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Miami Police To Boycott Beyonce Concert.

Updated on February 20, 2016
Beyonce causing controversy.
Beyonce causing controversy. | Source
Jay Z married to Beyonce.
Jay Z married to Beyonce. | Source
Coldplay good friends of Beyonce and Jay Z.
Coldplay good friends of Beyonce and Jay Z. | Source

Police Not Happy.

When Beyonce comes to play the Marlins stadium in Miami, Florida on April 26 she will find the local constabulary will not be none too happy with her appearance in the city.

Beyonce's performance at the recent Super bowl caused praise and outrage amongst those who watched her where Colplay also played. She came on and her backing dancers all black women were dressed in black and wearing berets in a nod to the Black Panther movement and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Black Panthers started in the 60s as a response to what they saw as racism to blacks and still exist today, however, some of their methods have been caused facist. The argument also goes amongst critics of Beyonce at the Super bowl that had it have been a European - American artist performing like Lady Gaga with backing dancers in KKK outfits there would have been a massive out cry leading some to suspect one law for blacks and one law for whites.

The Police Union in Miami, The Fraternal Order of Police and their head, Javier Ortiz has called for the boycotting of Beyonce's concert due to her anti - police stance and Black Panther performance.

The Police Union has called on law enforcement bodies in the US to do the same in protest at Beyonce where ever she plays during her US tour.

Beyonce is married to entrepeneur Rapper Jay Z who must be one of the most successful recorrding artists in the world today. Both Jay Z and Beyonce are friends of British band Coldplay which seems odd really as they come from totally different music worlds but who am I to judge friendships.

What seems certain is if Beyonce wanted to cause a hornets nest to rise she has certainly done that.

What this does for race relations in the US I cant say but whenever a black person is shot or wounded by white officers its all over the media but if it was the other way round you probably would not hear a peep. Also Native Americans die many times at the hands of US police but do you ever hear it trumpeted on the news like when its someone black - no.

This situation where blacks are shot or wounded by the police and if racism is suspected of course something should be done. However it seems black lives matter more than other groups of people who happen to be shot or wounded by the police. Also its very easy to criticise the police but when their faced with a dangerous situation they must act according to their training and do not have the luxury of armchair moralists when faced with a dangerous situation in their life, that of the person their confronted with and the lives of other innocents are threatened.

At the end of the day its not just black lives that matter, all human life irrespective of race matters.


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