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Mercury in Aries Personality

Updated on September 23, 2013

On Fire

With the mind being ruled by mercury, it also rules faculties or reasoning, words and processes of thought. With Aries Mercury, people only see things from their own points of view, incessantly argue and jump rapidly into conclusion. This transit occurs this year from the thirteenth of April to the first of May in 2013. Overall, minds are concerned with issues that we need to resolve. There is endless argument fuel with little possibilities of seeing any other point of view but your own. At the situation, there might be anger as well as in everything that has gone wrong with the world. This sign loves situations that are mentally hot, warmth, controversy and fire.

Aries Mercury

When mercury happens to be in Aries, people are quick at repartee, fond of disputes, extremely argumentative with tendencies of exaggeration. When in a good aspect, this person is able to tolerate other people’s opinions, is tolerant and broad-minded. When in affliction, folks who belong to this sign do look cautiously before they leap, have a bit of recklessness and a vacillating mind. Other afflicted signs are devoid of responsibilities, are unreliable and could care less about other.

Positive Influences

When in a positive influence, this sign is patient, orderly, neat and quick to grasp concepts and ideas. This sign is quick to get ideas conveyed as well as quick to get concepts as they relate personally to the listeners.

Quick thinkers, when Mercury is in Aries the moment you are born, you won’t have loads of tolerance for studying each and every side of an issue. Rather, you would rather make a decision, directly and candidly and announce this to the world in a straightforward, to-the-point manner. While this sign might appear to be aggressive or crude at one point or another, this is usually due to the fact that they are making attempts to overcome any opposing views to their concepts. Just like children, it does not truly occur to folks with Mercury in Aries that someone is in disagreement with their point of view. For this reason, out of frustration they sometimes act out. This sign features a lot of people who feel much attached to their own points of view.

Innocent Charm

This sign has an innocent charm and don’t like getting bogged down with the details. Their learning is streamlined for this reason. In other words, they learn what they want to learn and everything else that they believe is not relevant just gets dismissed. This sign happens to be charming in a childlike way. They are quite enthusiastic and love beginning new things. Any criticism that is negative will be personally taken even when it was not meant to be. They are unafraid when standing up to challenges. They are intelligent as much as they are idealistic.

When something new excites them, they tend to jump on to this. They are great in promoting events and know how to make things sound fun as well as how to get people motivated. This sign loves competing with other people and just for fun might even argue a point or two.

They can think very well and quite quickly. Mentally agile, it is frustrating for them when there are obstacles along the way. This could affect other areas of their life and the way they communicate. Known for not being very patient, this sign finds it hard to concentrate for long time periods. Folks with Mercury in Aries tend to be inventive and witty as well as wonderful conversationalists. They don’t need to deeply delve into any subject. They can be brutal and honest as well as extremely charming, all at the same time.

Winning Arguments

Even with the people they love, this sign will tend to want to win each and every argument. If this quality is not controlled, they can be called know-it-all’s. At the same time, others are quickly inspired by their confidence as they tend to be experts in their field. They stand out and are original as well. No matter how tedious an undertaking is, they stick all the way until the end of a project and are challenged to love details.

Quick to share their opinions, this is true even when uncalled for. They are not quite tactful and tend to seem full of restlessness and nerves. They don’t have any time to spare and love keeping busy. Above everything, they love doing things their own way and hate being told what to do. With great leadership potentials, this sign can even have a handful of people who follow them even when they are not leaders. The fact is, their enthusiasm and excitement are truly contagious.

Direct and Dazzling

These folks love energetically presenting their ideas to other people. Others are dazzled by the way they intuitively hit on a situation’s essentials. The way they speak is direct leaving others to mull over situations in a prolonged way. At times, honesty is brutal and they do tend to tell it exactly the way they see it. Other people do not have to read between their lines, as this sign is quite forthright. There are rapid decisions made which have their own energy setting things into movement. This makes them an inspiration to others as well as possessing dynamic leadership abilities that is hard to beat. Others love the fact that this sign does tend to do as they say and walk the talk, so to speak.

Like flashlights with loads of powers, their minds are able to focus and concentrate. They always seek out moments for breakthroughs when their interest is captured by brilliant notions. They seek out vigorous exchanges and stimulus endlessly. They can seem confrontational the way they need verbal sparring all the time. They have hungry minds and love keeping conversations going even to the point of this turning into an argument. Others are provoked through the way they speak and when extreme, their teasing can be ruthless.

Brilliant Debaters

With debating capabilities nothing short of brilliant, they love even debating against the people they love. This can be hard to control once it gets out of hand. They hate delay and grow restless very quickly. Aries Mercury’s find that other people are dim witted and are very impatient. They love chess, competition, and other games that involve strategical analysis. They stand out in their chosen careers and many folks that belong to this sign find that they have ‘fans’ that listen to everything they say. What often surprises other people is the fact that they have the gift of illuminating. The challenge they have in life is to be patient with others especially when it comes to details. They should learn this by practicing how to stick through the tedious bits of a project that they undergo. When it comes to starting tiny fires, they are geniuses but then rapidly transfer to the next big trend. Rarely going through boredom, this sign always has something new to get involved in.

Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that not every person knows all things and this includes you. Attempt to remain in consideration to others and remain humble as well. Aries has to do with identity issues and how this is defined. If you happen to be focusing too much on your own views of politics or are fighting for others or for yourself as well as something that you did not have in childhood, it is important to resolve these issues.


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