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Mercury in Sagittarius Personality

Updated on November 5, 2013

Wondering what makes folks born when Mercury was in Sagittarius tick? For the most part, freedom of thought is what Mercury in Sagittarius is all about. When you were born at a time that Mercury happened to enter Sagittarius, you will tend to look to the future and be very optimistic. You mean well and have huge ideas. One of your strongest points is vision, but details are not. When it comes to knowledge, these folks have a great thirst. However, there is very little time for dry text and facts.


When given the freedom to choose for themselves and to think independently, they learn best. In addition, Sagittarius Mercury folks prefer topics that truly interest them and that they have fun in.

Sagittarius Mercury defends freedom and justice, even if personally, their justice definition can be confusing. There are many different concepts that they uphold and are always happy to discuss any of these. This particular quality is both their weak and strong point. They can be blind to the facts and yet their sunny outlooks do invigorate others.


Not exactly the most organized sign in the world, Mercury Sagittarius likes dealing with clutter by either trashing or piling and nothing in between. They like the illusions of having space if the real thing is something they are unable to attain.


Being adventurous is what a Mercury in Sagittarius is known for and this is mainly because this astrological sign is ruled by the Jupiter planet.

When it comes to positivity, people who are born under the Mercury in Sagittarius astrological sign is known to have a high level of positivity.

For people who don't know, the symbol of the Mercury in Sagittarius astrological sign is an archer who is aiming at a certain direction that is located to their front. The symbol of this astrological sign is all about the Mercury in Sagittarius' attitude when it comes to their personal and business lives. This includes their partners, jobs and even the destinations that they are planning to go to.

People who are under Mercury in Sagittarius are known to be positive thinkers and they are also always thinking that every little or big thing are truly possible. They don't actually tend to lose their hope on certain things, which is why they always get everything that they actually want for themselves.

Mercury in Sagittarius people are always seemed to be very adventurous and happy in everything that they do. They usually don't scared when they suddenly go to a place that they are not familiar with, because instead of worrying they tend to just explore the things that can be seen and visited in that specific location. Another good trait that they have is their love for new cultures, because they always want to learn more about the cultures that they have.

On the other hand people who are born under the astrological sign of Mercury in Sagittarius are known to be very loyal to their partners. They have the heart that is so generous, which can make their partners' hearts melt instantly. So if you are with a Mercury in Sagittarius then you will surely experience this kind of attitude that they have, which they will surely love to let you experience.

Emotional Aspects

Adjusting to certain situation is what a Mercury in Sagittarius is good at and they always make sure that they don't keep any negative feelings inside them. The reason behind this is because if they start thinking negatively about other people, they might end up holding things up instead of moving on and be successful.

Just like any other people, Mercury in Sagittarius people can explore every path that comes their way without actually worrying about anything at all. They can even offend some people, but Mercury in Sagittarius people wouldn't even care because they know that they are not placed in this earth to please every single person that they meet.

People who are under the Mercury in Sagittarius astrological sign know that exploring in one of their goal in this earth. They are also fond of things that can educate them and give them the lessons that they need in their respective lives. Negativity is not their thing since they don't like putting their energies to waste.

Now of course a Mercury in Sagittarius also has a downside and this is when a project is taking too long to finish, they often make this as a big problem. The only solution that they see here is to start another project instead of finishing their current one. This can cause other people to think that they are lazy human beings, but they are truly not. The reason for them why they decide to just move forward is because they feel bored with situations like this.

Broad Ideas

People who are born under the Mercury in Sagittarius astrological sign is known to be great entertainers and conversationalists. They experience a lot of exciting things in life, which is why their ideas are often broad enough. They are also good in being a philosophers, actors, storytelling, comedy and as well as writing. So if you are born under the Mercury in Sagittarius astrological sign, then you should definitely start pursuing any of the said professions.

The good thing about a Mercury in Sagittarius is that they can go well with the different fields that they have, but when it is commitment that is needed then there might be a problem with it. Having a daily routine is not their thing and they will surely get bored and give up in the long run.

Another good thing that you need to know about a Mercury in Sagittarius is that they love entertaining other people, but they also love being entertained by others. They also love cramming with things because they know that they can finish whatever work they have, even if the deadline is within a few hours away. The reason behind this s because the thrill of beating the deadline gives them the challenge that they need in order to succeed. People who are born under this astrological sign is best when pressured.

Easily Attract Mercury in Sagittarius

If you don't want to have a hard time attracting someone then pursuing a Mercury in Sagittarius is ideal because you can easily attract them by conversing with them. You can ask them questions about their daily lives and such. But you should make sure to avoid being emotional as this will certainly annoy them. You may also attract them by letting them feel that you won't make them feel that you are too clingy. You should show them that you can also distant yourself from them when needed.

You may also attract them by having a date outdoors because they love to go on an adventure too often. Just make sure that you are going to take them somewhere with a great view, because they will surely enjoy being with you and being with the place. Of course while going on a date, make sure to make them feel that you are enjoying your time with them.

Mercury in Sagittarius on a Date

Mercury in Sagittarius woman are known to be ready in everything that comes across them. She needs a man who has a lot of energy to be with her when it comes to adventure trips. A creative man is also ideal for a Mercury in Sagittarius woman for them to perfectly match. If you want to pursue her then taking her out to somewhere exciting is an ideal thing to do. You need to make sure that you are taking her to somewhere where adventure is present, for her to enjoy your date.

If you don't know how to make her happy then that wouldn't be a problem because she can feel happy even in the smallest things possible. All you actually have to do is to be ready with adventures, staying positive and by being true to yourself and of course to her.

On the other hand, a Mercury in Sagittarius man should be chased by a woman because this is how he wants everything to be. You will be shocked that he is often surrounded by a lot of women, but when he lays his eyes on you and tells you that she truly likes you, you need to believe him because this is the truth.

If you are a woman who is not after a long term relationship then you may want to be with a Mercury in Sagittarius because they are usually not ready for serious things as well. They often run away when a woman starts confessing her true feelings because it makes them feel that the woman is looking for a serious commitment with them. So it is always ideal to just take things slowly. Now if you are a woman who loves adventures and who doesn't fear anything then you are the right one for the Mercury in Sagittarius man.


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