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Thriller: Memories of Michael Jackson, The King of Pop

Updated on August 6, 2015

Michael's Impact on Our Culture

June 25 seemed surreal! On one hand I was almost speechless, never thinking this day would come so soon. On the other hand, thoughts of Michael Jackson have since flown out of me like a babbling brook. I have fond memories of him as an 8 year old. I'll never forget my parents bringing home the "Thriller" album. That was the first album/tape that I owned (today I am an avid music listener and owner that has too many tapes and CD's to count , over 700). The impact that album had on our generation was astronomical. All of my friends wanted either the Beat It jacket with zips or the red and black Thriller jacket. He even had a white kid who lived on my block sporting the Beat It jacket (His initials are M.J., what a coincidence). And man, when he hit the "Moonwalk" on Mowtown 25, that drove us all nuts. Breakers, among other dancers, incorportated that move into their routine.

Michael Jackson's Mowtown 25 Performance

Political Cartoons Honoring Michael Jackson

Michael the Icon
Michael the Icon | Source
The Original Moonwalker!
The Original Moonwalker! | Source

Fond Memories of Michael Jackson

At an even younger age, I can remember playing my parents "Jackson's Greatest Hits" album. I spun that record day and night along with Parliament's "Aquaboogie" album. We also had his "Music and Me" album that he did as a teenager. I can remember the channel ABC playing the "Jacksons" cartoon. How nuts is that, singers had a cartoon show of themselves in the 70's. This brings me to my high school years when Naughty By Nature created one of the biggest hits of their career, "O.P.P." This song had a masterful sample of the Jackson 5's "ABC." I'm sorry for bouncing around from thought to thought, but I'm sure most people reading this have so many vivid memories, and they sometime flood out uncontrollably.

Mike had a way of keeping us on the edge of our seats in a music video. What about the greatest music video of all time "Thriller." Isn't that crazy, twenty-six years later with all of the available technology, we can't come close to topping that video. Smooth Criminal was just as awesome. I'm sure you were like me, trying and trying to do the forward lean that he performs in the middle of his dance sequence. How cool was it in the "Remember the Time" video when Michael spins and turns into a pile of gold pixie dust in. And, what about the immortal picture of Mike and Mike going at it in a game of basketball (that is Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan). Heavy D said it best "It ain't too hard for me to jam."

Thriller - The Greatest Video of All Time

Scary Video

Two months ago I borrowed the "Thriller 25th Anniversary" CD from a local library. It contained the songs from the original cd along with remixes from Kanye West and It also comes with a special DVD of classic videos from the album: "Thriller", "Beat It", "Billie Jean", and the Motown 25 performance. I thought my daughter would love to see such artistry and she did until she saw Thriller. Now she shudders to think of it. When I was young, I was afraid of an Isaaic Hayes album (the one with the chocolate cookies on the back). Once I reached high school, I grew out of it. I just hope my daughter will do the same so she will be able to enjoy the video for the music genius that it is. Hopefully, I can share more thoughts with you at a later time. Rest in Peace Michael Jackson (1958-2009).

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    • mosaicman profile image

      mosaicman 5 years ago from Tampa Bay, Fl

      Mike influenced so many lives. He was very passionate about the earth and being a good humanitarian. His musical catalogue remains untouched by any pop star. My memories of Mike are so vivid in my mind. Thanks for leaving your comment.

    • profile image

      fate I LOVE YOU 7 years ago

      DEAR friends,and everybody .not by talking about someone you can reach the SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .I LOVE MJ the way he was .he has a great HEART and gave all the people in the world so much!BUT he did not get LOVE in return!Yes it is true! Yes, we are the the world and we CAN MAKE THAT C.H.A.N.G.E. I LOVE YOU