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What media has done with television series!

Updated on January 20, 2012

Reality T.V

Everyone has had the opportunity to either watch a reality show or has at least heard of a few prolonged series that never seems to stop. Reality shows such as Jersey Shore,dance moms, American Idol, so you think you can dance and the list goes on. What is that these reality shows have to offer other then following the life experiences of others. I my self had the opportunity to sit back and watch monotonous amount of reality shows that in the end you begin to be thankful that it is over. That is not the case so I am afraid. Do i dislike reality shows no, I believe some to be helpful such as Dr.Oz and reality shows like the ones that are on the history channel. We all understand what it is that these producers in the world are trying to convey or portray when they make these so called real life reality show. You follow a bunch of what may be seemed as idiotic adults that set a standard on how they live their life on a day to day bases. Subjecting anybody to what may be seen as inappropriate or exposing to much of a distorted reality. Not everyone wants to go and get plastered everyday and cause a big over dramatic scheme that will have you turn your head in shock that people in the world really do act like that on a day to day bases.

So why do so many people watch the reality T.V series?

This is a question that I ask myself all the time. Why is it people will DVR a reality show to have the opportunity at a later time to watch something you see on a daily bases. I have come to the conclusion myself that a lot of people have their own things going on in reality. Maybe some view their life as dull and needing some type of excitement to continuously have that feeling that their life is not all that chaotic and these reality shows offer you a chance to sit back and observe some of the most shocking, disrespectful values that others come a crossed as.

What standard does this set for a younger generationn?

We all know teens will be teens and that they will watch and do what ever they want that is most retrievable or accessible to them. I am a firm believer that younger generations have a their own choice in what they watch. Whether a parent disagrees or not, they are subjected to it regardless of the matter it be on television or in real life. Where is it they come up with these ideas. To be 16 and going to a party to get high or drunk off of alcoholic beverages it seems the media has said it is okay because adults in these reality shows are able to do it on a day to day bases and have a great time, without remotely thinking of the consequences that come with their actions. It makes for good television but it also can alter the view of someone who is younger and not at a good standpoint to where the things they copy or mimic on reality shows. What makes a difference whether they watch it on a reality T.V series or they're subjected to it in real life? There is a difference, at least with experiences allow you to learn from your actions and move on, and not repeating the same mistake twice. Watching it on a reality show will give a younger generation a standard to what it is they view on television to be okay to mimic what they see or hear on T.V.


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