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Mercury in Libra Personality

Updated on October 21, 2013

Naturally diplomatic, Mercury in Libra pleases others around them. They wish all persons were in the same circle, intellectually. When they have a relationship, it is important that there is a true mental connection. They need things to be fair even if they tend to compare things constantly.

A Life of Fantasy

Fantasizing about the prince and princess in their future is what a Mercury in Libra person knows for. Fortunately as they get more mature, they have the tendency to realize that life is not just about prince and princess, and that life has indeed a lot to offer them.

There are certain issues in their life that can make them feel not ecstatic, which can even lead their hearts to be broken. The good news is due to these experiences in their lives, they tend to become strong while learning different things when it comes to the opposite sex.

The experiences that a Mercury in Libra comes across in life can help them to be perfectly being molded into a better person, with manners that are excellent. Their good traits will surely be appreciated by the people around them, so you don't actually have to worry about anything at all. On the other hand people who are born under Libra's astrological sign are known to have a laidback attitude, but the truth is they have something that is brewing on the inside that people who are dear to them know.

Another thing that people should know about a Leo is that they have the determination to achieve every goal that they have in life. They are also very creative when it comes to business and life, which is why people around them look up to them. They also have the tendency to land in a job that they truly want because of their very charming attitude.

Due to their ability to charm people, they can make friends almost instantly and the good thing is they find friends who have powers when it comes to the different types of fields business and personal life. When it comes to peace and happiness, they always treasure these things since they want to make a perfect life.

On the other hand Libra's are having problems when it comes to saying the word "NO" and they usually say yes, even if they don't like. This kind of trait can give them problems in the future, which is why they should start learning how to say no and when to say no to anyone and even to themselves.

Emotional Aspects

People under the Mercury in Libra astrological sign are known to hide the feelings that they really have, just so they can avoid having problems with the people who are dear to them. They have the tendency to let people accept and love them, which is why their thoughts are always kept within them.

Of course this is not a good trait because people should know when a Mercury in Librais already hurt. Some people need to know that these Libras are hurt, for them to be able to avoid the same things to them. On the other hand, the reason why Libras are doing this kind of trait is because they want everyone to be as happy as possible, especially if these people are with them. But sometimes, other people are noticing this kind of attitude, which is why they confront the Libra. The Mercury in Librawill then do everything that he can to deny these things when confronted.

People who are born when Mercury was in Mercury in Libra often have problems whenever they need to create certain decisions in their lives. They are also known to lack self-confidence and are very insecure when it comes to a lot of things, which is why when opportunities knock their tendency is to turn them down.

Another thing that people should know about a Mercury in Libra person is that they have the passion for socializing because they are looking for certain people who can make them feel at peace with their lives. There are certain Libras who are having a hard time figuring out the real them because of their attitude of pleasing every single person that is around them. If you have any favors for them, then you will be surprise because they will immediately give in because they don't know how to say the word "NO". If they continue with this kind of attitude then they will surely have problems.

If you are have Mercury in Libra and you want to achieve what real happiness is all about, then you should definitely stop taking things too seriously.

Work Smart

Folks born when Mercury was in Libra have the tendency to have different ideas when it comes to achieving the goals that they have for their business or their personal lives. If you are working with a Mercury Libra, you will surely get to succeed as well because of the things that a Mercury in Libra individual can do to you and to the people who work for them.

On the other side of the coin, Mercury Libras are always looking for certain people who can help them in achieving the success that they have. Now if you are a person who is looking for a business partner, then you may opt to get someone who is born under the Mercury in Libra astrological sign. The reason behind this is because they are known to be an ideal business partner.

When it comes to diplomacy, Mercury in Libra people are good at it because they know how to lead well. But sometimes their laziness can get in the way, which can cause them problems and such. Artistic endeavors may also be ideal for people who are under the Mercury in Libra astrological sign because they will usually become wealthy in this type of field.

Painters, actors, writers, dictators and composers are what Mercury in Libra people are known for. Now for people who are under a Mercury in Libra astrological sign, they should definitely start doing the things mentioned for them to experience the success that they truly deserve.

Laid back

A Mercury in Libra person is an astrological sign that is definitely not hard to attract. The reason behind this is because of how laidback a Mercury in Libra is when it comes to certain things. Admiring then and genuinely flattering them is ideal for you to be able to get their attention. As mentioned earlier, they are known to fantasize about prince and princesses who is why treating them this way is an idea thing to do.

When it comes to communication and such, you need to make sure that you can keep your conversation with them going. The reason behind this is because they love conversing with different types of people around them. But you need to make sure that they can also talk about the things that they like, because they love sharing their lives and thoughts with the people around them.

Show them that you are interested with them by asking them questions about themselves. If you are into debating, then there wouldn't be a problem at all because they have the passion for debates. But avoid getting too serious about these debates as the outcome will surely turn out differently.

Now if you plan to let a Mercury in Libra person to visit your home you need to ensure that your home is clean and well organized to avoid leaving an impression that is bad. The reason behind this is because first impressions certainly last for them.

You need to be true for a Mercury in Libra person to like you genuinely. Doing these things will surely make them like you after a certain period of time.

Charming and Enchanting

A person who is born when Mercury is in Libra is known to be enchanting and charming. When they are attracted to you, you should definitely experience how seductive they are as partners.

Bringing her to a place where the environment is good and healthy is ideal, for her to be attracted to you. You need to show her some class and elegance for her to be impressed to you. She loves experiencing how great the atmosphere is and the ambiance in certain places, which is why she is always on the lookout for places that will make her, feel as if she's a queen. Showing her that you truly appreciate her is ideal, for you to be able to attract her.

You also need to be romantic for you to be able to capture her attention. Treating her as if she's a princess is ideal, such as giving her flowers and letters to make her heart melt.

Very Harmonious

On the other hand, folks who are under the astrological sign of Mercury in Libra are also known to be charming and harmonious. These traits are what make them very popular and familiar to others who are around them. If you are pursuing a male Libra, then you will surely see how happy they are just by looking through their eyes.

The Mercury in Libra is always looking for someone who they can be with for the rest of their lives. For them, they don't believe that there is not really a perfect partner or other half in this world.

Flattering him is the number one key if you want to truly be with a Mercury in Libra individual. Admiring him as often as you can and helping him in decision making is essential for him to be attracted to you as well. You don't have to worry about giving them advise when it comes to decision making because they will truly feel flattered and happy with how you can help them.


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