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Mayabazaar review

Updated on February 9, 2010

Here I am , straight from the theater giving a review on one of my ... infact , most favorite film ever -- Mayabazaar . This masterpiece is back five decades after its first release back in 1957 . The magic of this film is such that, though I had seen it over fifty times since my childhood (just like most of the telugu people of my age would have ) , I could not resist to get myself a ticket to watch it again . But this time its on the big screen and in color . My bow to the team of Goldstone Technologies who recreated this great film so meticulously in color , that we are forced to rethink whether the film was originally made in black n white or n color .

My favs of the film are Ghatotkacha ( S.V.Ranga Rao ) , Sesirekha ( Savitri ) and Lakshmana Kumara ( Relangi Venkata Ramaiah ) . I wonder if anyone could ever replace these magicians .Each and every artist has performed his/her best in the film and have also won numerous accolades besides the love and admiration of the audience of so many generations .

I'm a regular one to the theaters and could easily make out that this film attracted huge crowd of varied age groups and tastes than any other film I remember had .

Definitely , Mayabazaar has always been and will continue to be a favorite of all the telugu homes and hearts . Though you might have seen this one a number of times , its worth watching on the big screen and in well finished colors . Unfortunately , a couple of scenes and a song have been omittedĀ  in this version ( attributing it to the bad negative provided ) .

Its a must watch ; unless you want to regret later .

Have a great time watching the greatest telugu film ever ! :)

Who do you think is the best artist of the film ?

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    • Preethi Anusha profile image

      Preethi Anusha 7 years ago from Hyderabad , India

      @ shaan

      don worry .. I'll make you watch this film .. your'll have something to say then

    • profile image

      shaan 7 years ago

      no comments on this hub..... i think u know why...

    • Preethi Anusha profile image

      Preethi Anusha 7 years ago from Hyderabad , India

      thanks ... u watched this film ??

    • adityasatya profile image

      adityasatya 7 years ago

      hmm nice hub preethi ..............lets introduce ourselves

    • profile image

      pradeep  7 years ago

      savitri is the best

    • skmania profile image

      skmania 7 years ago

      Its feel nice to watch this movie in colour...i loved it..

      Super acting by ANNA NTR.......