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Mercury in Aquarius Personality

Updated on September 12, 2013

World Visionaries

In Mercury, Aquarius results in thinkers that are visionary, they tend to offer bold new ideas and break barriers. They are the people who keep a culture’s forward movement and maintain the progress of society. They always plan for an improved, new world and look to the future.

Know It All

They love hearing themselves speak and can seem like they ‘know it all.’ They have open minds that love learning about brand new ideas but still, they are the ones that love talking.

Icons of Culture

Natives of Aquarius Mercury often become icons of culture mainly because of their visions that are bold and the way they possess the courage to go against the grain of society. They tend to have a specific view of the world and are quite opinionated. In some way, this sign tends to diligently work for the improvement of society and usually, they have a specific utopia concept. For instance, members of this sign sometimes think that if every person would just do something in particular, everything would be perfect. This sign can also be totally genius, with the combination of diligent studies and strong intuition, new ideas are something they are able to bring to the world. Regardless of what their minds contain, they usually speak their minds. Even when they say something that does not seem utterly brilliant, there is often something unusual about what they say. This can plant seeds for revolutionary, original and new ideas or this can also make excellent comedy. At times, their brainwaves seem so far off out of this world that even when they say something that is not very bright, it can inspire genius.


In Aquarius, mercury gives a humanitarian, impersonal, unemotional, lover of truth that has the capability of being able to transcend lesser mortals’ mundane thought patterns. This Mercury position makes the intellect stronger, gives a strong mind that is highly capable of hard work, comprehension and a great memory. Original abilities to reason and insights that are intuitive will produce occasional genius touches. Often, you will need to understand the issues that others find hard to understand, if you were born under this sign. Your brain has the capacity to welcome experiences that are new and subjects including science, technology, astrology, occultism and metaphysics. You enjoy friendship, mental stimulation and it is in a group environment that you best function.

Air Sign

An air sign, Aquarius by nature is intellectual and detached. Being a fixed sign, there is usually an agenda that is intellectual in those born with Mercury in Aquarius. Apparently, at times, this superior intellect can be intimidating to other people.

Self Expression

When it comes to expressing themselves, Aquarius Mercury loves breaking the rules. They have a knack for causing things to become stirred up even if they are not really flamboyant. In exposing other people’s biases, they take great delight. They are the first to give their own totally different perspectives and to contradict someone. They are very observant, alert and quick and love debates of the intellectual kind.


They often seem to have their own agenda and are often detached. To others, they can be intimidating because they have a superiority complex that is innate. Simultaneously, Mercury in Aquarius can be a true delight to have around. They are insightful, quirky and interesting.

Study Habits

When it comes to their habits of study, it is unusual for this sign. Generally, they hate following a strict schedule even with a sun in Capricorn. This is especially true when the sun sign is in Pisces. Even if this sign is extremely organized, they have a sense of order that is just not easy to understand. Often, natives of this sign are attracted to metaphysical or scientific pursuits. Anything promising advancement and progress for humankind holds extra appeal to them. They have a unique, well-developed sense of humor. Anything that stirs others up including practical jokes is appreciated especially by people who are born under Aquarius in Mercury.

Fixed Air

An air sign that is fixed, Mercury Aquarius is progressive, open-minded, inventive, neutral, eccentric, objective, detached, original, innovative and has a tendency for synthesis.


Those born under Aquarius Mercury take great leaps forward, mentally. They are geared towards objective, logical thoughts. Exalted in this sign, Mercury moves with ease and rapidly, as it is a planet of communication. People with Mercury in Aquarius are ahead of their time and highly original, as a general rule.

The Big Picture

Aquarius Mercury has a gift for seeing the bigger picture. True to the paradoxical nature of Aquarius, this sign’s Mercury can be dismissive of the opinions of others and get stuck in narrow-mindedness. They have a mind that is that is drawn to technology and science. With the way they arrive at various conclusions, there is a mysterious element. Many times, facts are laid out but what they present looks like nothing that exists at the moment. They are explorers of realms that are far out. Some are drawn to the arts, while others venture in metaphysics. The minds of Aquarius Mercury are genius that is capable of original thinking. They are inspired by the world’s outer limits and far beyond.

Just to Be Different

At times this sign tends to argue just so that they will be thought of as different. Many hosts of talk shows tend to have Mercury in Aquarius. They can present various signs, not to be weighed down emotionally by ideas. When necessary, the can even play devil’s advocate. Their goals include to be respected for their intellects, to be thought provoking and they don’t really feel that it is necessary for you to like them.

Neutral Party

As a general rule, this Aquarian thinker in any discussion or debate is neutral. They have a gift for being able to read mind waves of the collective. They are focus and fixed and are seemingly able to pluck information out of thin air, like magic. To others, it may seem as if this sign is tuned into frequencies that are more distant. Due to this quality, they often have ideas that are highly original and way ahead of their time. They have ideas that are eccentric and unique albeit they are aware of the group’s pulse. Often progressive thinkers, they tend to challenge the status quo. The mindset of Aquarius is loyal to the truth and not much to individuals per se. This is the reason why this sign is considered combative verbally and like being able to expose opinions and subjective biases. IT is possible for them not to be able to see their own flawed thoughts and are sometimes considered to be a ‘know it all.’

On a Date

When dating Aquarius Mercury, you will most likely first notice the innovation of the mind of this person. Initially, the attraction you sense for this individual may be mental more than anything else since the mind of someone born with Mercury in Aquarius is positively electric. You may become magnetized with the extraordinary ability of this person to think out of the box. It will never be boring to date someone born in this sign since Aquarius Mercury loves testing limits and experimenting.

For most people, the beginning of sex is in the mind but for this sign in particular, it tends to remain there. Even if you enjoy the most enlightening, stimulating conversation, the relationship’s physical aspects can sometimes leave something to be desired.


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