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Jackson Predicted His Own Death

Updated on December 30, 2009

Michael Jackson appeared in London this week as a new waxwork in the famous Madame Tussauds museum while revelations that he predicted his own death emerged.

The new wax creation of the King of Pop was planned prior to his death – and was intended to be unveiled during his comeback tour in London.

The latest figure of Jackson at Madame Tussauds - depicts him in a pose displayed on the concert poster for the ‘This Is It’ tour - which was scheduled for London.

Jackson has now been immortalized in wax at the museum thirteen times.

The British monarch – Queen Elizabeth – is the only person to have been replicated more often with a record twenty sculptures to her name.

The New Waxwork Of Michael Jackson
The New Waxwork Of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson had been due to play fifty concerts at London's O2 Arena. But many believe he was not prepared mentally or physically for such a grueling tour – stating that after such a lengthy period of inactivity, the hectic rehearsals and the copious amounts of prescription medication he was consuming were like bullets to his fifty-year-old heart.

But Jackson had already predicted his own end.

The day after his death, Lisa Marie Presley - who was married to Jackson from May 1994 to January 1996 – issued a statement.

According to Lisa Marie - Michael Jackson was convinced he would die in similar circumstances to her father - Elvis Presley.

Lisa also stated that she desperately tried to save him from his self-destruction - as did his family, but she became spiritually and mentally drained from the constant battle. Michael was an incredible force she said. 'When he used it for good, it was the best, but when he used it for bad, it was really, really bad.'

The shocking similarity surrounding her fathers death and that of Jackson overwhelmed Lisa – and flooded her mind with painful memories.

Her wish now is that he has finally found peace from his demons and turmoil.

'He knew exactly how his fate would be played out more than anyone else, and he was right.'

And The Similarities Continue:

Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson were both ridiculed by the press in the years prior to their deaths. They both held the music title of King, and were virtual recluses in the last years of their lives. Their physical appearance had transformed dramatically.

Prescription medication played a large part in their demise; as did the greed of the promoters and entourage who pushed these men beyond their physical and mental limits.

Recently, the internet has been flooded with reports of apparent sightings of Michael Jackson – the media was full of similar claims concerning Elvis Presley after his passing.

One writer has even had the audacity to state he has confirmation that Michael Jackson is very much alive and hiding out in a castle somewhere in Europe. Apparently when the time is right, Michael will appear and perform a ‘Back from the Dead’ tour for his fans.

Presley and Jackson fans no doubt believe their idols lived magical lives that few could imagine – yet the evidence seems to suggest that behind all the glitter and publicity both men had to deal with a world that both worshipped and condemned them. The toll on their mental health must have been enormous.

Sadly, while the celebrity machine continues to churn out money, it is just a matter of time before this scenario plays out again.


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