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Michael Jackson Is he Dead Or Alive?

Updated on November 8, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

    Watching the channel nine news this morning there is yet another headline story on Michael Jackson of supposed sightings and video tape of him leaving a coroners van. But yet  no one has seen the face of the actual person leaving the van and the tape reveals nothing. This controversy happens every time celebrities die unexpectedly, it happened with Elvis Presley, it happened with Tupac Shakur, in fact many people who now report seeing them are deemed as crazy. With the way Hollywood does movies, with all the money these celebs who die have,and with all the controversy surrounding the celebs lives before their deaths if they have indeed faked their deaths they should have probably done it a lot earlier when the problems first began. I don't believe Michael Jackson has faked his death, I do believe that he could have if he chose to do so, but why would he put his family and children through this? Now if you are a believer of the possibility your conspiracy theory would go like this, the Jackson family is totally in on this and they all are such great actors, Paris Jackson has got to be the best child actress yet and will have a great future in Hollywood. Well if your mind is saying things like that you would be only half right, yes Paris Jackson and her brothers will have a great future ahead of them because their father is Michael Jackson who had worked so hard to keep his children out of the spotlight which is why I cant understand that even with the tragedy that has happened the children are receiving more coverage than ever before, even during regular haircuts. Lets just face the fact that Michael Jackson is gone, wether dead or alive he's not here, a true fan would allow him to live on through his music as he has and will continue to do, the media would respect the Jackson family enough to let them grieve in peace but this family will never grieve in peace because there is always and will always be another conspiracy theory surfacing surrounding the death of Michael Jackson. They will soon be saying that he did a Tupac Shakur, remember the conspiracy theory story on Tupac stating that he is alive and is continuing his rapping career under another alias? That story is still blasted all over YouTube. Lets just let it be what it is, if in fact these celebs are alive we'd all find out sooner or later, but if they are truly resting let them rest in peace.

       There is a series coming out soon on the Jackson five, it will be more like a regular TV show auto-biography detailing the Jackson family life in the spotlight. I know all the fans are going to love this show, I know i am because I used to be one of the kids sitting in front of the TV back then watching the Jackson five cartoon, the Jackson five television appearances, anything with Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and the rest of the family, well along with the one show I definitely could not miss which was Soul Train. My five year old son now knows who Michael Jackson is and before Michael Jackson's death he didn't know anything about him or the music i was listening to. Michael Jackson was and always will be The King of Pop, but beyond that he will always be that dream from Gary Indiana who brought hope,happiness and love through his music.

Remembering Michael Jackson

In Closing

       Yes so in closing we can all put the Jackson family conspiracy theory to rest, although I would have loved to see Michael Jackson in concert one last time. No one has topped thriller yet and there is no one who can ever come close to Michael Jackson's status of fame and hit records, we all understand that this subject will never truly die because many believe that Michael Jackson is not truly dead, but there will never be another. There are plenty other stories out there for the media to cover other than the Michael Jackson ghost or conspiracy theory so let his kids watch TV if they do without having to view another story about their father thats not true, his oldest children Paris and Michael Jr are at the age where they understand everything that has happened and is now happening, by now I am totally sure they understand the media exploitations but they are still kids, maybe not normal kids because they were born into fame and fortune but still kids who can tend to get confused or afraid, kids who loved their father despite what headline stories shouted or other people taunted, kids who will keep their fathers name alive and in good standing.

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    • profile image

      gennie 7 years ago

      I do believe michael jacksons alive I really do there's a lot of things about michael people didn't know and couldn't understand like the pain he had or how he felt so alone every one was all ways watching hem no matter what and I think michael had a lot of people after his money he got scared for him self and his family so do I think he faked his death for the sake of his kids and him self yes I do michael is alive you all he really is

    • profile image

      david alors2 agbey 7 years ago

      i think michael jackson is dead because court that in which he is,its is their rules that each and every one will choose how he or she will die in life.let us forget about what people are saying on his death or alive.i think he is gone forever and no where to be found on this earth.

    • profile image

      erik 7 years ago

      Michael Jackson i think the fake dead but he hiding becouse people like his song and he don't like to sing

    • profile image

      Deborah Higdon 7 years ago

      I believe that Michael Jackson is really alive I swear I really trust in the fact he is alive because my roommate Julie Rufenacht met Michael Jackson the tragic day had come when he faked his own death on the 25th of June. I really do trust in MJ that he is alive.

    • profile image

      Kimberly Walker 7 years ago

      I Personally am conflicted, as to whether Michael is dead or alive. I do feel that a lot of weird things happened even before he suposedly died. For one The Enquirer had an article in January 2009, that Michael only had 6 months to live. Then in June (6/25/10) 2009 Mtchael dies? How would the Enquier be able to pinpoint with accurancy how long Michael had to live? Fisrt we hear that MJ is in cardiac arrest (heart stops), then we hear he is in a comma. But before Mj is taken to the hospital during the 911 call the caller does not identify that it is MJ like it is done for most celeberties. Then Conrad Murray who is supposed to be a cardiologist, and therefore, should know how to perform CPR does it wrong. A doctor should know that CPR has to be performed on a hard surface, yet the 911 caller stated that Dr. Murray was performing CPR on the King of Pop on the bed. The 911 operator had to tell the Doctor to perform CPR on the floor. HUH?????

