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Midnight, Texas -- Fiji Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Updated on December 20, 2018

Bobo and Manny realize they've been played...

Last time, Creek was tricked into returning to Midnight and it ended up costing her her life. Fiji embraced black magic and it's having a bad affect on her. Joe cheated on Chuy and Chuy demoned out. Lem became a vampire again. And Kai had enough of the Midnighters and banned them from the hotel.

The show picks up where it left off. Manny accuses Kai of killing Creek. Kai almost tries to suck Manny's power from him. The others break it up and Manny vows that Kai is a dead man.

Lem giving Creek's eulogy. Fiji the only one unmoved and uncaring at the funeral. Manny downing booze. Manny says he failed Creek, but he'll make it right and that he'll always love her.

Fiji faking being sad and no one notices. They can't find Creek's body. Manny says they have to figure out what Kai's up to and they have to translate the writing on the head.

Joe out looking for Chuy. He finds a gas station littered with dead bodies. Joe realizes Chuy did it by vibing off of one of the dying victims. Walker spying on him from a distance.

Prudence drops by to see Manny. Manny tries to convince Patience that Kai killed Creek. She says she doesn't know who she's married to any more. Patience gives Manny an amulet to protect him from Kai trying to take his powers. He agrees to wear it even though he says it doesn't work. She says she's never seen Kai so furious.

Bobo says Fiji hasn't looked at him in the past few days. He buys her explanations that it's about Creek. When he tries getting busy with her she casts a spell on him to make him go to sleep. Then she goes to Bobo's bar all dressed up to dance and have a good time.

Could it be Fiji that killed Creek? Bobo said he saw Creek leave town. Maybe she put a spell on him to make him think it since she was enjoying what the Trickster was doing to the people in town.

Olivia and company can't find a translation for what's written on the head. Manny finally finds a book and tries translating it.

Kai confronts Patience when she returns to the hotel. She says she was making nice with the locals to clean up his mess. He confronts her about screwing Manfred. She claims it meant nothing and she loves Kai but she was lonely and to not give up on her. He says she needs to pick a side.

Walker continues to follow Joe as he tracks down Chuy. Guess Lem didn't hit him hard enough on the head. Joe jumps on him saying he knows he's following him. Walker shows him his demon compass. Joe tells him to go home and that this doesn't involve him. Walker tells Joe he has to put Chuy down.

An Army of Seventy times Seven beast is what it says on the head. They figure Kai is harvesting the monster power to free the head.

Kai puts another vial of monster power in the juke box. He needs to fill two more. But who will be the two?

Olivia couldn't find anything about the head on the internet. Manny thinks a gypsy eyeball will help them. He tries to contact the woman the eye belonged to. The woman says Zelda was a tramp. She starts ogling Lem. She says it's the curse of the seventy times seven. She goes inside Manny before she'll tell him anything.

Fiji having a big party at Bobo's bar. It's a supernatural party. She goes over to party with two female vamps.

Possessed Manny makes Lem give her a toe massage until Olivia makes Manny spit her out. She says the head had a twin and they're original witches. It's the witch Fiji swore herself to. Bobo comes into his bar and sees Fiji carrying on with the vampires chicks. Bobo confronts her and sees she's no longer his Fiji. She tells him she doesn't love him anymore. She uses her powers to make him levitate when he tries to stop her. Then drops him on the floor and walks over him as she heads out the door.

Seems dumb Fiji got suckered to help the head come back to life. If the others mention Theopolis to Bobo he's going to know she's connected to it.

Bobo goes to Olivia and the others and tells them what happened with Fiji. When he mentions Theopolis they suddenly believe him. Olivia stops them from storming over.

Joe dragging Walker behind him on a rope as he looks for Chuy. Joe says Chuy is in this mess because of them and if he tries to make him choose between him and Chuy he's going to lose.

The others looking for Fiji and find a locked cabinet in her house. When they open it they find her gruesome collection, some which contains samples of all their hair, no doubt to cast spells on them. Then Lem finds something and calls to them. It's Creek's blood and car keys and they realize it was Fiji that killed Creek. Meanwhile Fiji gets the vampires to put on blindfolds before she puts crosses on their heads. Kai comes in and sucks the vampire out of them. Apparently, she's working with Kai.

Bobo text messages Fiji and she sees her little collection burning up in the street. She comes after Bobo, but as she makes a move on Bobo, Lem gets the drop on her and they nail her to the table. She claims she didn't kill Creek, but says she did cover it up. She says when she took Theopolis in her she was called to the hotel. Then she tells Manny he was never meant to find love and she reveals they're going to sacrifice Patience to bring Theopolis back to power. She says by dawn Theopolis will rise and darkness will reign.

Joe finds Chuy and tries to get through to him. But Walker's presence ruins it. Joe has to kill Chuy to save Walker when Walker says he loves Joe and Chuy goes on the attack.

Joe buries Chuy. Walker should just go and leave Joe in private. Joe tells him not to touch him. He says it's just as much Walker's fault that Chuy is dead and he never wants to see him again. He tells him to leave and never come back.

Joe sprouts his wings and then cuts them off. Not sure what that means.

Lem and Manny come to the hotel looking for Patience. Manny finds Kai, instead. Lem tries to get Patience out of the hotel while Kai and Manny fight. Kai says he never had anything to do with Creek's death and reveals that Patience is Theopolis' twin. She releases Fiji. Patience is a witch. Patience lied to Kai that she's a good witch. Manny tells Kai the truth, as Fiji and Patience get the drop on the others. And Kai reveals that amulet Patience put on him is so he can be the host for Theopolis. Suddenly Manny can't breathe as the amulet tightens around his neck.

Okay, the people that predicted Patience was bad were right. I didn't see that one. She was obviously making all the near misses happen to Bobo so dumb Fiji would play into her hands and she sexed up Manny always planning to use him as a host for her dead twin. She's also the one that killed Creek. Did she also bring the Trickster to town? Guess we'll find out soon.


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