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Mercury in Virgo Personality

Updated on October 15, 2013

Mercurial Themes of Virgo

Thorough, common sense, logical, understanding a system, fact checking, editing, perfect planning linguists who analyse and have dry wits and concise thinking, the Virgo-Mercury born also loses sight of bigger pictures and happen to be sticklers for rational narratives, hyper critical and miss emotional nuances. Other possible challenges include being overly worried over small issues and meticulous in an obsessive way.

The Mentality of Virgo

Considered a sign that is mercurial, Virgo Mercuries have communication gifts. There are concise processes of thinking and built-in order. When your Mercury is in Virgo, you tend to be someone who speaks carefully and what others would think of as a Wordsmith. This mind frame is orderly and translates to competence in higher levels no matter what working field is involved.


When it comes to new situations, Virgo Mercuries like approaching them in ways that are detached. It is only when all the facts have been collected that a conclusion is made. In a crisis, this makes you cool-headed. When other folks have lost their clear minds in passions or emotions, you tend to remain cool and objective. It is in a modest way that you express your points of view and do not usually need other people for your perspective to be validated. The mentality of Virgo is whole unto itself and self-contained, making you the voice of clarity that grasps the essential information.


When Mercury is in Virgo, there is an integral voice. An integrated view is desired and attempts to comprehend the entire picture. This motivates Virgo Mercury in a big way. You are able to see how everything fits in the puzzle and are also able to weave all the parts together. When your precise focal point becomes the pinlight of an issue, this can sometimes drive other people crazy. When you get fixated on each and every detail, this can stop you from seeing the forest for the trees and know all the different situation’s dimensions.

Real Life

When something you are involved with does not feel like it has a purpose, you totally get bored and stop getting interested. As a thinker who is creative, you love operating inside structure and remain grounded. This gives you the abilities to express your imagination, sing, draw and write in methods that other people can feel connected to. In the very day, you find art.


The method in which you speak is understated, and you come off as having extremely dry humour. When other people fail to notice a few things, you don’t. As a matter of fact you notice everything. Your mind draws out the necessities for building clearer visions. You are able to separate the chaff from the wheat, so to speak. You come across as a virtuous thinker who is sincere and are not really distracted easily by words that are empty and half-baked promises. Because of this, other people are more likely to trust what you say, since it is usually untainted and more pure without hidden agendas.

Productivity is a Necessity

A working mentality, Virgo Mercuries need to be productive. You like word games, puzzles and need to keep the wheels in motion. Your mind needs to be challenged. You love anything well-written and love reading in general. Great works meet your research standards and you are always refining your perspective, being a serious thinker.

Style of Communication

When Virgo is in Mercury, the style of communication is usually the farthest thing from flashy. When others make an acknowledgement of their intellect, they truly appreciate this. Virgo Mercuries love details and put almost all their energy into taking care of practical, day to day affairs. Men and Women with Mercury in this sign are adept at doing errands, short term planning and organizing. They enjoy learning trade details and pay their bills on time. Generally, they don’t hate tasks that are secretarial and best function when what they need to do is precisely laid out and explained. Often, they are willing to help out others by doing the leg work and research for a project.

High Strung

When things spiral out of control, Virgo Mercury born individuals can become a bit high strung. However, when it comes to the practical things, they are able to take care of things more than most people. When other people give them compliments for being intelligent, they truly appreciate it. They are experts at taking care of business, planning and organizing. They willingly lend a hand, usually and do best when they know what the exact expectations of a project are.

Appreciated by Friends

Since Mercury Virgo individuals are quite oriented to details, their co-workers and friends do appreciate them greatly. A learning environment that is structured is what this sign needs. In addition, study materials in organized methods are also a necessity. When it comes to their chosen profession, they learn a lot but might have a hard time being able to absorb all the necessary information on a level that is deeper. They really do not see the viewpoint of needing to learn something unless there will be able to use this on a practical level anyway. Protective of how they handle their affairs on a day to day basis, this sign is also quite resourceful. They might feel a lack of patience with other individuals and have a hard time saying no to others. They might also complain at times of having to do all the hard work themselves.

Critical and Logical

Critical of other people at times, Virgo Mercuries are also quite logical. When it comes to common sense, they are quiet the expert. They may appear that they lack self-confidence but this may not be true all the time. It is common for this sign to think and stop before they act. Not because they are unsure or afraid. Rather, they are just in their minds giving everything a check one last time.

Selective and Precise

Others perceive this sign to be quite selective. In actuality, they are precise and accurate. Gifted with math and language skills above the ordinary, many folks born under this sign are withdrawn or shy. They exercise great judgement but are analytic. Mercury Virgo is usually happy staying backstage, orchestrating things rather than being seen in the forefront of everything.

The Big Picture

Since this sign is completely oriented to detail, they sometimes miss out on the bigger picture. Even if this is true, however, they are great folks to have around during a crisis since they tend to be very calm. They are not the type to go crazy and have displays of emotion. They have integrity and are totally self-contained. When it comes to larger projects that seem to not have a purpose, they lose interest. When it comes to creativity, Mercury Virgo loves sticking to the practical side of things. When it comes to what folks born when Mercury was in Virgo creates, most people find that this is something they can relate to.


What other folks miss, Mercury in Virgo does not. They have a sense of humour that is dry and are not distracted easily at any task. Virgo Mercury folks come across as virtuous and sincere, with others trusting their opinions a lot. They love word games and puzzles that are challenging and often, reading is something they truly love to do. In a word or two, Virgo Mercury is exacting, flexible, stable, systematic and adaptable. On the other hand they can also be whiny, critical, sarcastic, intolerant and pessimistic.


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