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Michael Jackson VS Prince Who's Bad?

Updated on July 19, 2009

Who's your top pick?

We're going to break down the comparison on two of the music industries all time best performers, this has come up in the past so lets get to the bottom of this now. We'll start with Michael Jackson R.I.P, he came on the scene back in i believe it was 1964 as the lead singer of his family group the Jackson 5. He quickly became popular in his own rights breaking away from the group in 1971 to go solo. One of his albums Thriller was the best selling of all time,so hows that for great! All of Michaels albums have been excellent best selling, even though he was plagued by lots of speculations beginning back in the early 1980's with his appearance constantly changing and following through to later dates when he started getting accused of child molestation. And we cant forget his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley that seemed to be over with as quick as it happened. Then there's the having children with Debbie Rowe,from what I understand he married her too,but yeah that ended pretty much the same way as the first marriage. We are not here to talk about his personal life so in the end when you are voting please judge him by his music alone.

Prince who's real name is Prince Rogers Nelson a.k.a an unpronouncable symbol Prince released his first major-label album,For You, on April 17, 1978. It was a hit and from there you know the story. He had such hits as why you wanna treat me so bad along with Purple Rain,the list goes on and on,plus during his first album he played all his own instruments, hows that for multi-talented. Although Prince lifestyle was full of speculation as well because from his stage antics of humping around on the floor to the eyeliner and blush he used on down to the ruffled funny looking outfits people questioned his sexuality. Hey I cant put Michaels Business out there in my blog life without putting out Prince or whatever he calls himself these days.

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If you could only have 1 CD to play in your headset would it be Michael or Prince?

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    • profile image

      Demi 5 years ago

      Michael Jackson is a very cute & amazing person.I like his music in opposite of Prince Nelson.I think that Prince copies ?Michael? with his style.I'm sure,very sure.


      Michael is my lover,my life,my dream ?!

    • profile image

      jamie 6 years ago

      think about this Prince was not accused of molesting kids.Prince had his own movie ive never seen one with michael.dont get me wrong michaels,prince can Dance,play guitar,sing,play drums,play piano and michael jackson can only do 2.

    • profile image

      Liselle's World 6 years ago

      Michael Jackson is a legend, I doubt I will see another entertainer like him in my lifetime. Michael had the whole package he was a songwriter, singer and a dancer Artists like Usher, NeYo and Justin Timberlake try to copy his style . Michael Jackson was a leader not a follower. Prince is a great artist but not a legend.

    • profile image

      Mike 7 years ago

      Michael's music is timeless, and people keep saying that his legacy and influence will always be present.

      I can't say the same thing about Prince, his legacy (which is much smaller and lesser compared to MJ's) is fading and will disappear over time.

      MJ is immortal, and yeah, BAD!

    • profile image

      sara 7 years ago

      oh some people do believe michael was gay add that up there too

    • profile image

      Ilesha 7 years ago

      Well if they were gong to do this it should've been with bothh dead or alive. Prince's music is underrated and under estimated especially all the things he does including insturmental and write the music. Michael wrote some of his music and is a wonderful entertainer as Prince is too. People think about only what they see and what they don't doesn't matter. Prince's music hands down took him more work time and determination, Michael's music took maybe half of the time. But they can not be compared they are two different people. two different styles of music. But because they were opposites we start to compare them wwhich in my eyes bullshit they both are great keep it at that

    • profile image

      dewayne 7 years ago

      look take cd by cd side by side and compare them prince hands down

    • profile image

      Sara 7 years ago

      sents I was 7 i've always loved mike, he has a wonderful spirit and it was hard to see him go... (im 13 now)

    • profile image

      Will1214 7 years ago

      Michael Jackson is the better artist most definitely no one out there is better then MJ he is forever the greatest artist no one can top it.

      People who talk about him saying hes whack or if they say someone is better then him its all BS MJ is the best end of sentence look see the period --> . that's the end .

    • profile image

      Selena Trevino 7 years ago

      Michael is bader than prince I love michael jackson 4 ever and i would always remember him and those of yall that dont like michael jackson you guys are missing on a very good artist so my vote is michael jackson

    • supercibor profile image

      Hector Herrera 7 years ago from Dominican Republic

      Wow that is an interesting comparison who is going to lead to a bi controversy.