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Marley and me film review

Updated on May 6, 2019
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Marley and Me - an example of movies that make you cry

MARLEY AND ME the movie

Marley and Me the movie is a good film. Well, I did it. I gave in and rented Marley and Me, a film that I had no intention of ever watching. I had heard the spoilers very early on, while Marley and Me was still in theaters. I knew that I would be really sad while watching Marley and Me the movie. Why put myself through that?

  • But, you know sometimes a good tearjerker movie like Marley and Me is just what we need.
  • I am amazed by how this movie, Marley and Me still made me react so emotionally even after I did get the Marley and Me movie spoiler and knew what was going to happen.

Adorable golden retriever puppy in Marley and Me the movie

The film Marley and Me begins with a couple, played by Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson.

  • They are seriously thinking about beginning to have children.
  • While that decision is still up in the air, Owen's Wilson's Marley and Me movie character, John Grogan decides to get his wife Jennifer Grogan (Aniston) started with taking care of something.
  • She herself says that she can not even keep a plant alive, how will she take care of a baby?

Guess what he gets for her. A puppy! An absolutely adorable purebred golden retriever puppy that they call their clearance puppy since the breeder charged less for that one than any of the others in the litter. Now, why did the breeder do that? Are we to assume that she suspected this puppy would become a handful with major behavior problems? We can only guess.

Anyway, in Marley and Me the movie, John names the puppy Marley after Bob Marley, whose song is playing in the car on the way home from picking the puppy up from the breeder.

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Marley makes a mess

John gets a little time to do some bonding with Marley but shortly after, he leaves to pick Jenny up at the airport as she returns from a business trip.

  • John decides to leave Marley in the garage while he makes the quick trip to the airport.
  • When John and Jenny return from the airport, it is discovered that Marley became nervous and basically just wrecked the place.

As Marley grows up, he continues to have his quirks. He is very afraid of lightning and thunderstorms and has to be sedated to get through them.

Forget about obedience school

John and Jenny attempt to take Marley to obedience school but the dog is dismissed from the class for relentlessly humping the instructor's leg.

Marley the dog gets neutered

A terrible habit of Marley's, Jenny thought it would improve if he was neutered. John and Jenny decide to get him neutered. John sympathizes with Marley greatly because of this.

Marley grows up and the family grows as well

And so, in the movie Marley and Me, life continues on. Marley grows into an adult dog. John and Jenny start a family.

  1. Jenny makes the choice to give up her career to be a stay at home mom.
  2. John is a newspaper columnist.
  3. A boy is the first child.
  4. They eventually have three children- two boys and a girl.
  5. At times, John and Jenny are pressured in their marriage.

Jenny becomes overwhelmed with the kids and the unruly dog. She even threatens to give the dog away but they press on and realize that the dog is bringing more joy than problems.

Marley and Me the movie

The ending of the film is very sad and touching so brace yourself.

Marley and Me

Rated PG

Starring Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston and others

I rate is 4/5**** stars for absolute ability to tug at my heartstrings!

Marley and Me the movie

4 stars for Marley and Me the movie

Golden Retrievers

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