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McFly RadioActive Wallpaper and Poster - FREE!

Updated on August 31, 2015

RadioActive Wallpaper - Poster


Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry are Back!

The whispers were right and the rumours are true McFly are ready to get the music scene to bend over and take it as they're back to kick the proverbial crap out of all the other pretenders to the 'screaming pound' that teenage girls offer.

Sick of celebrity tv episodes and with half the band now married it will be interesting to see what their fans make of the return. Without a top single since 2007 they're finally back and ready to rock again.

McFly videos are being passed around like confetti as their fans start to whet their appetites for more offerings from the lads.

You have to wonder what will be made of their return. When they arrived almost 10 years ago they wee fresh faced and bubbling with energy. Now though they're no longer teenage kids looking for kicks and thrill, you'd imagine that their musical tastes have changed and perhaps now there will be more substance to go with their image.

Then again their fans are now older perhaps they will reconnect and bring those adolescent feelings stirring back in grown women and as Take That have proved that's a pretty good recipe for success.

What's certain is their is a call for these type of bands to return but is that pointing to a lack of emerging talent? Shouldn't we be looking to new bands to break through?

That may be a moral question music fans don't wish to answer. perhaps it's simply a case of they like what they know and McFly to most would be a sure fire hit when they reform.


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