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Midnight, Texas -- Manny Loses His Head

Updated on December 28, 2018

Can the Midnighters be saved from the two evil witches?

Last time, Kai was revealed to be the good guy and Patience the evil one who had manipulated Fiji into becoming her evil little puppet and who planned to use Manny as her sacrificial lamb to accomplish her evil plan. She also murdered Creek. Meanwhile Joe clipped his own wings when he had no choice but to kill his beloved Chuy.

Manny trying to get the amulet off. Kai tells him to stop pulling on it because the more he pulls the more it will choke him. Kai tells Manny that Patience is immortal. Manny finds the head gone and Kai finds the vials gone. They go to warn everyone but find them gone. Patience calls to Manny on the street playing her poor me act. Manny tries to fake buying her act. He tells Patience he loves her and she knows he's lying. She tells him to drop it as she drops her fake southern belle accent for an even faker English accent. She reveals her plan to him about how she used Kai.

She intends to make him take in all the vials. Manny tries to tell Fiji she's been conned when she attacks Kai. Joe comes and drives the two evil witches away. Clipped wings or not his juice is stronger than theirs.

Joe tells them the others about Chuy. Olivia tries to get the gang to work together. They decide to try and save Fiji by getting her butterfly back. Manny refuses to leave town as Kai suggests, saying they'll make their last stand here together. Does anyone think they should try and recruit the Delilahs to fight the two evil witches.

Patience with her witch, Fiji, the fool. She says she needs Manny. Fiji says they need to take down the Midnighters one by one. Fiji calls up a demon. Don't tell me the stupid hag is bringing baack Colcannor.

Joe and Lem looking for weapons in the pawn shop. Lem discovers Joe cut off his wings, but he still has his powers. It was apparently more symbolic than anything else. Lem says they're all sinners. They've all fallen and got back up.

Manny apologizes to Kai. Kai says he was faithful to Patience. Manny sees the painting of the woman that beheaded Theopolis. Manny disappears in a flash of light leaving Kai alone. Manny wakes up in a forest. Manny must be in the painting. He runs into the woman from the painting. She says he reached out from the otherside. She says she brought him here. She's Delilah.

Bobo tells Olivia they need to contact the Delilahs to help bring back Fiji. A girl comes to take their lap top and they tell her what's going on and she faints.

Delilah takes Manny to her hut to hide out for now. Patience and Theopolis trapped her in the painting. She tells him of a time she and Patience were friends before there was a light and a dark. Delilah and Theopolis were planning to marry. But Patience didn't like it.

Patience tells her puppet she was betrayed by Delilah who was trying to take Theopolis away from her. It seems Patience was in love with her brother and laid a big wet one on him and he returned her kiss. He rejects her and tells her to never speak of it again. Fiji says her friends are jealous of her powers. She really is that stupid. Delilah was pregnant with Theopolis' child but he pulled away when Patience seduced her brother by pretending to be Delilah. And he gave into the witch. That's when dark magic was born. Delilah says they took love and corrupted it just like they did with magic. Manny says Patience took away someone he loved. Patience also got pregnant and they surrendered to the dark magic. They set loose a plague to kill anyone who opposed them.

Delilah came to Theopolis and cut off his head. Then she binded Patience and cursed her to never experience love. Patience found a way to make Delilah pay by having her incest baby trap Delilah in the painting. Then some knight in armor bursts through the ceiling of Delilah's shelter

Delilah and the knight get into a sword battle. She tells Manny to run. He stays and fights and manages to slay the thing. She says the Unholy Giant will be back. She tells Manny he can't save her unless he can find Patience's son.

Fiji is going to use Chuy against Joe.

The girl from the Delilahs wakes up. The girl tells them the puppet removed her soul. She says the butterfly must be inside of Bobo.

Joe hears something outside. It's Evil Fiji's present to Joe. Joe goes to Chuy. He gets Joe to embrace him then bites Joe. While Evil Fiji tells Joe it's over. Seriously, at this point I don't care if they save her and I'd love if they all took a turn at stomping her face into the ground. She really is a stupid moron who is being played and I don't have any sympathy for her. And even if they do save her she'll probably want to kill herself after everything she's done to all her friends.

As for her friends, will they really ever be able to overlook all this monster did to them.

Lem in the pawn shop and finds all the curtains down. Patience blows dust in Lem's eyes and leaves all the curtains open to the sun.

Manny has to crossover to bring Incest Baby, Everard, back and Kai needs to suck all his power out of him. Manny tells him his mother needs him as Kai grabs him and tries to suck the power out of him. Meanwhile Manny is about to be touched by the evil things there but Kai pulls him back just in time.

Olivia and the girl sending a centipede inside of Bobo to fish the butterfly out. It goes inside Bobo's mouth and inside his body. Olivia pulls it out of Bobo but he's bleeding from the mouth. The girl is able to bring him back. They got the butterfly and it takes off flying. Stupid Fiji destroys it. The girl vanishes before the evil cow can harm her.

Like I said, I'm way past the grey streaked she-devil. Everyone else lost their love in town. Time to put hag face down. Send her down to fornicate with Colconnar. She'd enjoy that. Seriously, this is the second time everyone has risked their life to save her miserable hide and she's just not worth it.

Manny and Kai find the painting gone. They they see the two evil witches walking down the street like they own the place. They're dragging Joe with a giant cross. Probably to nail him to the cross. They've also captured Bobo and Olivia. Evil hag Fiji opens the door to the church.

Kai says he has to try and save his family and tells Kai to head out of town and find the Delilahs. Olivia begs for Evil Fiji to take the silver chains off of Lem because she's killing him. Cowbag doesn't care. Patience puts an iron mask on Joe. Evil hag Fiji stops Manfred from freeing Delilah.

Manny offers to let her have him if she lets his friends go. She says she has plans for them. Then her puppet gives her a sword to cut off Manny's head. She cuts off Manny's head and holds it up.

Not long after this episode aired it was announced it was canceled instead of a season finale it would be a series finale. I wish I could say I'm surprised. It seemed like they were just burning the episodes off when it was the only show not to get a winter finale. They should have left it a summer show at 10 pm. It also didn't help they destroyed most of the couples on the show and killed a lot of characters.

They had Creek leave town, so why didn't they have her stay gone instead of bringing her back and having her murdered. If they wanted to break up Joe and Chuy, why couldn't Chuy have just left town. Why have Joe kill him because of Walker Texas Demon Hunting Ranger who is a weak replacement. The only one who got out alive was the Rev. Then there's Fiji who was turned into the most unlikable character on the show.

If the Midnighters triumph somehow over the incestuous Patience where would the show go from there? Would another evil bad have to be dreamed up for another season. The sad part is, though, the show was getting better. It just wasn't strong enough to survive being a fall show.


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