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Midnight, Texas -- I'll Be Home For Christmas

Updated on December 7, 2018

Olivia realizes Madonna has been spying on her...

Last time, Manny and Patience became more their friends and Bobo became a dog. And Kai is sure to not like this new situation anymore than Mr. Snuggly does.

A pregnant Olivia with Lem as they look forward to the birth of their child. Joe is now tending bar at the hotel. Lem says that was Olivia's dream. Olivia sees Lem standing by the window in daylight and now, it seems, he's no longer a vampire. Lem says with Kai he knew he could make Olivia's dream come true, so he let Kai make him human, again. Olivia is not pleased about this. She says they work because he's a vampire and she's a messed up human.

Manny and Patience wake up the morning after. Patience learns that Kai is back. She says even though she doesn't intend to leave Kai she doesn't want this to end. She's playing with fire and it going to get burned, especially when she's got a supernatural husband. If he can suck bad out of you, he could put it inside you, too.

Madonna wants to throw the dog out, but Fiji says it's Bobo, which Manny and Joe hear. Joe suggests maybe there's another relative who can help Fiji. Lem comes in and reveals he's no longer a vampire. Joe says he's happy for him. Fiji and Manny wonder why Lem would give up his power. Lem seems to have lost his mojo no longer being a vamp.

Fiji does research on the Internet and learns of a group of witches called The Delilah's. She tries to chat with them, but they say she doesn't belong there and kick her out.

Olivia takes out a pair of ballet shoes and a picture of herself as a kid. She hides it when Lem comes home. He bought a bunch of baby bottles and toys. Olivia said she was just fantasizing about it because it was impossible. She says she can't be a mom and show a child what love is like. She says she's still broken.

Manny and Patience doing the bumping uglies in the hotel when they hear Sequoia scream. She's dead. Kai says he tried to save her, but she's gone. Goodbye is written on the wall in blood.

Lyric crying hysterically. Manny offers to contact Sequoia’s spirit. Manny sees her, but she signals for him to lie that he doesn’t see anything. Sequoia shows her tongue has been cut out and he gets a flashback of what happened to her in bit and pieces. She disappears before he can see what happened to her.

Madonna chummying up to Olivia. Olivia hears her cell ringing and picks it up and sees that Madonna is working for her father. Olivia goes on the attack and it’s girl fight time. Madonna is just as good a fighter as Olivia. She says her real name is Simone Davis. She says it was just surveillance at first, then he wanted her blood. Madonna says she can ask him herself why he wants her blood and tells Olivia where her father can be found. Olivia says if she ever sees Madonna again she’ll kill her.

A woman is waiting for Fiji when she enters. Bobo is barking at her. She says she’s Celeste. She kisses her on both cheeks. She claims to be cursed, too. She says all witches are descended from the same witch. She claims she and Fiji are descended from a dark witch and Fiji is a dark witch, too. That's why the Deliliah's spurned her attempt to contact them for help.

Lem sees Olivia suiting up to go meet her father. She says after she finds out why he wanted her blood, she’ll kill him.

Manny goes to Joe about Sequoia. Manny suggests Kai killed her. They hear something creeking and it’s someone invisible listening and watching them and it wasn’t a ghost.

White Christmas is playing as Lem and Olivia enter Olivia's father's house. There’s a little girl there. Olivia says it’s her when she was a child.

She says the girl looks like her when she was 9 and her mom died. Olivia goes over to her. Olivia asks if anyone is hurting her and the girl calls for Daddy. Olivia's father comes in and he sends the girl out. Olivia punches him in the throat. He's even recreated her mother.

Manny hugs Patience and takes some keys.

Olivia's father says that old Mom and Olivia are living breathing manifestations of his memory. He says he found another way to have his wife and daughter back with her blood and her mother's ashes. Lem urges her to go and is worried she's getting sucked into the warped reality her father has created.

Manny heading in to Kai's office to look for evidence. He's drawn to Lyric's room. He finds she used invisibility on herself. Lyric says Sequoia was going to betray Kai so he killed her. She starts strangling Manny and her grabs a nail file and ends up stabbing her in the eye, which makes her visible and dead, Earlier, she had spied on Manny and Patience in their intimate embrace.

Fiji getting drunk over learning she's a dark witch. Destiny says wait until she can see what's she capable of without consequences. She has to embrace the dark to be her true self. If Fiji pledges herself to the darkness then Bobo will be saved. Destiny turns him back into a human and says he'll be safe for 48 hours then call her with her decision.

Olivia talking with her mother. Olivia says she wonders if her mother would be disappointed in her. Fake Child Olivia begins to fade Daddy he does the spell again. Lem wants them to go, but she says she can't go because it's Christmas.

Lem calls Fiji for help and Olivia's father attacks him with a fire poker. He says no one is going to ruin his Christmas. Sounds like Daddy is nuts.

Kai and Patience enter. Manny explains to Kai and Patience that Lyric said she killed Sequoia to protect him.

Lem wakes up tied to a chair at the dinner table. Lem says she can break the spell. Daddy says Olivia is under the spell and if she leaves it'll break the spell. Daddy threatens to kill Lem if he tries to do anything to break the spell.

Fiji and Bobo find Madonna and tell her what's going on. Madonna says she'll take them to where Olivia's father is. While Bobo punches out Daddy, Madonna unties Lem and Fiji tries to break the spell. Lem tries to make Olivia see he's her family, not this delusion. Fiji says she has to embrace the darkness to break the spell, because she's not strong enough on her own.

Fiji holds her hands to the fire and her eyes turn black. Olivia comes out of the spell and hugs Lem. Olivia sees ghost Mommy and Daughter vanish and Fiji collapses saying that felt good. Olivia tells him he can't be a father to a fake daughter. She says she needed him to tell her everything was going to be okay. He asks Olivia to stay, but she says she used anger to protect herself from how alone he made her feel. She looks at Lem and says she's not alone anymore. He urges her to kill him to put him out of his misery. She says no, she's going to return the favor and leave him alone the way he did to her when she was a child.

Madonna packs her things and leaves Midnight. She leaves a note on the door says she's so sorry.

Olivia says the past is the past. She and Lem declare their love and she says Lem is her family now.

Bobo asks Fiji if she feels different. She says she doesn't feel evil. Say says she's still afraid of it, but dark magic saved Lem and Olivia and maybe it can save them, too. She says he's her family, but he doesn't want her to change who she is.

Manny goes to see Joe. He brings the vial that Lyric had. He says it's monster energy. The kind Kai sucks out of people. Manny says he has an idea how to find out.

Kai opens a juke box and spits monster energy into a vial and places it with other vials. Manny secretly watches him.


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