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Michael Jackson Death

Updated on October 16, 2009

Michael Jacksons Life and Death, Media Get Lost

Michael Joseph Jackson August 29,1958-June 25,2009) a true living legend touched the hearts of men,women,children in a very special way. Everyone knows that Michael has been involved in controversy for quite a while now but we all have to dismiss all of it because we have truly lost one of the most talented people in history born to do what he did which is entertain.

Known for his classic dance moves such as he moon walker,every song that had Michael in it was a direct hit,many of you grew up singing Jackson's songs,copying his dance moves,but having a childhood,having a regular childhood is something Michael never got to do when he and his brothers became famous and left Gary. Michael Jackson's whole life has been non stop work,problems,work,controversial.

It angers me that he died at 50, his autopsy has not yet been performed but there were no signs of illness,I believe he could have just been plain sick of the media and everyone causing him problems,he had too much stress.

Sure you say its easy to blame the media,you'd be surprised how easy it is to blame everyone who would not let this man rest while alive,the press,publicists,banks,everyone who wanted what he had to offer. All the greedy so called business men as well finally got what they wanted. Michael leaves behind his family and millions in debt,so to you all out there and yes you know who you are,what are you going to do now to make money? harass his family? take away everything that he left behind? are you going to make a hall of fame just for Michael and charge high admission rates? What are you going to do?

It is my suggestion that everyone just let the Jackson family grieve,let Michael's legacy continue as it was meant to be,stop being blood suckers. We can all remember him in our own way but all i ask is that you all let this family grieve in piece,for the media-you can continue your coverage but let them at least have some time alone and out of the media,Michael would want you to pay tribute to him but you all know him,he was a private person,you made him that way.

I know many will not be in agreement with what i have written but it is not a job of mine to please you,I just know that if he were my family,though i feel as if he was,i would want you all to just leave him alone,you made money while he was alive, but you cannot and i do mean cannot prosper from making a media circus of his death,everyone owes something whether to creditors,people,gas companies etc, pay tribute but dont let the first thing to arise from your stories be about his debt problems. Get real and get a life Michael Jackson Rocks. R.I.P

It was also announced on the news that Michael Jackson had no health problems, leaving it open for others to come up with conspiracy theories of whether or not he was intentional killed. I have listened to a lot of his latest releases from the movie "This is it" and it definetely sounds like his style, he was going to make a major comeback, in fact he already has.

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Michael Jackson R.I.P


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    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 6 years ago from Indiana

      I love that picture of MJ with Latoya and Janet. Makes me wish I could have known them all as kids. Bet they had a lot of fun between performing.

    • pammjschaar profile image

      Pamela Michele 7 years ago from Mississippi Gulf Coast

      Hi! Very nice article, and I agree; wish the media would leave the Jackson family alone, but unfortunately, as we have already seen lately, it will never happen. It is a shame! I wanted to answer (metaphorically speaking) your question in one of your above paragraphs; "what will they do now" ? Well, SONY just purchased MJ's Vaulted Music from The Estate of Michael Jackson for $250 Million Dollars!!! Blood suckers? YES! My only saving grace in this calamity is the HOPE that the children get their 90% of the profits from what ever $ony is going to do with the release of the new albums. In his will he stated that 90% go to his children. Maybe it will be 90% of the $250 Million, but $ony is going to make TONS of money off of MJ now...BLOOD SUCKERS...I agree.

    • profile image

      commercialjunkie 8 years ago

      Great pics. I Still miss him like it was yesterday

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Michael Jackson is my favorite singer. Now I can't hear his voices anymore. in peace