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Mercury in Gemini Personality

Updated on October 17, 2014

Themes of Mercury

A great mimic, mercury in Gemini is also light hearted, playful, flexible, curious, sparkly, funny, bright, delighting in playing with words, trendsetters and are socially nimble. The challenges that may need to be faced include being tricksters, potential deceivers, excelling at mind games, chatterboxes, ingratiating, flighty, scattered or strung out.

Classical Astrology

In astrology that is classy, Gemini dignifies mercury, which is its ruling sign. Of all the mercury’s, this one has the fastest of all minds. In the world of ideas, it runs a zigzag path. Being Gemini’s messenger, always in the mix socially, mercury hungers for new people stimulation, culture, colourful sights, news and situations. These folks have spinning mental wheels and absorb information speedily. They are knowledgeable in infinity of various topics and hold encyclopaedic information. They quickly absorb information, faster than any other sign of the zodiac.

Knowledge Collectors

Down to the smallest notions, Mercury is enamoured with every knowledge. They are intellectual searchers and sifters, always connecting ideas and finding the gems that glue concepts together. Gemini Mercury loves tapping other people’s minds and exchange knowledge through conversations. For this reason, this sign is at its utmost happiest in environments that are fast paced, verbal and even while conversing as a parade passes in front of them.

Social Stars

Gifted in more ways than one, this sign shines in situations that are social. They are curious genuinely about every person in each of the parties they attend. It is easy for them to engage and mingle with every new individual they meet. They have an instinct for humour to lighten things up, are quick to laugh and have attractive twinkling eyes.

The Worst Gossips

The dark side of mercury is that they often make judgments too soon based on information that is superficial. When tricksters have motives that are hidden, this can be destructive. This planet is prone to playing games of the mind and when they are mad, they use pointy weapons which are words. A bored Gemini Mercury will tend to be stirring up drama just so that things are more interesting. At work they can be the worst of the gossipers. Folks of this sign might be classified as lightweight intellectuals by signs that are deep thinkers.

Eclectic and quick-witted, Gemini mercury might seem somewhat scattered. They have a wide knowledge of various topics but not too much about just one. Learning is rapid for this sign because of the fact that it is virtually impossible to concentrate on juts 1 topic. Easily bored, this sign will be happy in an environment of stimulation. Gemini Mercury is sensitive about what goes on in their surroundings. Quite impressionable, they tend to be full of nerves and restlessness. Even if they seem to have broad minds, what appeals to them are logical answers. With the possibility of seeming too intellectual, most folks believe that one Mercury Gemini character was Spock. When communicating, they may even seem detached emotionally.

These people make great public speakers. Unlike people with Aries in Mercury, they have no attachment to their own ideas or opinions and are curious about everything. They also adapt very well. They can be smooth talking and talented in that aspect but might actually be somewhat deceiving with a funny sense of humour. They like spotting the weakness in their surrounding and since they can, play around with this somewhat.

Quick Decisions

Even with their quick decision making skills, Gemini Mercury still gets things to turn out pretty well. They are good on the phone and love working with languages. It is not hard for them to go through communications with any person from any walk of life easily. Engaging and eloquent, it is not really too hard to go through boredom when you have someone who was born when Mercury was in Gemini.

It can be hard to focus when you were born when Mercury is in Gemini. However, it can be a joy to learn for its own sake. So many factors tend to be fighting for your attention that you could be side tracked just by having many different choices. People with Gemini Mercury enjoy doing different projects and are avid readers. Usually, they love stimulus and a busy environment. This includes magazines, newspapers, conversations, telephone, the net, radio and television.

Gemini Mercury does learn optimally when there are stimulating intellectual challenges and new material. To these people, communication is the focus and they have different friends to be sharing opinions with. They are great at funny lines, love playing with words and witty comebacks. Some folks under this sign have constant conversations going on in their minds and talk to themselves.

Ease in Communication

Folks born in this sign love to communicate with ease, are knowledgeable in different topics are in general are educated well. They have minds that are inventive and love finding solutions to problems that are older. They have dexterity in their hands and this makes them able to do many different tasks at the same time. The fact that they have the gift of talking means that they can virtually talk their way out of any situation.

Mercurial Logic

Rather than personal opinions, Gemini Mercury are compelled to comprehend the way things work and why they do what they do. Belonging to the 1st of many air signs, this sign likes to explore their location, comparing 1 thing with another thing, contrasting and making connections. They are logical and articulate with a tendency to talk just for the sake of talking which can sometimes escalate into babbling. Learning to finish projects and being able to develop continuity is a great curve for learning for these folks. On the other hand, with their agile minds, clever qualities and gifts, they will tend to do well no matter what as long as they can connect situations, people and information together.

Dual Minds

For Gemini Mercury folks, having dual minds are something they need to overcome. Changing of minds is not infrequent and decision that are small or big with no clear reasons can be made too fast. Gemini mercury will tend to confuse you by stirring up trouble at times and then walking away just laughing about it. Odd behaviour such as that is then contradicted by caring, loving Gemini Mercury folks who help and feel almost motherly towards those who are needy. Versatile signs, Gemini Mercury can work at almost any task hard or easy. Playful and forever young, you will hunt up fun companions. If you belong to this sign, you can juggle situations and people or keep tricky issues at limbo. The gift of gab is something you are born with. At times you feel paranoid, feeling that you will be found out by the world. Guard against revealing the secrets of other people and being too much of a chatterbox anywhere you go. Learning to have respect to your own dreams and goals as well as realizing what they are worth and working towards the will help you obtain them.

Flirty and Witty

A Flirt who is witty, this sign keeps their mates almost hypnotized. They enthral their partners and love taking part in new situations and cultural events. With spinning minds, they love a fast paced environment and blossom in stimulating circumstances. Remember to keep yourself from boredom, however, and find a good outlet for all that nervous energy or you might stir up trouble without really meaning to at the very least.


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