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Midnight, Texas -- Goodbye, My Friend...

Updated on November 12, 2018

Midnight says goodbye to another long-time resident...

Last week, Kai revealed he can make supernaturals human, again. Bobo's love for Fiji was proving dangerous to his health. Joe was avoiding Walker Demon Hunter. Olivia was finding Lem's over-protectiveness too hard to handle. And Manny got his socks knocked off by the severed head Kai keeps hidden in the hotel.

Patience finds Manny on the floor and he gets up. She says she sees he found Kai's ancestor. She says it's where Kai gets all of his ju-ju from. Manny says he shouldn't have snooped. Patience claims she and Kai just want to be good neighbors and establish trust. She gets Manny to hug her. They almost have a moment.

Fiji watching Bobo in the shower from bed. She imagines being in there with him and having shower sex. Mr. Snuggly says something to him and Bobo suddenly gets soap in his eyes, slips and falls and crashes into the glass shower door getting a shard of glass embedded in his leg. Luckily, Bobo didn't sever an artery. He was fine until Mr. Snuggly said something to him. Could it be Snuggly whose causing this? Does the old cat have some power of his own?

Fiji worried that Bobo could have died and thinks they need to stay apart until she figures out what's going on.

Madonna suggests running Kai out of tpwn. Emillio and Chuy contemplate being cured by Kai.

Fiji has a meeting with her ladies. Manny interrupts. She's trying to get them to help her to contact the spirit world to find out what's going on with Bobo. Manny tells Fiji about the head and thinks Kai up to no good and asks Fiji to cast an intention spell on Patience to see if she's trustworthy.

All the witches stop chanting and point at Fiji as the person hurting Bobo. I'm still thinking it's the cat. He didn't like them having sex and now every time they have sex they're stopped by something nearly killing Bobo.

Manny decides to take a peek at what's going on and joins the circle. Fiji pulls Manny out of the circle. He says he almost say a woman. When he comes out of it he says it's Fiji's Aunt Mildred. And she's in Witch Hell.

Joe doesn't want to leave Chuy alone on Hunter's Moon night.

Manny says Mildred is desperate to talk to Fiji. Fiji wants to talk to her, too. She asks Manny to drag Mildred from Witch Hell for her. He says they have to find some place elseto do it since both their homes are inhospitable to the dead. He vows he won't let Midnight do to her and Bobo what it did to him and Creek. But will he be able to keep that promise?

The Rev thanks Olivia for always being there for him and says he's not worried about the coming of the Hunter's Moon..

Ten years, earlier. He remembers turning into his beastly self and attacking a man of God. The next morning he's horrified by what he's done and asks him to forgive him, as he dies from his wounds.

Joe meets up with Walker Demon Hunter. Walker gives him tongue, but claims that was just a diversion so the demons wouldn't see them. Joe brought his knife so they could go kill demons. Something tells me Chuy wouldn't be pleased about Joe's new extracurricular activities.

Madonna texting with Olivia's father. Olivia confides in Madonna her doubts about her and Lem. Madonna is playing a deadly game. If Olivia discovers what she's doing, she'll kill her.

Joe wonders why a human [Walker] became a demon hunter. Walker asks about Chuy. Joe doesn't mention he's a demon. Probably because Joe's new playmate might try and kill him if he did.

Manny gathers a bunch of items together. Patience shows up as he's about to leave his van. She invites him for a drink, but he says he can't because a friend needs his help. She offers to let Manny rent a space in the hotel for his business instead of doing it our of his RV.

Joe takes off his shirt before he and Walker go in to kill themselves some demons. Joe says he can't go home like this. He's covered in blood and Chuy will know what he's up to. He and Walker take a shower together. Walker says this s Joe's calling. Joe leaves before they can kiss for real.

Lem sees Emillio digging his own grave. He says he's not the man Lem thinks he is. He tells Lem what he did in the past that was a turning point for him and lead him to Midnight. After the killing he found the bible and came to the church in Midnight. He kneeled down and prayed asking for forgiveness because he sinned. That's when he and Lem met. Lem could detect the human blood on Emillio and knew he'd fit into Midnight just fine. He says Father Sheehan was a good man who used his last breath to ask God to save him and then he took on the man's identity. He says. he lied to the people that think of him as family. Lem says he's the heart of the town. He blessed him and it allowed him to come into the church. He's a man of faith and has done God's work since he came to Midnight.

Manny says he has to open the doorway to Witch Hell and for Mildred to cross back Manny will have to trade places with Mildred so Fiji can talk to her. He says to make it quick because if a witch touches him in Witch Hell, he'll have stay there, forever.

Madonna and Olivia get drunk and Madonna appears to cut Olivia accidentally, but when she walks away to text Olivia's father she looks anything but drunk. She wanted a sample of her blood. Is it to prove to Olivia's father she's not a vampire?

Fiji lights candles and Manny says a incantation. Fiji calls for Mildred and the door to Witch Hell opens. He and Mildred trade places as she warns Manny to not let the witches there touch him.

Mildred says their family is cursed by dark witches as Manny's flashlight begins to give out in Witch Hell and the witches begin slithering towards him. She says it happened 800 years ago. They're cursed by black witches. Mildred turned to black magic and it ended up killing her and the curse will eventually kill Bobo. Mildred says she's turned the man she loved, her true love, into a cat, to save him from being killed. It's Mr. Snuggly.

Fiji pulls Manny out of Witch Hell just in the nick of time. She tells Manny as long as Bobo loves her, he's going to die.

Emillio tells Lem he went to Kai to cure him, so he won't be changing anymore. That's why he dug a grave for himself. He says he has to leave Midnight because now he's free to live his life and see the world.

It's nice the actors that were reported to be leaving the show were given real exit stories instead of them just disappearing with a character explaining their exit with a few lines, with them never to be heard from, again.

Joe shaves off all his long hair. I kind of liked him with long hair and I'm not a long hair girl. He tells Chuy he needed a change. I don't think this bodes well for their relationship. It seems like Joe can't resist his true nature, after all, and that's being a demon hunter. So how can you be in love with a demon when your nature is to kill them and you enjoy doing it?

Manny visits Patience and she says she's finding things to put into his new office. Manny asks if Kai can remove a witch's curse. She says his powers don't work that way. She's also a little put-out with her husband because the trip Kai is on was supposed to be a trip for them to take together and he took Lyric and Sequoia with him instead.

Lem comes to see Olivia. He says he's trying to give her her space. She says true love is all that matters. The rest they'll figure out. Lem says he called everyone to the church to say goodbye to the Rev. They all light a candle for him.

When Bobo comes up to Fiji she says she and Bobo aren't meant to be. He's not the one and it's over. Then she walks away leaving Bobo stunned by her change in attitude.

While it's sad to see the Rev go, for him it's a happy ending. He's freed of his curse and he can live a real life and maybe even find someone to love so he no longer has to live a solitary existence.


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