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Marley and Me has Nothing on Old Yeller

Updated on July 9, 2009

 Marley and Me was a sweet, moving movie about a yellow lab and his owners.  He was a destructive pooch but lovable.  Untrainable but bright.  He was both their joy and bain of their existence!  His ending had many of us crying, causing us to remember four footed friends of our past and how we had to say goodbye to them and all of the wonderful memories we had shared with them.

I encourage you to rent the video, "Old Yeller".  Disney ran this movie in the late 1950's  and it is a classic movie about the love of a dog (a yellow lab) and his family; especially the two boys he calls his own and protects with his life.

A teen named Travis is left to care for the family ranch/farm and his mother and younger brother Arliss.  His father is off on a cattle drive.  Arliss brings home a scrappy yellow lab and feeds him, begging Travis to let them keep him.  After the dog shows its faithfulness and fearless nature, Travis becomes attached to the dog he calls "Yeller" and the relationship he develops with the dog changes his life.

The ending is not for the faint at heart.  You will need a box of tissues, just as a pre-warning.  I hesitate to spoil the ending if you haven't had the chance to watch this beautiful story of a dog's love for his people.  The bravery Yeller exhibits in this movie exemplifies the loyalty and companionship of dogs all over the world.  They truly are our best friends.  Willing to give their life for us if need be, or at least fight until they can fight no more.

I guarantee that the antics of Arliss and Yeller will have you laughing and the bond that forms between this amazing dog and his family will have you running over to your own dog and thanking him/her for being such a wonderful part of the family.

Travis faces a decision at the end of the movie that is gut wrenching.  You will feel his emotion and confusion as you jump right into the film yourself, realizing the difficult decision that has to be made.  Don't miss out on the original Marley and Me... watch Old Yeller.



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    • ljrc1961 profile image

      Laura Cole 6 years ago from Michigan

      I know...I sobbed at Yeller but didn't cry as much at Marley...Yeller had more emotion I believe

    • profile image

      Bill Brown 6 years ago

      I caught the retelling of the old story "Old Yeller". I think back and most likely would rate Old Yeller the better movie than Marley and Me.