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Martin DXM Guitar

Updated on January 20, 2013

Reviewing a Martin DXM Acoustic Guitar

First off, I am going to tell you right off the bat that I am no master of the guitar and nor am I even close. Secondly I will tell you that I have found a guitar that is more than affordable for a guitarist on a budget and still has the name everybody wants. Theis guitar is a Martin DMX Dreadnaught. I had a cheap Epiphone acoustic I bought from a pawn shop many years before I stumbled onto this gym. THe Epiphone was not a bad guitar but I knew I needed more than what it had to offer. I finally stumbled across a Martin guitar that I would never regret buying. This guitar has treated me very well and it purchased it new off of Ebay for $350 with a Martin hard case. This was a steal since in the local guitar shops they were priced at $450 minus the case.

The guitar has not let me down once in the 3 years I have owned it. I play for about 10 hours a week ever since I got it. So about 1500 hrs. of play time is on this guitar and every time I change the strings it sounds crisper and newer than ever. The design around the sound hole has started to fade since this Martin does not have a gloss coat on it, it only has a matte finish to it(which I love). So due to the strumming my picks have worn away at the design. The neck of the guitar just looks cool, it is made of several woods compressed together(so it seems). To top it off, there are no inlays on front of the frets, only on the top of the neck for the player to see. The action is perfect whether you are using light or heavy strings. I have found that the heavier strings really accent the sound of the guitar the best and makes it sound like a high end acoustic. I have not had to have anything mainatined on this guitar since I bought it except for standard cleaning and restringing. Since it is a Martin it does come with a lifetime warranty so I am good to go.

To say the least for the price and the durability of this guitar, anybody would be a fool not to buy this guitar if they had the money and they were wanting a Martin and on a budget.

My Martin


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