely you probably won't remember who

was on the front cover of the magazine.

I tend to think that in society if you stand out from the norm as

a woman, you will get noticed more.

There are so many beautiful women out there, and if they

are all trying to achieve the same look, that will not make you

stand out, it will make you blend in with society.

I think in the media, if you really want to get noticed it is better

to stand out and look like a real woman.

I see on the internet and hear from many normal women, that

has nothing to do with the entertainment business what so ever,

in which they could see more regular women in films and magazines.

In stating that, if I'm hearing this personally more and more, why

are the magazines not changing?

I think it is programming and conditioning society and most

people do raise families and have no time to change things

to make the world see outside the box.

Some of us do and I hope to help pave a wave, to help

others think outside the box.

Indeed women and both men, none of use are perfect,

but until we start doing something, nothing is ever going to change.

So with Ms. Monroe, the truth lies in the picture, a brunette who

actually worked in an airplane factory before she was a model.

Imagine if she never got famous from that picture being taken

when she was working.

She probably would have still been working in that factory,

while waiting for her husband to come back from war.

Then she would have raised a family and would have

been just like any woman at there, "normal".

The Real Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 and was a brunette.


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