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Michael and Farrah

Updated on June 27, 2009

 How sad for the world to have lost two icons on Thursday, June 25, 2009.  Both were individuals who rose to stardom quickly after being discovered and both reacted to their public approval with trepidation and anxiety, wanting to please their fans but finding it difficult to have a life of their own because of their popularity.

Both Farrah and Michael were well known for their looks.  Farrah for her continued beauty and Michael for his destruction of his face and refusal to allow his body to mature into a man's physique.  Both of these stars kept a child-like personna; keeping us mesmorized by their innocence and naivete and their ability to attract negative publicity, yet arise from their failures or bad decisions and earn our love and respect again.

Michael and Farrah continued to flow in and out of the media through the years.  It seemed we only heard news about them if it was covering some scandal or ridiculous behavior of theirs.  Magazines seemed to enjoy exposing their family secrets and attacking their children or loved ones; trying to use their popularity to diminish them as people.

It is ironic that both of them passed on the same day, within hours of each other.  Michael, it seems gave up on life through his dependence on prescription drugs and his overuse of them.  Farrah, on the other hand, fought her cancer to the end; never giving up hope that perhaps a cure or miracle would occur before her life on Earth ended.

There are so many stories that speculate as to why Michael Jackson died.  Someone will take the blame.  When a death such as his occurs, someone has to be the reason.  The truth is, Michael most likely made the decision without realizing what he was doing.  I don't believe he wanted to end his life on Earth and leave his precious children.  He was truly not in control of his life; he allowed others to manipulate him; to appease him, when instead they should have been fighting for his life with the intensity that Farrah fought for hers. 

Goodbye to two famous and popular examples of the American Dream.  It is humbling to see that no matter how much money, fame and popularity one has, their lives come to an end just like everyone elses... in death.  Rest in Peace Farrah and Michael and know that you touched many lives during your short time on this planet.  Thanks for the memories.


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