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Men That Have Aged Like Fine Wine

Updated on August 26, 2014

There was no poll taken, this is just my opinion. This has nothing to do with their personal lives, although there are a couple of them here that seem like pretty cool guys, but this is more to do with their faces, and sometimes their bodies (sometimes both...with is just really really...wonderful). They aren’t in any particular order either. Just…enjoy :-).

Honorable Mentions: Larenz Tate and Matthew McConaughey

1) Tyson Beckford

He's actually the one who started this list. I never really found anything besides his torso attractive until late last year when a video of him came on TV briefly and it made me say, "Ooooh, dayyyummm." And then I started thinking of all the other guys who get that same reaction out of me ;-).

2) Jensen Ackles

It was so hard when it came to Jensen because I couldn't find a bad picture of him past or present. He's annoying that way. So I just chose my favorite two.

3) Morris Chestnut

He really hasn't aged anyway and I've had a crush on him since I was like, 18. He is just soooo gorgeous...

4) Mario Lopez

I didn't really think he was that hot on Saved by the Bell, but when he made a guest appearance on Nip/Tuck, that made me think twice.

5) Eddie Cibrian

6) David Boreanaz

Another guy that I couldn't find a bad picture of...

7) Will Smith

Will is just Will. He's always been cute, and apparently always will be.


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  • Breanne Ginsburg profile image

    Breanne Ginsburg 2 years ago

    Interesting list. I think men age way better than women. I'd also like to add Tim Daly and Kyle Chandler, along with Charles Esten!