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Michael Jackson...Victim or Victimizer

Updated on February 28, 2012

Mr. Jackson's Son Michael

Michael Jackson never knew what a childhood was thanks to dear ole dad, money pockets, or whatever he's called. Work, work, work! Some kids like to start work on their own time, when they are ready,. not Michael. He started to work when daddy said to start work, so consequently child hood did not exist for him even though unlike a lot of Blacks, he actually had live at home with two parents and knew who they both were. Don't get me wrong there are Whites in the same boat. Had a mom that was a player and did not have a clue who the dad was or at least he did not hang around for the sacred event of childbirth and name giving.

He worked hard even when working hard was not a real part of understanding Daddy was making a fortune so consequently he enjoyed playing with the young kids in the privacy of his compound where the eye's were not upon them or at least that was what he thought.until they wanted to arrest him for child molestation! I'm sorry but you don't pay forty million dollars to shut someone up if all you did was give a kid a lollypop.

Every one want's to treat him like a God but no one wants to admit the truth. Why is that? Cause he was black, just like the drugged out Whitney Houston. It's always such a loss when one of these entertainer's loses their life to something they abused whether it be drugs, food, kids, whatever. It's not right they get the pedistal treatment when they actually put their pants on the same way you or I do and they have many dysfunctional activities that you or I would not condone.

Look at Elvis Presley. Who knows what Priscilla would be like without Elvis molding her in his vision of what she should become while all the time he was busy elsewhere. As for Elvis, he would probably still be alive if the Colonel had not driven him so hard. he took uppers and downers like candy. It;s not unusual to be living outside the box to please the manager and try to have a private life also. It just get out of control when things are carried to the level of illegality. Freddy Mercury is another example. How's that "Gay" life working out for him now? It's not and he is missed, but hey, he had a "GOOD TIME". Good times can be over rated.

I just don't think it's good to be an Entertainer at the expense of others. All of these Entertainers have left someone bleeding, not including their fan's, or hurt someone at the expense of a good time and playing a role.

Sometime the Pedestal is not necessary because they don't deserve it. MJ's Dr. did not do what hundreds of others are doing...he just got caught.


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