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A Girl, A Camera, And A Vision

Updated on January 17, 2016
The eyes behind the lens.
The eyes behind the lens.

She has traveled into the extreme wilderness and hiked the rugged backcountry, braving hordes of blood-thirsty parasites and enduring conditions that would challenge any grown man - just to shoot a wolf. Unsuccessfully..... (She did get a moose).

She has traveled into run-down neighborhoods, entered the crappiest nightclubs, and endured the dumbest drunks in pursuit of the perfect band shot.

And, she has taken aim at motorcycles, pets, buildings, and even babies!

All of this with a camera, of course.

Introducing Marie Ann of Sweet Marie Photography. She's into pictures instead of words, and we'd like you to SEE her story.

One of many islands surrounding Isle Royale National Park
One of many islands surrounding Isle Royale National Park | Source
Crashdollz Lead Vocalist - Nikki Darling
Crashdollz Lead Vocalist - Nikki Darling | Source

She Knows It's Only Rock N Roll....

But it's a resume....
*Skid Row
*Barb Wire Dolls
*Andrew WK...
*Jack Russell's Great White
*Machine Gun Kelly
*Dio Disciples
*Judas Priest
*Thin Lizzy
*Jeff Kollman
*Eve To Adam
*Dead Horse Trauma
*Circus Boy
*Michael Schenker
*Sebastian Bach

Isis Queen - Barb Wire Dolls
Isis Queen - Barb Wire Dolls | Source
Rachel Rekkit of Crashdollz
Rachel Rekkit of Crashdollz | Source
Tom Keifer of Cinderella
Tom Keifer of Cinderella | Source
Skid Row
Skid Row | Source

Anyone can pick up a camera...

Anyone can take pictures. Just like anyone can pick up a guitar, or a paintbrush, or a football. It's what you do with it that sets you apart. Owning a camera allows you to take pictures. It doesn't mean that everyone is a good photographer.

Although she's captured many classic photos of live bands and performers, Marie says her favorite subject is nature and landscape. By far. There's no particular dream shoot in mind. Just a strong desire to travel and capture the world in still.

Another essential quality that sets a good photographer apart from the pack is an ability to choose the right pictures, edit them and apply any needed effects to a photo. In my opinion, this is one of Marie's strong points. Having said that, it all starts with an eye for a good shot. When asked for the secret to getting a good picture, Marie Ann sums it up in one word - "Patience".

Fallow Buck at Black Saddle Ranch
Fallow Buck at Black Saddle Ranch | Source
LuLu the Chihuahua
LuLu the Chihuahua | Source

I have always taken photos for fun, but once I realized that I had a talent for getting a shot I decided to make more of it.

— Marie Ann
Manhattan - NYC
Manhattan - NYC | Source
The Miracle Of Life.
The Miracle Of Life. | Source
Barb Wire Dolls
Barb Wire Dolls | Source
Sweet Marie Photography is the official photographer of the band CRASHDOLLZ.
Sweet Marie Photography is the official photographer of the band CRASHDOLLZ.

Give Us Your Opinion

We'd love to know what type of Marie Ann's photo's you prefer! Thank you for your interest and support!

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Full Disclosure

As a writer, I have a responsibility to disclose that I maintain a personal and professional relationship with the subject of this blog. I have a vested interest in her success. However, I do feel it's important to maintain integrity as a writer, artist and performer myself.

My intent is not to sell you a product from this page. Rather, it's to introduce to you a talented artist who I believe in. Please judge for yourself.

Feel free to leave thoughtful comment or criticism in the comment section below.

Thanks for your interest!


Fayetteville in Michigan's Upper peninsula
Fayetteville in Michigan's Upper peninsula | Source


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    • Revolution Kev profile imageAUTHOR

      Kevin K 

      5 years ago from U.S.A.

      You're welcome! Nice work!

    • theonlysweetmarie profile image

      Marie Ann 

      5 years ago from Oregon, Ohio USA

      I love it! Thank you!


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