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Mercury in Cancer Characteristics

Updated on October 2, 2013

Mercury in Cancer

Is there someone you know who was born when mercury was under the sign of cancer? Or perhaps you were born at a time like this. Needless to say, understanding the reasons behind this person's moods and tendencies is important as this sign is worth getting to know. Now only are folks born with mercury in cancer sensitive, they make great lifelong friends.

One of the most withdrawn and sensitive signs of Mercury is Cancer, though they are also known to be thoughtful when it comes to other people. They often prefer not talking because of the shy attitude that they have. Some people noticed that whenever they talk, they have the ability to talk slowly, which will then leave an impression that they are deep thinkers. Whenever they experience a certain problem in their lives, they tend to meditate on it first and start reflecting on the experiences that they had. They will also be sentimental, intuitive and gentle people in nature, while sometimes they can become defensive whenever they take things personally.

Another thing that you need to know is that this sign is known to be amazing listeners, and they also have the ability to come up with an instant decision in a short period of time. Just in case you don't know if you say something to a Cancer, make sure that you are saying the truth because they have memories that are terrific, especially when it comes to their emotions. There are also times wherein they can experience trouble especially when they look like as if they are hiding certain things. On the other hand, they also have the ability to let you feel warm and protected at the same time.

Emotional Aspects of Mercury in Cancer

When Mercury in Cancer is emotionally balanced, this is the time when they learn best. They have the ability to remember all of the needed information, but they always try to focus on a certain subject and look for an approach that will help them to solve their problems. They are also known to be empathic and have the ability to get other's feelings, which is why they often put themselves into the place of that person. In this way they will know how the other person is currently feeling, thus they will give relevant advises that can help that person in his current situation.

Now when it comes to arguments, they don't like it that much, which is why they will always look for a way for them to be able to avoid it perfectly. On the other hand, they themselves are known to create arguments, which is why they sometimes end up in this kind of situation. When they do this, they will do this in a very subtle way and will start feeling hurt once the other person argues back.

Careers of Those Born When Mercury Was in Cancer

When it comes to attractions and such, they have the passion for yesteryear romance and poetry, because they love the meaning that every romance and poetry portrays. Some people tend to get upset with them because they have the ability to instantly withdraw themselves with you for a short period of time, whenever they are making certain decisions. The reason behind this is because they can come up with their opinions on their own, instead of getting opinions from other people around them. But there are also times wherein they tend to take a lot of time when creating a decision on their own. When this happens, they will start moving away from other people for them to be able to think clearly and absorb everything that they have in mind. Mercury in Cancer does not like distractions because they always feel the need to start focusing on other matters that they already have on their hand.

Another thing that attracts Mercury in Cancer is that they love speaking and writing, which is why you will always get to see them doing these things. A lot of people are always in awe once the Mercury in Cancer speaks or write, because they have the ability to let the audience feel what they mean, which people find very extraordinary. They also have the ability to concisely present certain aspects in life, but they always do this in a powerful way. The reason behind this is because they are able to create meanings that are deeper than the norm. According to astrologists, Mercury in Cancer will also be able to enjoy having a job in a certain museum besides being a speaker and a writer.

Communicating with a Mercury in Cancer Personality

People who are under the Mercury in Cancer tend to communicate with their feeling, wherein they convey a withdrawn, thoughtful and sensitive nature to the people that they are talking to. They also have the ability to be personal and subjective when talking to other people, but they sometimes prefer not talking to other people at all. But if they do, they will surely talk slowly or their response are delayed, which will make people think that they always think deeply before they speak. This may be true, but sometimes they are just being slow in responding simply because they are not interested in talking to you or they are just feeling slow at that time.

Not Aloof

These are some of the information that you need to know about the Mercury in Cancer. Some people may think that people under this planetary sign are aloof, but they are not. They just prefer having the time for themselves, while sometimes they are just afraid to speak about what is on their minds. This is the reason why they opt to stay quiet or to talk little during a conversation. But you don’t have to worry about anything at all because once a person under the planetary sign of Mercury in Cancer gets comfortable with you, then you no longer have to worry at all because they will surely open up with you about anything and everything.


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