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Mercury in Taurus Personality

Updated on October 7, 2013

When Mercury in Taurus

People who are under the planetary sign of Mercury in Taurus are known to have the time of their lives whenever they are making certain decisions in life. No matter how long they decide, they will always get to a decision that they think is best. But you should be aware because when they already made up their minds, there is no turning back and they will surely going to be very stubborn. Some people have an impression that people under this planetary sign are lazy, but if you observe them closely you will know that every little thing that they do are well calculated and are carefully being done to avoid errors. The reason why some people think of a Mercury in Taurus this way is because it always hard for them to start doing something that is new to them, but then when they start to do it they always make sure that what they have started will last until the end. People under this sign always have common sense that is so full, wherein they have the ability to process every information that they have using their own senses.

Emotional Aspects of a Mercury in Taurus

A lot of people always listen to what the Mercury in Taurus says, simple because they are always seriously taken by each and every person that they come across. They are also known to be sarcastic but funny at the same time, but they always make sure that they won't be using any speech that is flowery. Instead these people are known to always be realistic and authoritative. People under this planetary sign tend to become opinionated and obstinate and they can also have a memory that is incredible especially when it comes to the emotional aspects of people who are born under the Mercury in Taurus.

Career of Mercury in Taurus

On the other hand they always want to learn through concepts that are basic, demonstrations and answers that are concrete. Whenever they learn something, they make sure that they are going to apply everything in a practical way. They also have the ability to abstractly learn, but they know that every lesson will become powerful once they personally use every information that they have. Another thing that you need to know about the people who are born under this planetary sign is that they are known to be sensual and have tastes that are very well defined.

They always make sure that no matter what experiences they have when it comes to the touch, scent and color senses, will affect their style when it comes to communicating. When it comes to the finances and excel, they usually become shrewd in these kinds of businesses. No matter what type of effort they have invested they always make sure that they will be getting results that are tangible. According to the astrologist, people under the Mercury in Taurus are known to take some time to rest, because they are always steady and grounded. This in return makes their mind in reality.

Astrologists say that Mercury in Taurus people are known to have voices that are pleasant, which can help them in getting in the way that they want. They are also known to be well disciplined, which is why they can always do training rigorously, while they are starting to learn the new craft that they are currently in. They are also known to be very talented when it comes to arts, because they always look for things that will help them last and see their own values that are deep. They are always on the lookout to ensure that others will be able to see the efforts that they have. They also love seeing the efforts that they have because it gives them a self-fulfillment.

What people don't know about them is that they are doing everything that they can and making an effort out of their crafts, not because of wealth but because of the values that they are holding. But sometimes some of the people under this planetary sign tend to become very laidback, which is why they also need to realize that their craft will give them the possessions that they need and the wealth as well.

Communicating with a Mercury in Taurus

People who are born under this planetary sign tends to mesmerize the people around them, because they always have the ability to talk about wisdom that are earthy and they always are very authoritative. They always speak the truth and they always make sure that every word that will come out of their mouth will be rooted, rich and bodied fully into the world's reality. They seldom become nonsense, which is why people love talking with them. Of course in return they would also love talking to people with sense, because talking to nonsense people tend to irritate and annoy them a lot. Another thing that you need to know about people who are under the Mercury in Taurus is that they are always enmeshed to the things that are what is, instead of dealing with what could be because they do not like fantasizing a lot.

Some people tend to avoid talking to people who are born under the Mercury in Taurus because they don’t like to experience how sarcastic a Mercury in Taurus can be. This is the reason why some people are avoiding them at work or anywhere else. But people should know that they also become sarcastic when there is a reason to. People often think that their realistic words are a way of a Mercury in Taurus to become sarcastic. But this is not true at all, because they are just being realistic about everything that they are saying.

Above are the traits of a Mercury in Taurus that you should be aware of. You don’t have to worry about them being real, because this is always better. Get to know them first and you will see how it feels like to have a Mercury in Taurus person in your life.


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