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Michael Jackson's last encore: This is it!

Updated on March 8, 2011
Michael Jackson, King of Pop
Michael Jackson, King of Pop

Is it more than a premonition for Michael Jackson? The documentary was shown here in the Philippines The compilation of the unseen videos during his hectic practice paved the way to realize this penultimate performance of the King of Pop. Doing 50 shows in UK was the goal of the unfinished concert due to his untimely death.

From Jacksons 5 to King of Pop

The early seventies of my life was mostly spent in radio listening. The Jacksons 5 dominated our home during Christmas. Even when I entered high school in the eighties, Michael Jackson's music dominated our lives. From 'Thriller' to 'Billie Jean', my classmates and I were always mimicking his moves, from moonwalk to struts.

Those years were also the start of dance revolution that gave way to more daring moves like break dancing. MJ became the King of Pop around the world.

From the hair style, attire to fancy gadgets and blings, MJ was so overrated that his young and adult fans can't get enough.

Coming to the Philippines

In the last years of the 90s, Michael Jackson visited and performed in the Philippines to quench the thirst of his Filipino fans. Posters, shirts, CD albums and other memorabilia grossed much money to small and big businessmen in the local scene.

It was a memorable thing that MJ did to his Filipino fans. Almost all his songs from his childhood until he became a solo artist were memorized by his fans by heart. His concert was a manifestation that he became a part of his fans.

The World without Michael Jackson

Am I going to miss Michael Jackson? Well. probably, for a long time.

His untimely death last July, 2009 will not bring closure to his being famous. His legacy will live in the hearts of his fans around the globe.

MJ is an epitome of a total performer. Even he endured many controversies in his life, still, Michael Jackson will be one of the strongest pillars in music here on Earth.

History will never erase his achievements.



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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @mijackson1958: Thanks for the appreciation. 'Happy' is my fave song, too!

    • mijackson1958 profile image

      mijackson1958 7 years ago

      I love the song "Happy." It has recently become one of my favorites of his.

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 8 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      He's truly a legend. I used to sing Michael Jackson's songs Ben and Happy.

    • bacville profile image

      bacville 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      We used to imitate the moves of MJ via his songs Thriller and Beat It.