      Alot of strange things so far right… Well hold on there is more to come. Remember that awful picture of Michael being taken from his house to the ambulance and he has the oxygen mask on his face? Well did you notice how dark Michael was on that strecher? He was not pale white like he has been for say the last 8 years (2002). On that strecher he was brown skinned like he was during the early 1990’s? The first thing I noticed when I saw him was that he was dark not white. He was not pronounced dead yet, nor was he dead long enough for his skin color to change so drastically? So more strange things and then I will conclude. First on MJ’s autopsy report there are alot of discrepensy’s. First an autopsy report is an official government document, so it should only have legal information (Name etc). Well, on Michael’s autopsy report (State document) his name is listed 3 different ways: 1st Michael Joseph Jackson, 2nd Michael J. Jackson, and 3rd Michael Joe Jackson. These 3 names are in the same autopsy report which is like 51 pages???huh?

      In this autopsy report they say that Michael was 5? 9, well we know that Michael was taller then 5? 9. His height on his california driver’s liscense said that Michael was 5? 11? Another false thing on the Official autopsy report is that they said that the dead body they were examining had brown hair? We know that Michael always had BLACK hair? Plus Michael always had alot of hair even after he got burned his hair grew back, but the autopsy report stated that the dead body that was supposedly Michael wore a black wig and had brown hair with bald spots on his head? So I kind of believe that whoever died at holmby hills (Michael’s rented house) home on June 25, 10, it was not the Michael Jackson that we have been seeing the last 8 years, because that Michael was white, his skin color was pretty much gone? Do I think Michael is alive? I think with all of the discrepency’s surrounding his death that I’ve just mentioned that it is possible that Michael is still alive.. And most of all I hope that he is still alive some where out of the lime light. IF he is alive I hope that he is happy and that we can meet one day!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      janina guillermo 8 years ago

      wether he is dead or alive. just pray for him to be rest in peace and i believe he is alive HERE ON OUR HEARTS. and now he is a history and mark that will never fade. we love you michael Jackson!

    • profile image

      Paris 8 years ago

      Oh my!! oh my!!.. wish that MJ is still alive and faked his death.. maybe he was so tired of this sucking media and people who judge him.. So you better Leave MJ alone!! HE IS ALIVE AND STILL WATCHING US.. MJ IS THE BEST!! LEAVE HIM ALONE OR U'LL BE DEAD... bullsh*T..

    • profile image

      Ash 8 years ago

      michael jackson is alive in are heats.he is the king of pop forever

    • profile image

      lyvee con l. diano 8 years ago

      HE'S ALIVE.....I CAN PROVE YOU THAT......I'M A FILIPINO..... WHO REALLY BELIEVES THAT HE'S ALIVE... I KNOW THAT YOU'LL SAY HOW COULD EVEN I KNOW THAT HE'S ALIVE .... CAUSE I DONT EVEN KNOW HIM....IN A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE.COM,MJ AND HIS SON WENT TO A MUSEUM ....(IT WAS BLANKET'S B-DAY) MICHAEL FOUND A MUMMY'S GRAVE .....a man talked to him..." do you want this thing?" MJ:"no ..i dont want to be burried.... cause i wish to live FOREVER!!..... SO IF HE REALLY WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER, WHY WOULD HE INJECT THE ONE THEY CALLED"PROPOFOL" IF HE KNOWS THAT IF HE WENT TO OVER DOSE HE'LL DIE??? IF YOU WANT SOME REAL PROOF' JUST TYPE ON YOUTUBE.COM:MICHAEL JACKSON DEAD OR ALIVE ... YOU'LL FIND MANY VIDEOS That PROVES THAT HE'S ALIVE.... IF YOU WANT TO COMMENT FOR WHAT I'VE SAId JUST COMMENT ON MY im a thirteen years old student......a student from: Passi National High School dorillo street passi city iloilo philippines.......for all the dead stars i've known only michael's death that i have a malise..... so i'll just believe my self..... and its really clear that he is really the one who faked his own death cause he has the reasoning and the ability to act...!!!the reason why he faked his death is because he needs to pay off some debts... so look. his debts gone off very fast......i'm the no.1 fan of michael and i do not try to insult him,.... thanx 4 reading... oh! dont 4get to comment on my friendster..... : bavuzzzhhh!!!...... oh my fingers are now tired of a citizen from philippines.........

    • profile image

      lyvee con l. diano 8 years ago

      no!! he's alive!!!! and i know he's in some places hiding!!! hes coming back on june!!! analyze his song:WILL YOU STILL CARE there are some words that really imitates me!!: "WILL YOU STILL CARE? WILL YOU BE THERE?? IN MY CONFESSIONS AND IN MY PAIN(S)..... that do really explains that he's alive..... ther was a story that a family friend of MJ found a diary in his was said that he wrote:"I WAS UPSET ABOUT WHAT HAPPEND IN THAT PLACE...I WANT TO BE LIKE THE KING!! I CAN FAKE A HEART ATTACK TO.... I HAVE LOTS OF MONEY TO DO THAT....

    • profile image

      SS 8 years ago

      I don't say Michael is alive or dead, I just analyse lot's of details of that death that does not make sence to me and many other people. How Murray still not arrested,however, he was going to be arrested for not paying some child support. Machael's sons and familiy members were unusually calm (listing journal, chewing gum, etc) and had "don't care" behavior at the memorial, even Paris was calm, before and after she spoke, casket was alaways closed,nobody can say what was there really,911 caller never says for whom he was calling for help and why that late, man who was in the van looked too dark to be MJ, finally there are many reasons Michael would like to escape, he was sick of media,tired, lie in last tour contract, financial problems, etc. I wish he would be alive. Although no more comments,I won't face he is gone forever, may be somewere, just I love MJ a lot and wherever he is, God bless him!

    • Mario.Alberto profile image

      Mario.Alberto 8 years ago from Whittier, California

      Very true