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Michael Jackson - 7 Reasons Why We Will Never Forget Him

Updated on May 22, 2015

Michael Jackson Tribute - An Original Song by Dawnyell Reese

The Jackson Family Neighborhood

The corner of Jackson & Jackson Family Street in Gary, Indiana Copyright 2009 Mom&Son
The corner of Jackson & Jackson Family Street in Gary, Indiana Copyright 2009 Mom&Son

There's an African proverb that says, “If we stand tall it's because we stand on the backs of those who came before us." For many of today's young music artists, the back they stood on belonged to Michael Jackson. He was all about music, dance, lyrics and innovation, setting standards many artists have tried to follow until the next big thing came along. It's been 40 years, and the next big thing, the thing bigger than Michael Jackson, has yet to materialize.

Michael Jackson was and will always be the King of Pop. Here are a few more reasons why the world will never forget him.

1- Michael Jackson Rose up From the Ordinary

Michael Jackson was the ultimate Local Boy Makes Good story of the seventies. To the generation that came of age in that decade, Michael Jackson was like the boy next door who became a star. He and his large family took an ordinary steel town life and turned it upside down, transforming it into a fairy tale dream while the whole world watched, applauded and followed every move for the next 4 decades.

That Kid in The Red Leather Jacket - Alfonso Ribiero does Michael Jackson

2- MJ Broke the MTV Color Barrier

In the 80s, MTV was the home of the Pop music video. MTV was all about music 24/7: The Rolling Stones and Devo, Cynbi Lauper and Rod Stewart; but even with such a wide venue for diverse musical talent, it was virtually impossible for an African American to make the cut.

Michel Jackson smashed the MTV color barrier in a big way, breaking into the closed TV video world with videos like "Billy Jean" and “Thriller,” the must-play smash hit that helped pave the way for diversity.

3- Michael Jackson Set a New Video Standard With Vincent Price and “Thriller”

Not only did MJ enhance the MTV opportunity for people of color, he accomplished that goal in a big way. Michael Jackson's “Thriller,” made it's MTV debut as the first move-style video complete with a plot line, movie credits, and poetic "rap" by Vincent Price, the Saturday matinee movie “thriller” of all time. The 13 minute "Thriller" video was a motion picture released by Columbia Pictures, directed by Jon Landis, with Quincy Jones as producer. it was an innovative video that set new standards for young artists to meet.


4- The Jackson 5ive Cartoon Show

How many people have their lives memorialized in a cartoon series? Michael Jackson did in a Saturday cartoon series called 'The Jackson 5ive.' The show was produced by Rankin/Bass Productions and Motown and starred Michael Jackson and his singing brothers. It ran on ABC from 1971 to 1973.

Own a Piece of Michael Jackson History

5 - That Red Leather Jacket and Sequined Glove

If you Google “Michael Jackson Red Leather Jacket,” don't be surprised to see a zippy return of 334,00 results. Although Alfonso Ribiero (Carlton on Fresh Prince of Belair) made his rise to fame by donning a signature Red MJ leather jacket and white sequined glove and dancing a few Michael Jackson dance moves, he wasn't the only one to get caught up in the dress-me-up-like-MJ-fever.

In the 80s, the Michael Jackson glove and jacket were everywhere; and just like yesterday's clothing styles are destined to do, fashion history is repeating. Michael Jackson's death has spawned an all new outbreak of red leather jacket and white sequined glove fever.

Lady at Gary, Indiana "Shrine"

June 27, 2009 - Michael Jackson's Childhood home. Copyright Mom&Son 2009
June 27, 2009 - Michael Jackson's Childhood home. Copyright Mom&Son 2009

Take The Michael Jackson Moonwalk Poll

Have you ever tried to do the Moon Walk?

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6 - His Dance Moves

Who hasn't tried to execute a Michael Jackson dance move? His unique choreography is often imitated but rarely duplicated; which doesn't mean lots of people haven't tried. From decades of pop stars working hard to become the next big thing to Michael Jackson imitators dancing in the street to memorialize his passing, dancers continue to imitate those fluid, gravity-defying Michael Jackson dance moves knowing they can never match the King of Pop.

7- His Voice

It's been 30 years since “I'll Be There” climbed the record charts, yet Michael Jackson's piercing voice offering up that simple love song still calls up memories that pierce the heart. For many it's the voice they first identified as that of a child becoming a star; and they still sing along like they did 30 years ago.

Michael Jackson's voice has always triggered passion, love or playful joy. His timbre and tone changed over the years, deepening, taking on a few moans and an animal growl at times; and he developed a funky grit in later years, but Michael Jackson's voice always made you stop and listen.... and sometimes say 'Wow, he sure can sing.”

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      wow love that read.but there is something u have not put there. is the how he can dance and sing like that.i somehow cry for his life i mean his childhood u know his skin apperance and so on.okay lets memorize his whole life and tell me this.was his death natural or there is something that killed him.somebody,planing,something like secret.just like spiritual death.because i really know him much than u think and want people to know how honest and hurt he was his whole life.i just really miss him a lot .bt this is only what i have to advice u all don't let us keep on insulting and spoiling his name not only for him but remember he have childres and u all how that will affect the children.and let him be .just remember this word a dead person canot comeback again but still be regreting how bad he is in his lifestyle.this is the mostly thing we all have to get is how demonic he is. his evilish dance and song.he is corrupting our minds.and lets put him now aside he is dead and he is.

    • Leah Vanessa profile image

      Leah Vanessa 

      6 years ago

      Thank you for this!!


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